Letter To Women Broken By "Men"

Sat, 10/26/2013 - 16:03 -- KeZar


If there is a “man”,

Saying you are not beautiful,

He’s telling you lies,

His screwed up, twisted opinion of you doesn’t matter,

Because he wouldn’t know true beauty if it were to walk up to him and greet him right before his eyes,


If a “man” is calling you weak,

He himself is weak and cannot live without you,

He doesn’t know how many tears you’ve cried,


How much blood on your wrist has dried,

And you know what?

He probably wouldn’t care,

Because he wants to put an angel like you beneath his feet,

In hope that his pain will subside,

Because this self-proclaimed “man”,

Has been deprived of love himself,

He could only dream of a woman like you to stick by his side,


If there is a “man”,

Who can only express his “love” for you through lust,

Sever that grotesque, abominable incubus from your life!

He will only take advantage of your virtue and trust,

He will transform your once radiant heart into a corrosive rust,

I beg of you to muster up what courage you have and flee from temptation,

Because he will try to annihilate you without hesitation,

And if you believe that you are truly weak,

I hope you have a revelation

That you are strong enough!

When you are feeling alone

I pray that you do not turn to the next “man” that gives you attention.

There shouldn’t be anyone on this earth that loves you more than you,

And it pains me that you may not have a clue,

That you are an outstanding human being,

And if only you knew

How many real men would love to have a woman like you to woo,


You shouldn’t feel the need to settle for less,

You are a queen,

You are royalty and should be treated as such,

A real man could take your breath away without saying much,

A real man could steal your heart with the slightest touch,

A real man could sweep you off your feet with a simple verse,

Lifting your soul above the clouds and past the universe,

A real man would confess to you just how special you truly are,

Having you glow more radiant than all the stars,

Then healing the infamous scars,

That the “man” before him left you with,

And to him it wouldn’t matter whether he’s the first, third, or fifth,

As long as the others are in the past,

And he’s the last,

He won’t care if you’re “as fat as a cow” or “as light as a feather”,

As long as you vow to be with him forever,

All he’ll care about is that he and you are together,


So leave the disgusting “men” to wallow in their sorrows,

And keep your head up for a brighter tomorrow,

Because I once heard that God built us in pairs,

So that must mean a real man is out there for you somewhere.

 -By Robert LeVar Washington


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