Cinderellas slumber

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess

Now we all know how this story goes but noone knows cinderella woes

This story is often told from people looking in

Noone knew her struggle and what she felt within

So many signs that say out but she couldn't find the key

She lived with tortuous thoughts that just refused to flee

Regrets of thoughts the things that she couldnt be

Those reminders knock consistently

Constantly reminding her of sights of the dreams that couldnt be

Never knowing for certain if these dreams come true

shes forced to keep her head up to a dark sky with little blue

sadly sometimes the people you know become ones you knew

forced to sacrifice the little you had to just to make it through

When sorry is not suffice you think of means to make amends

Not expecting the surprise but deep inside we know it ends

 Standing on the edge and  afraid of being fake

Shes frightened to fall in love reminded of past mistakes

To know it could all change at the drop of a dime

so she'll do what ever it takes we all know that takes time

Sometimes it’s not enough to do whatever it takes

she was Afraid to live a dream in fear that she might awake

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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