I Am Marley


I am Marley,

The child of the long lost south.

You have never met me, but heard of me by mouth.

Bombarded with questions since the day I have arrived

The one strangers ask most is the one that makes me cry.

They do not appreciate where I am because they do not know where I have been

You have to know me past my scars to see the shape I am in.

My battles have left me scarred for a lifetime

This I already know why you must mention it I will never truly know

You feel the need to express your care and yes I agree this skin is all I’ve got

It was my issue, my battle, the final ending rage.

The mind is conflicting and tricking in the thought

The tearing of the skin was a harsh and swift blow

Swords sharp enough to end a life, my kingdom under attack

Who could I tell my troubles to that would always call me back?

Friends, Family and loved ones all in a far away land,

Black hole draining all the veins

That kept vibrancy alive.

Whistles laughs kisses illusions memories drowned

Tripping out with total confusion.

What is what? Who am I?

When tired and fatigued a horse returns to her stable

Strong for what seemed like eternity

Running from all that was in front of me to turn around

And breathe it right into me

Sip the poison fall into the curse

Nothing in the world could have ever been worse

Where was my army, all my warriors

No so called best friend to endure my story

So it was I losing my mind alone, conquered it back

Still cannot return home.

The thoughts still in my mind linger

Places so provoking I will never appear. I want a fresh start in my own

Ring of fortune full of happiness no tears bearable pain and misfortune

Some battle wounds never heal,

We’ve all faced them inside,

How you cope is your business

I never asked, didn’t pry

For some reason I fell ill to the blades and pain

It felt calming calmed down all the rage.

The years of that serpent’s cage are her mind’s own worst enemy

Killing the thoughts in the brain is easier said than done.

Such a sorrow weeps in her she never really knew

Until the day she let herself feel the tears of the war

I cut for the first time and headed out the door. I returned

To make amends but I see how well that went.

I will always forgive but never again forget.

Fear is all I’ve got.

I doubt myself and then turn around

Give what you got.

I can handle anything,

Rain, hail, sleet, snow

You see, my skin is my own battle field.

Eight years of wars, bloodshed tears pain.

The world I have yet to gain.

What I have been through is just a measly reflection of a piece of the cloth

Not the entire fabric of Deborah.

But if you ask about the battle wounds,

I’ll probably tell you this,

I love myself, it was just a habit, gone yet missed.

I am a new person from what I used to be.

I’ve finally overcome the poison injected inside of me.

My love for humanity, culture and love inspire me to wake up.

I love every person I meet with everything I have.

I don’t  what they’re going through behind their house of glass.

All I can do is treat you with kindness and encourage the soul inside

Take time to do the things you love.

Time moves by so fast. I blinked my eyes.




Pulling myself together, snapping out of this trance.

I put my mind to it and won a battle of spirit to man.

Stepping out on leaps of faith

I can believe in myself.

For once in my life I feel okay asking for help.

We need support from one another and guidance.

I will be your shoulder

You can cry anytime.

Whatever happened never keep it inside.

It could destroy you, eat you, bury you alive.

I know, I was fighting for a long time.

Finding a new canvas was the hardest thing to do.

Searching high and low, far and wide.

I finally found you. The warmest creature ever alive

Protecting me from myself.

Now the queen of my home.

I belong in this skin.

They ask me what is wrong.

It is scarred, but I love the skin I am in.


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