For Kathy, the girl who managed to break my heart. Thanks for the memories.


I knew it from the moment we met,
I thought you were funny; I thought you had wits.
And when I didn't think I'd fall so hard,
You dropped me to ground and I shattered to bits.

At first we were close,
But close doesn't cover it.
The times that we spent and the moments we shared,
Ended completely when you threw that last fit.

For a while, we hadn't spoke.
It's a lie you say, but my heart you choke.
You called me dyslexic and walked out of my life.
You called me annoying and sent us to strife.

I gave you your space, I gave you some time.
Hoping one day, you'd change your mind.
The things you would say and the things you would do,
Didn't change at all, like I hoped it to.

When I finally gained that courage I needed,
I followed you around, I followed you about.
But you pushed me away,
and you shunned me out.

I try to hate you like the way you do,
But hating is hard, for my heart goes blue.
It feels so wrong, it feels unfair,
Especially when you just don't care.

You blocked me on Twitter,
You left me alone,
You shoved me away,
My heart turned to stone.

Our games that we played,
Our friendship you ruined,
For the people we knew,
and our ties you loosened.


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