Is There No Place to Hide?


Running, running, running.

That's all my feet seem to do... trying to keep up with the fears of the Genocide.

Having Civil War in my own home in Darfur,

I look, search, look, search, look for a place to hide.

All I can hear is gunshots, they seem like they're coming for me.

So all I do is ask God, what has the world come to be?

Everyone hates one another, for what? The sight of who's better?

It makes no sense, all of this land, all of this space!

But still I look, search, look, search, look for a place to hide.

The sun is falling and the moon is rising and things start to settle down.

Now it's time to look for food, but there seems to be none around.

I sit and look to find a scrap of food to please my hunger.  

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Now I hear thunder. 

I start to wonder if I'll ever get out of living in fear, and of being afraid to take even one step into the future. 

My thoughts are interrupted by more gunshots, in which I have no time to flee. 

What I feel now is a very sharp pain and I realize that I no longer have a  future. 

As I fall to the ground, I think, why couldn't there have been a place to hide? 


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