Tears of joy start to fade,

As the tears of sorrow overflow for the years I hid you away.

The world shunned you, so I no longer wanted to become you,

I ran from you,

Until I realized I needed to regain my strength from you.

Without you, there would be no me.

So I thank you.

For the beautiful portrait you painted from the crumbled sheet

For entering the wild wonders of this life unknowingly

For unlearning and learning habits as several times you had to change your survival tactics

For the storms you faced with no one to embrace

For your heart you had to mend over the relations that chose to end

For the times you were unfriended and accepted being your only friend

For the mistakes you accepted and toxic traits you rejected

The trials is where your foundation was built

Although your crown was tilt,

It was never bent,

As for whatever life sent your way you handled with grace

I'm sorry for the adolescent secret depression

That you hid well.

My desire was to make you proud of your older self.

Over time, the future became brighter; my smile grew wider, all because in the debts of darkness you were a fighter,

I fathomed happiness larger than you could ever see,

But true happiness would be meaningless if you weren't with me.

To the little girl, who felt alone

Who had to find who she was on her own

It was no easy task if you may ask..

But in the end she, became me, and I then reclaimed HER throne

So please accept this invitation as I am inviting the little lost girl, back home


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