White Noise




The struggle is real

Kids growing up thinking… “nah it’s no big deal!”

“I’ll hustle and work, i’ll work the grind”

Skipping school, intoxication, “life’s just a big party right?”

Nah the struggle is real


It’s all just white noise, 

The american dream is a lie

We live in a society 

Where the homeless don’t exist in the eyes of the rich

Children are forgotten, as they’re slowly brought in 

The life of poverty, growing each person’s monotony

To justify making the governments economy 

It’s all just white noise


Students can’t even begin to dream

Because of a fund’s perfect scheme

Borrowing, borrowing, borrowing

Worry, fear, anxiety oh how can anyone even dream?

Oh how the struggle is real


What are we supposed to feel?

Broken, angry in our own hopelessness 

Where the lost can’t find their rest

In many ways, there, they find loneliness


But hope can also be found

That same dark room can abound

A light so bright that all will be blessed 

The true White Noise to attest


That yes the struggle is real 

And the paths are endless

But no matter how surreal 

We can’t be defenseless


So don’t give up, don’t be so selfish

Learn His holy ways and be selfless

The world is cold mad with menace

It’s like its been sentenced

Either be careless and forget

Or give God the glory

Because everyone has a story 


Everyone has a dream

Everyone has a purpose

A life unworthy, redeemed

He has the power to resurface

Learn to distinguish 

The White noise

Because there are many 

And yes the struggle may be real, but

You’re still being molded on His potter’s wheel.



I wanted to make mention, that at the very end where I said: 

"Learn to distinguish The White noise Because there are many"

I wanted to clarify, that there is only one real White noise, aka GOD, but that there are many that pretend to be, so learn to distinguish. :D

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