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We can`t see the world with another`s eyes, but we can walk in their shoes. We can`t hear the world with another`s ears,  But we control the words we choose. We can`t read another person`s mind,
Let Haiti be absolutely free Haiti is the father of Freedom and Liberty Haiti is the first nation to forever ban or abolish slavery
Not a thing was fine The world was unkind John, Bobby and Martin The forever Nam And Uncle Sam   400,000 hippies trekked Never before In modernity Had so many gathered
I was swept away, into an unknown place. As I floated alone, I held a certain feeling. One without a meaning, but gave sudden healing.  No longer clouded by worry or shame, 
Under The Bridge In Del Rio, Texas USA   Under the bridge in Del Rio are stopped, stuck, stationed
What race? Human race? Stop talking about race Start talking about space Start talking about grace Start talking about behavior
Trust me: all mothers are incredibly special Wonderful, beautiful and phenomenal Without mothers, there will be no living
The month of May Exists so we can love The beautiful flowers of nature
"VIRTUOUS HUMAN" You're the true instance of virtuous human. Your mind as pure as crystal, your heart soft and sound like waters.
Je veux être connu sous un seul nom Comme Dessalines, Christophe et Pétion Comme Pelé, Ali ou un grand champion Comme Edison, Jefferson et Washington.
                                                      I want to be known by one name Like Dessalines, Christophe and Pétion Like Pelé, Ali or a Great Champion
Woman, woman, oh sweet womanMy love, my crib, my tokenIn my daily diaryEvery day is your journeyYou are my soul, my pillarI cherish you everydayAnd I love you, my flower.
We must love our own First We must fight for our own First
Never, never tell a good Poet what to write Or what to say. The Poet always tries to be right To be on the good and the best side of history
                                     Mistletoe and Christmas go hand in hand The mistletoe and its beautiful cherries
keep your ears open don't look too far we're somewhere nearby close enough you can hear us if you'd listen  stop talking, if only you'd just stop talking we listen 
Mi amor cuando te vas Cuando se vaya Es mi luna que se va Es mi sol que se va Yo no como
Mon amour quand tu pars Quand tu t’en vas C’est ma lune qui part C’est mon soleil qui s’en va Je ne mange pas
December is the coolest month
I am dreaming of a beautiful black Noel night Tonight, where the jolly stars can easily be seenIn the sky. From afar, the moon is clear and brightAnd the clouds create a wonderfully divine scene.
                                                Betrayed and backstabbed By our African brothers. Insulted, humiliated and robbed
Picking petals off English daisies Never felt this lazy Sitting beneath autumn-colored trees The view is shady Watching friends frolic, dogs crashing into piled leaves My mind is hazy
Ready for what ain't been before, I ain't for war, fly high, I aim for more, let the rain poor, headed to the main floor, See God in my sight, Christ in my light, cried so many nights, you can find me in the city with many lights, gave my life to
Flower in my hand, power in my hand, waiting for the spaceship, don't know when I’m going to land, taken from the motherland, things they don't understand, leaving with nothing but what I came with, I plead the fifth, that's my language, light the
When you see you breathing, it’s key to believing, they proceed with deceiving, we succeed with achieving, this is real I ain’t dreaming, how can we heal when you scheming, in the motherland we keep it real cause our heart is gleaming, prayer hand
Ho ingoiato Il tuo giudizio Me ne sto andando La casa
                                                     C’est dans les forêts Où je trouve ma paix C’est à la campagne
You are right And I’m wrong Like a bad song I keep my lips tight And my face as long As I can all year long.
"CHOICES If you need peace I'd give you to paradise, don't touch the die hell is a home of chaos! Heaven or hell choice is yours." -C9fm
A real wife Is the other half The spouse Of the big or small house
Non sei nessuno Dato che non sono nessuno Sei qualcuno Come io sono qualcuno C'è una sola umanità
No eres nadie Como yo no soy nadie Eres alguien Como soy alguien Hay una humanidad
Burning houses,shattered voices This is not what I want Land is deserted now O ! dear swallow, don't go Don't leave my garden tree I am requesting to Stop this hate speach Hearts are burning
We occasionally fall in love with the right person With the perfect, the immaculate or the wrong one We’re naturally numb When we fall in love
Hungry swords on dying days Running time in weaknesses find figures from ways Myths made man bleed with war’s mortality  Peace travels through Fortune’s winds. 
                                                         When in love, in deep love We know or at least are aware of Each other’s sunset and sunrise About the rain
In this modern world of hustle and bustle. When I hear the pages of a book, rustle.   At the end of the day when everyone is gone. In the darkness of the night when I feel alone.  
North and South are fighting againWasting lives, money, future and funWar is hell; there, everybody is on the runNonsense is their common sin.
Love those who love you Appreciate those who appreciate you A dog never bites its owner
Democracy is about freedom of speechAnarchy is, without a doubt, the oppositeOf democracy, liberty and freedom to wishTo hope, to dream and to confront defeat.
We do not want only a piece We aspire and want Peace A mammoth piece of Freedom For the north, south, west and east
Today is a new spring’s first day Today is the birth of a new season Today is another blessed birthday
Instead of bombing, shelling and trashing our neighbors Let’s all do the highly popular fun ‘Jeru’ dance
(Dedicated to you, my Brothers and Sisters)
Lethal Thermobaric Bombs Also known as vacuum bombs Sucking the oxygen out of the air For many miles. Nuclear and cluster bombs
Block this, block that Black this, black that I am sick and tired Of seeing the hatred
♡ Bon appétit to all my fellow Haitians and friends,Who will be drinking, sipping, savoring soup joumou,Which is made of squash, neck bones, macaroni, oxtails,Carrots, yams, celery, parsley, and countless vegetables.
  Bon appetit a tout Ayisyen zanmim yo,Moun ki pral bwè, manje, deguste bon soup joumou,Ke nou fè ak joumou, kou koden, makawoni, ke bef,Kawòt, yanm, seleri, pèsi, ak lot bon legim.
She ran with tear filled eyes and a broken heart, The rain and sorrows soaked her wet, Her story is devastating! No idea where to start, Her life is nothing but a river of regret,
Somebody may have already uttered
Learn warNo more....Mark Toney © 2018.6/22/2018 - Poetry form: Footle
Drawn to the edge of the waterin concert with the moontides ebbing, flowing,tasting, smelling,feeling, hearing,waves of the seacrashing, salty, wet,transporting me—Inner peace.
It is Thanksgiving afternoon Different is the celebration We must now wear a mask In order to safely see Christmas
Why limit oneself to a single colorWhen one can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow?Look up and gaze at the stars. The clouds are lowBut only two colors are breaking the door.
The man on the corner with nothing to spare. But who would pause to help him? Watch as people stride past, They do not dare look him in the eyes.
Laying on my bed Hoping for hope but I’m hopeless Thinking about how time flies I was not the me I dreamt of I keep dreaming big Not Knowing what life has to offer   Time flies time flies
I have forgiven those girls for what they said and did to me, as I do respect, love and appreciate their existence I wouldn’t change what had happened under those circumstances because they opened a new pathway for me to see.
The race of racesshould be delayedat least a century or soor until we findthat finish line,a place where nobody knows. 
Where does the future lie?i’m afraid someday the future will die.why does the future lieto the race of humanitywho will eventually kill it? 
TOMORROW, I'll cry for all the world,for all the things gone wrong.I will cry for every techered bird who has lost her joyful song.I will cry for ever flower who has lost his colour.
Last night, in my dream,while i wandering in the wild landsand crossing silent shadows,i met a word and ask:''What's your name?''My name is loveand i'm alone in life,i need you,
When one door opens, another closes.this is the eternity's circle,mistakes belongs to us, but not all,  the fate mapped out for us to follow,but does not define our choices,  beings of necessity and randomness,
All humans on earth are one.We descend from the same family of common ancestors.We are, in a quite literal sense, siblings,and like siblings we depend on each other's loveand care and responsibility.
Listen,if stars are still lit it means there is someone who needs them.It means someone wants to love,Why then do we feel so much pain and heaviness of heart?are we waiting for something, regretting anything?
“. . . Another World is Possible!”31, July 2020  
order in the court! the judge yelled out loud as a loud uproar came from the crowd the judge asked if peace could take the stand the crowd proceeded with the questions how do you think you could help?
You laugh and dance  even if there's no music as there's music on your soul.  You dream and wish upon the stars even when others don't.  You do not give up on yourself even when you are alone,
B.B.W Belated Birthday Wishes To Kiki Oshinbajo, daughter of the VP of Nigeria 🇳🇬 "FORTUNATE BIRTHDAY"
BBW Belated Birthday Wishes goes out to Temi Otedola, Femi Otedola's daughter. "CHOSEN AND HEAVENLY ELECTED"
*WHY* _I HAD_ *TO* _PONDER_ _Wandering exploring to discovery transportation, heading deep into the future_ .
When sunshine breaks through the clouds and warm breezes rustle branches and make the ripples on a pond Summertime When bullfrogs leap to and fro and rabbits frisk in meadows
  Things to see pass in a storm:  A bicycle rider,  One wicked witch,  4 large antelope,  5 dancing teacups,  Big purple elephant, 
commonbees, pollen-sifters a poem by riley minteer   You can find me in the fields, catching water bugs, and small red beetles.
   The rain has come again,  to grace sidewalks and streets and silicone handles on blue and green umbrellas, Oh! How the rain has come again.
AFRICA I Pondered What's African Time.⌚ I came to realization, why Africa is yet lacking behind.
welcome to my world!   my world where stars shine in the morning sky, a world where life is like a roller coaster ride. a life where pain is your only friend,  and breakfast only consists of bread.
What good is power ⛮ if it holds back progress? What good is law ⚖ if it oppresses citizens? What good is human of no compassion and sympathy? What good is authority if it says
No past failure ever stops you from Moving on again. Today try improving your skills in order to enhance your chances of Winning, life ends when we halt dreaming.
The best ultimate religion I ever learnt of is " Good Deed" No matter how religious one is without a good good all in vain.
I wish I be a winner, for I've came a long way & still I got so far to go being a racer. Ride all day I think I lost my way. But love on my mind ain't a player.
Floating on a cloud in my own lane. Dirt in my corner pocket, some things never change. Can’t see the bigger picture, for the frame. Growth, being stagnant or death either way nothing remains the same.
Ya Know I’d Rather See... " CALM "... Than ... ALL THIS ALARM ... !!!! MORE Welcoming Arms... LESS Guns In Young Palms... The Use of Napalm... Has Left MANY HARMED... !!!
Been lost for a while, I'm missing myself. Filed a missing person's report on myself. No posters, picture on milk cartons, or hashtags. No tee shirts, search parties, or evidence bags.
When PRESSURE Comes Knocking How PATIENT Are You... ? Do You Remain COOL Or Are You The Type To Start HURLING ABUSE... !?! I Try To STAY COOL When Dealing With Fools... !!!
I'm not the girl you remember, a mean face, but submissive, nice to most, & sweet. I tossed her to the wolves, no eviction notice, they ate her alive, fresh meat, bona petit.
  I'm afraid to fall into my emotions, scared that the pain is too much, won’t STOP.   I've been weak, but remarkable strong. If I hold this emotion in much longer my heart will STOP.
The whole world is craving a feeling that will take lots of skill It feels like to reach this we must climb up a hill But knowing the journey will take lots of skill
The insects are at peace. Living their lives essentially pleased. It doesn't take much to fulfill their needs. How are they so strong, and I so weak?   I feel so scared and weak.
i was raised to believe that God is in church lately I think that is the last place he would be
I Used To Meditate In My YOUNGER Days... !!! The Day I Stopped Was A Crying Shame... !!! But I Now Meditate In A... DIFFERENT Way... !!!
Why is it we feel the need to write about love? Myself especially. Look around you at the world. Look at the pain. Look at the suffering. Look in the places you never thought to look,
Yup... I'm THAT GUY Who Uses Rhymes ... And Words To UNITE Like Day Does Night... !!! Cos I'm The LYRICAL KING To Diana's PRINCE... !!! Yes A WONDER MAN Whose Pen COMMANDS... Respect That's........ GRAND ....... !!!
Noticing every trivial thing in my way Appreciating the beauty of every other day Not letting any moment go to astray Not knowing if its March, April or May That is how I'll spend the end of my days
can't sleep.   it feels like these walls are closing in on me   so i find shelter in your arms instead.   (i could stay here forever.)
......... " The Corona Wars " .......... Have Become A Force And That's For SURE ... !!! From Various Shores To People Indoors ... They’re Being Waged All Over The Place ... !!!
and to think for a minute that your corpse will bid you farewell– it’s a tragedy for some, but a mercy unto others.i can only pray that the taste of my death will be sweet,
The river flowing. The sound of it on it's way. Fish tagging along.   (A Haiku)
Rocks and stones Dark tunnels Creature noises in the dark What lives here? People gathering Footsteps echoing My family all around me I feel united
At War or At Peace Strong Roses Bloom Through Love and Through Hate By AM  King At war or at peace strong hedge roses bloom. They spill their brambles over the rock wall. They climb to frame the open entrance hall.
The peace rose tenderly tended grows, In multiple seasons through out the year, It’s opening beauty dispels war’s fear. And tokens of friendship with a foe sows.   I grow the creamy hued rose in my heart,
The peace rose tenderly tended grows, In multiple seasons through out the year, It’s opening beauty dispels war’s fear. And tokens of friendship with a foe sows.   I grow the creamy hued rose in my heart,
I celebrate peace with a white petaled rose, As the woes of a long war begins close. Though the principle I did not opposed.   Singing and dancing and ridding my horse,
My soul echoes praises, In the most inopportune of times.   At a sneezing in my  face, In the checkout lines.   Praise is a compulsion, From my grateful heart to the divine.  
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
We enter your home. The Lord in Spirit , Inside my beating heart, And wish you peace. The troubled world surrounds us. But we have and advocate, He has overcome the world.      
In all the years I have walked among oaks , I’ve seldom sat and let their allures soak. With their limbs , on hikes ,I’ve bumped my head. Roots caught my boot ,on the floor I spread.
  She twirls  Hair in the air Sun gleaming down  Unaware of the  War around her Hate Fighting Violence
Shadows sorround me Nights never go and never ends Deep waters drowned my hope And the glittering lights are all gone Lights of happiness come now Glimpse your hope to me abound
“Mom’s not coming home.” “Why?” “Come here.”   Two buildings on the verge of collapse  A Fire’s bloody vengeance-- 
 To you world you have brought me joy Of newfound knowledge, newfound  Curiosity, of peace, of strength,  of love and most of all toys!   Toys to play with my mother and puzzles 
I have a question why do i feel so fearful? and why do i feel you judge me for my fears? is it truly in your place to judge me for my fears or show me faith? why do you look at me with those eyes 
Clouds of thoughts, Condensing in my head, Unable to think, When will it end?  
family, friend or foe? unimportant in the question of orange and green. this northern land, this island, this kingdom or this state, no matter your stance, you stand on either side of the gate.  
While you are peacefully sleeping, There are people in this world, SCREAMING YELLING, CALLING, Out for help,   While eating a luscious meal, People are tortured, starved, hurt,
Outside, at the end of the driveway, A small cluster of trees Shades me as bursts of euphoria Erupt, in time with the chorus. Gentle breeze, painted sky, Enlightenment of purpose is met
A picture with no shadows in itHas all too much to hide.Pompous, plushy, prickly colorsWherein no truth resides.  
Walking along down that road we all know Forever our happy place the best place to go Friends forever I know we will be At our second home, where we feel truly free
Peace, wind in your face Peace, blowing autumn leaves past you. Peace, the sun creeping through the leaves and branches of the tall daring trees.  Serenity is what I need.   Peace, laying on the cold ground.
Peace, wind in your face Peace, blowing autumn leaves past you. Peace, the sun creeping through the leaves and branches of the tall daring trees.  Serenity is what I need.   Peace, laying on the cold ground.
Buildings of blue Reflecting the sunlight, Like brothers and sisters Competing in height.   Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, A variety of cuisines. The CN Tower and Rogers Centre stadium.
Dear future self: I am you from the past. That's an odd thought; Right now, as I write this, I am in my prime.  I am the best I have ever been But I am only a version of you.
You taste the salt laced in the air, The waves sweep in and snatch your cares. They’re tossed with the surf and drift out to sea, And leave you happy simply to be. The surf is my home, the coral my bed,
Learn to be still... Be still, that you may find the serenity and calm below the surface... Far, far from the chaos.
So What Does LOVE REALLY Mean To You .... ??? Your Lovers' Touch Or The Things They DO .... ??? That Make You FEEL Your Love Is REAL ... ?!?
Just as true health is more than an absence of disease, but rather, an optimal balance of spiritual, emotional and physical well- being - so too, peace is more than an absence of conflict
Still Going by Amari Peters   I wanted to give up But you kept me safe  I wanted to quit  But you erased my past Told me I was found 
Daily life can be so tiring  You never have the chance  to think   People dictate  your every move Technology dictates  your every word    So now  more than ever
Unequivocal contentedness.    A trusty oak never fails to satisfy the search for philosophical soundness within one's soul.   Branches so perfectly placed the seem to represent a geometric phenomenon.
It's Hard TO FIND Some ... " Peace of Mind " ... !!! When What Surrounds Makes You Feel Down ... !!! MANY Now Try ... Good Old Coc' Lines ... !!! To Ease Their Minds In PRESSURED Times ... !!!
Health was Failing, Falling, Losing.   Spirit was  Depressed, Distressed, Low.   I couldn't  See The light Ahead,   Though I Had
As we sit here, a garish clown-red oil paint,  Thick as mud and hot as blood,  Splatters across the Earth, staining the lives  Of those it lands on. 
When the gesture of kneeling demands to be heard And the rainbows in the sky earned their own parades, People are excited to check name boxes on paper, While goddesses of the workplace are finally being praised  
red, white, and blue what does this mean to you? parades and pride, a country you take in stride. that's what the colors should do for you.  
Sink in, honey, Let your weight settle on me- Get cozy and warm. Inhale the fragrance of jasmine and rose. As your eyelids fall to rest,
What if we all walked with our eyes closed? Would we lose our social standards or would we find new ways to call each other ugly? Would our skin tone still be juxtaposed?
A  Short Psalm   The Lord is with me; I shall never go astray from his path, Which is laid out before me, never ceasing Even to realms of glory, so far from
The Eagle  Swooping, soaring, over branches And under sun. Silent, graceful, over branches And under the sun.  
People Like To Argue Sometimes I Wonder ... WHY ... ?!? Cos' When I Have An Argument ... My Brain Cells Start To FRY ... !!! SOME Arguments DO Lead To ... DEATH ... !!! This IS NO WAY To ... " Die " ... !!!
I see the shining crystals melting I watch the sapphire sky falling I hear the Bright moon crying I hear the whispers of the flowers when i am asleep I sense the winter forgetting its way
This ... Disrespect Thing ... IS ... OUT OF CONTROL ... !!! From Work To Street Corners ... To ... Most Peoples' Homes ... !!! My Poetry Roams ............................. Just Like Mobile Phones ...
Kids Seem NOWADAYS ... To Be .... " Impolite " .... Well Me I Was Shown ... That This Just ISN'T Right ... !!!
Peace WON'T Come Without ... EQUALITY ... !!! YES You and Me ! Peace comes from balance look at scales and see ! NOT Electric Scales Don't be a Dummy !!!
I have a hostageBack away, do what I sayOr come clean up a bloody stageThis ain’t no animeThis here is a 12 gaugeIt ain’t blasphemeIt’s reality without a backstageI am here, with myself
My heads racing, My hearts pounding,   I got nobody in my corner, I got nobody in my corner, My back’s against the wall, 
I’m not really much of a poet But know I can talk about a lot of crooked mess Cuz u never know what you’re really capable of Until you’re put thru the right test. 
Some situations seem less than ideal. Some men will meet a stranger braced to fight. Just brace thyself and talk with sheathed steel.  
Walk with me, under the great pine tree.  Their branches swaying in silent ecstasy.  Be careful, step lightly.  Keep your hands low, don’t swing at the Buzzing bee. 
The world is wary. Soon you will almost certainly face reality- angry accusations and responsibility to choke on. Already the evidence is a slam dunk, and bitter words make for little
Frustrated!Frustrated at the actions of the people who's supposed to protect/Frustrated that right now my skin makes me a logical suspect/
Surrounded by natural beauty, God’s greatest creation… In the absence of urban ruckus and cacophony… Crickets lull us to sleep, whippoorwills herald the dawn
Digger sleeps in comfy chair. Mom is still at work. Street light shines through the window.
I wanna see you shine I wanna see you breathe life into the universe Cause lately it feels like it’s falling apart I got your name tattoed on my heart
A newborn rose glistened in the moonlight Breath in fondness as it dies on the spotlight Feathers of birds fall to frame hopes Captivating breezes stay afloat
Untangle the strands that trap and immobilize, reach into my soul and revive Give me a breath, a breath of your life   My thoughts are ruthless but your love is relentless in pursuit of me
You can see the pain in my eyes as  I Struggle ____ But with the lord catching me before I stumble ____ How can I lose when I choose to  Remain HUMBLE!!!!!       LOWELL C.I.  
what if you were made of grass and you grew beneath my fully-formed form that is ever-transformingwould you feel and know the eco-arousal of our microbacterial exchangewould you be as satisfied as mewould you be ,...taking my words away from mei d
One day, I’d like to go In search of my past,   Of the memories Of a misspent youth;   I cry for my souvenirs, I dream of a beautiful future,   Where I can atone
Path to the Heart She's the wave just ere it reaches its crest That perfect moment as it picks you up, right before it breaks into a beautiful surf, Reflecting the world in her eyes.
I do not understand Why he sabotaged me so consummately, And made me look like  Such a pathetic old patsy,   Could he not discern the misery He was shoring up by degrees,
  Soon, I’ll sleep again, I will feel no pain,   For a little time, Peace will be all mine,   My mind will seek Freedom from the past,   I’ll be carefree,
The feminine energy, The mystical remedy To all the world's problems, the Euphorian recipe.  
My Afro Stems from Kings and Queens  With Unruly curls  Just like Me. It’s not perfect 
I am human above all else.
If you go outside You will hear the sounds of a country A country that used to be a place of refuge That is now becoming the opposite  
Living with anxiety is like living in an invisible box. It has 7 walls, one for every day of the week and a glass ceiling to remind you that you’ll never escape. The box’s name is fear.
There was a time I thought nature had forgotten me. That I had been gone too long to hear her breathing. I decided then that I wasn’t going to let her walk out of my life like so many others, so I left.
As far as I can remember family gatherings have consisted of speech regarding illegal aliens and the economy. I can not remember a time when my family was not concerned with such things.
I look out into the world and wonder, what the hell happened. I used to live inside a lego house, but now the bricks are melting like a pool of plastic memories.
I do not care for violence Yes, you heard me right But if you hurt a friend of mine Then get ready for a fight   I was raised on stones and firewood With hot coals beneath my feet
Shed your skin of cotton with dirt and grime complete. Feel the smooth brown marble floor that’s cold against your feet. Turn the metal handle, almost entirely to the left. Feel the frigid arctic water that takes away your breath.
I am a man  A simple, 2 bells and one whistle man. I do not fear my existence. I just am. My saying this should not offend you. I certainly mean no harm.
“Give me five good reasons,” said my father. “Give me five good reasons to negotiate.” I said: “Nicholas and Thomas, Mickey and Morgan and Andres.”  
“Give me five good reasons,” said my father. “Give me five good reasons to negotiate.” I said: “Nicholas and Thomas, Mickey and Morgan and Andres.”  
Many of the experiences that make us grow are uncomfortable Many of them are surely life-changing Some of them are relevations My growth experience, sure, it was painful But it made me accept the pain
Child Like by Natasha Bartley   When did I realize I wasn’t a kid anymore, you ask?   I have yet to understand the concept. Of child.
Me and the world are holding on to peace like it's 1969 but really though Like a nation at war we are tied What a conceptual terror that is Like a world at peace we are bound
Pain all over, Yet I sustain. So I got out the car, It was a hot summer day. Trying to help my mother, She gives an ailing grin. Being a southerner  I say ,” Hello”,
Sand trickling down, Remembering the journey, Continent with what's left.
You, This is where you begin to take shape;  spinning and churning in a world of pre-existing chaos - dancing and frolicking through the ever-ethereal muck of summer rubbish. stripped of vanity -
It’s time to sever ties with those who lie;  It’s Time to free myself from the toxicity of your superficiality, breaking away from your fly trap facade once and for all, never to fall for this sick style of manipulative mind control  -
Radical Self Acceptance    You are of my kind,  Uniquely divine,  A different breed of beautiful unlike anyone I have ever seen Clothed in angel energy; Beam and radiate fully now
You’re stuck in my mind, Your old laugh, Your smile Things I can’t leave behind It’s impossible to say I’m happy
It’s an  Anxiety   That doesn’t  Need to be diagnosed  But it’s felt And it’s known Like Brown 
Disclaimer: Before reading this piece, I want you to know these are not my own values and beliefs but the beliefs of men who indulge in toxic masculinity and stupidity on a daily basis. Thank you for your time.  •
My father passes. With him, my world also fades. My life is broken.   All hope is now gone. What can I possibly have now? Jesus, my Saviour.   After a few years,
Then   he took the respect she had for Herself  and the wonders from the earth around Her he took her her kindness  and what seemed, the air from Her lungs he took Her curiousity 
Training wheels   "Hold on tight!” “Don't go too fast!” “You have your helmet on right? “
When I see your face there is a soft glow, As if I was looking at a sunset. Even when your face may no longer show, To me, your love acts a comfort blanket;
I stare at the Sakura tree, Night after night, Day after day, Waiting for it to blossom. I watched the tiny buds, Night after night, Day after day, Just waitting for it to happen.
sometimes i wished for peace i wished for insanity wish, wish, wish, all meaningless i wished for meaning-- i had none-- i had no point. did i have a moral compass? i wished my
And this is it, the life I want.  I thought I couldn't have it all. I thought it was too much of a price to pay. I thought it was all for nothing... but here I am. I made it, and by my side-
stand up stand strong speak loud nver let others push you down never be pushed into silence got to speak up about the violence the struggles the fear and the hunger dont forget about your sisters and your brothers
Liberation of the mind, of the voices from behind, leave us blind to the motives we may seek. Catching us weak, in a moment so long, a week, we lose what is reality. How it’s supposed to be. Seeing these things we never wanted to see.
Liberation of the mind, of the voices from behind, leave us blind to the motives we may seek. Catching us weak, in a moment so long, a week, we lose what is reality. How it’s supposed to be. Seeing these things we never wanted to see.
I can't help desires. They will come from deep inside, With no way to hide. I don't wish to disgrace them, But only to keep them calm. Rudy Valle
I am self-sufficient I am the ying to my yang I do not need a man to heal me But I do need him, when the time comes To understand that I am already whole And not in the way that the ocean is
Raindrops Pooling on my windowsill Splish splash, splish splash A cool breeze Wind chimes twinkling and twirling Crickets chirping As the lightning bugs flutter about
Butterfly, small, frail Wings folded, paused in thought; Peace for a moment  
To belong,  To be loved, To be heard,  Each desire fights.   Human, Self, Me,  I.   Unpure, Unworthy, Rejected, Cast aside.   Tears drop,
I' ma lover, not a fighter, I said it all the time, Keep smiling, push through, ignore it, I didn't even realize, That wading through life like this was the fight, Checked in the mirror, but I looked fine
Thinking about the good days I use to have the bad days I have Are some what sad but I can't let It get to me the world has so Many possibilities and I want to Explore them with my love ones
Scream and angers came into my life Run as fast as you can to survive Blurred vision and smoke in the sky There is nothing I can do but cry   The promise of coming back will be broken in small piece
Scream and angers came into my life Run as fast as you can to survive Blurred vision and smoke in the sky There is nothing I can do but cry   The promise of coming back will be broken in small piece
I’m sitting you down here today because we need to talk. You know what? I take that back. I need to talk. You need to listen.
When I sit in silence, I close my eyes. What's that noise from afar? I need to change the oil in my car. Wait. Pause. Breathe. Breathe…….
It’s amusing to me about how societal standards can affect one's mind deeply. It causes multiple questions to cultivate and confusion to disperse about identity.
My routine with you has never changed. Night and day, Your promises seem so far away. My routine with you has never changed. I pray, I write , I read.
You can't beat ignorance with a fist...something I was told  But society begs to differ as if our once warm blood is now cold I try to stay positive but negativity resurfaces every chance it gets
Fear. A giant wall built faster than it can be dissolved. For every positive thought there seems to be ten fearful ones to drown it out. At times it seems easier to fight fear with others by your side.
I am an empty vase Fill me with flowers And I cannot but be beautiful.
This is a recorded performance at the Bite of Seattle 2017. I will type up the lyrics later.
I flick a cig and it lands on a leaf, Burns to the ground and spins my beliefs, Here is where I see a glimpse of hope, A visual summary.   Time and time again, I see this reflection,
Standing at the top of this hill, I sit, stand, and laugh at hell, Thinking, "What a perfect reflection we see of ourselves."   With respect, "I know it may seem cold to say just what I see,
This here, in my hands, is nothing more than an hour glass. Time paves each grain of sand and marks the hours pass. As each grain stumbles through a maze of consciousness, It begins to identify itself with the others.
Bitter and hot, the coffee slides down her throat. Soft, tired eyes stare at nothing. A distant intimacy envelops her.   A mother scrubs at a stain on a shirt.
I keep a smile on my face to not let my true colors be shown Keep the fact I'm dying a secret My heart is breaking as we speak But my mouth is shut I wont say a peep I'm dying a slow miserable death
The End of the tunnel, What this holds is my own glimpse of loop, A lamp full of treacherous flow, Reminding us all our repetitive deeds, 
  My oh my, what is this deadly sensation? A sickening feeling, oh how I detest it. Like a chemical reaction, I feel the explosion Of a million thoughts, the mind's at the limit.  
    All my life I thought  Did I my color really matter  No matter how much I had  On my plate  I gave my all to the ones I loved  Serve myself on a platter I try not to stumble 
I. The first day I realized   freedom is not free without a cost,   I was thirteen— when we read To Kill a Mockingbird and I could not help but think  
One day the sky roared the ground shook  the veins of the Earth began to crack they erupted  the sky howled the once crystal clear waters were now replaced with tears of blood...  
Lonely cage lonely world lonely someone  lonely girl the hunter spotted  his naive prey he lick his chops and makes his way “because I love you”, he says with a grin
This bullet is just for you , specially customized  So I killed you like it wasn’t a crime But who am I to decide  If you should remain alive  Or act as if my weapon is just a permission slip
Relief (Heartless) September 11, 2018 ~ Tuesday He’s a book with boxes Analytical machine with no off switch He’s got a checklist And I'm on it
To you it might not seem a lot And to you he cannot give it thought But for every little thing you do He owes his entire world to you.
Peace has been forgotten lately so she’s retreated. She hides behind the curtains, alone in the dark like a burrowed mole. She keeps hoping her absence will be noticed.  
When I look around and see Death and destruction following, It's then, I wonder what's the beef? We're all the same inside.   Brown, black, yellow, and white are colors that tend to identify, 
Why oh why can't be all be one? Hate is now a cage with people of all age.
Like a wildfire, it spreads The hatred, the anger Like a domino effect, it follows The pain, the sorrow Driven by rage Control is lost
the world seems to be insane illness and pain struggle and vain what happened to the love? why cant we seem to rise above? loving and uniting  a stop to all the fighting 
   Pretty bird fall away Pretty bird come and play God made us out of clay But we don’t give a shit not even a prayer of thanks We live in a world where I don’t care is the coolWe live in a world when not giving a fuck is praised Killing our broth
the shade of our skin, the color of our eyes, the shape of our noses, the way our hair falls, things we don’t decide yet they seem to be  deciding factors in how we see eachother,
Your hands draw music from the mute. Whimpers and near silent prayers, murmurs from below bubble and spill. Waves crash and the melody swells from a once silent body.
Do you know how  scary it really isTo see a child begging for a mother’s kissBut you don't have the guts to tell him the newsHe'll never get it all be
Life is like a sailboat caught b/w 2 shores : joy & happiness and sorrow  on the end,  this world is a song of God : sometimes joyful, sometimes sorrow,  it is mirror of our mind that resonates with this song,
Monster Alexis Beyers   There was a monster starving within, never satisfied with what I gave to him.
HEALING SESSION!!! FORGET ABOUT THE PAST!!!     Nothing bent cannot be strengthened! There is no problem that cannot be solved! The church, the society and our Father in heaven,
Pray for the One   Good deeds are acts of prayer To the light, our vanguard. This is the time when Acts of love are needed To fortify the One of which We all are,
The Light offered to a dark world, the Light who has come into my heart The Light who's wounded hands that were pierced by nails has the power to move the mountains
Now I know what it’s like To fear the loss of someone- It’s terrible, Horrible, But what accompanies it is a tender notion, A soothing feeling you can’t replace. Search the earth, the skies, the space,
I wish to be a sloth     they carry along.     Swinging branch to branch Seeming in a trance
I used to know a girl sad and bare was she she cried all the time and never thought  about the bright side Hope had abandoned her her spirit destroyed her she never knew what to do
With golden locks of lace I waltz around this town This is no modern palace This is my old home town   The people pass me by And whisper to themselves Am I the man that used to cry
To presidents and leaders I give this poem life In hopes that you would read it And end all of these fights   Our continents are fading as our families fall apart I ask that you find wisdom 
Worried is an understatement; I long for stability, mentally and physically. Each step brings forth many discomforts, Some big and some small, But all valid.   My mind is wandering,
I use my words, someone’s words,  for I of course did not create the language; to make a story, a tragedy, that drips off the reader’s lips like honey when they read... if they ever read. 
  Home... It was a typical day. The same people taking their daily walks and the same children playing. Their smiles precious, but unfortunately temporary.
Distressed, rejected, stranded, dejected and unaccepted was what one could define of me.
Though I was a sinner but now a believer Jesus my Redeemer and my only baptizer. It’s not by my righteousness I received forgiveness because He was selfless and though blameless
Browsing the shelves of knowledge that I have retained in my mind, I take a moment to reminisce and bring to light what I gathered from every life experience.   Love.
Sing me to sleepYes sing me a song of painSing me a song of hopeSing me to sleep dearPut hope in my mindHelp me realizeI will be fineYes sing me to sleepSing me a song of grace
As the pen began painting strokes on the paper The silence I've known for so long became deafening as I wrote the first letter My scrambled thoughts became clear as the words danced from line to line
The thermosphere is showered with stars Sprinkling the inky infinity with transcendent luminescence Deep crimson to brilliant sapphire, they radiate Forcing even souls of malice and anxiety to eternal serenity
She was toxic. We were blamed For simple things, Like internet going out, And traffic. Things we couldn’t control. She was toxic. Manipulation was her superpower. Always at her disposal.
       I am from the farms and land   From the dates and coffee                         I am from the village of Hoaf\                         Built from stone like me
she hears about the news on the tv anger, sadness, disappointment  all wrapped up in a fist full of fingers ready to type, ready to fight emotions dripping
Red is love. It is the blazing sky from the setting sun. Red is the coldest color.
Hark! What deviousness draws near As dreary durges sound in the ear While weary soldiers are soon ensnared  by wormfood wisdom which fouls the air   Wake the sluggish world lest  
The Lord said, "Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
A child and his mother walk down the street The boy in front Each step slapping the ground His miniature blue flip flops Flapping away dirt and ants from under foot The mother watches, the round of her belly
I would not Stop For Freedom. But it proudly fought for me.  Through the fields of foreign lands, And across the raging seas. In the valley of uncharted territory.  Or the land just beneath our feet.
I'm just a girl that craves intangible things Like love A love that sees past my flaws And imperfections You see, beauty fades but we are infinite
When the morg fills with these bones of mine, please know that I was not alone. For inside me, was mind, made 1 and 3, the soul to which I cling from with in is composed of the holy trinity.
S e l f  d o u b t  d r i v e s  h u m a n i t y  t o  i r r a t i o n a l  b e h a v i o r.  
We battle our masters with laughter that shatters the perception of contrasting stature.   A giggle is a stave through the heart of catastrouphy.  But we hide behined tears, 
Share with me this moment.  As we lock hands, we take flight.  As we lock hands, we take control.  If only for this moment we share a fate.  If only for this moment we share a fate. 
I pray you see me.  I pray you see me as I see you.  Like the rays of the sun shining on the Earth.  Your light is the epitome of life.  Your light is a smile, a laugh; a true gift upon this land. 
As I look up, I see the world that was left in the waters reflection, the life that happened, the pains and the
Patchwork stitching stars in the sky: Blue, green, indigo, violet. Thread is scarce so you have to use mine.
My entire life, being in the ocean has been habitually done. You'll find me visiting there during the rise and fall of the sun. If this was a crime, I wouldn't run.
People all over the world are dying. Their prayers and hopes turn into crying. Turn on the news and what do we see but another catastrophe, now multiplied by three. Seeing talks of nothing but things like war.
The sweet embrace That gently calms me Until my dying days It adores me A pale skin, lacking color Has such a beautiful, silver luster The dreary look in my eyes Reflects the crying autumn skies
Self-doubt is a winner Always defeated me Low confidence destroyed my essence  Allowed poor characters in my life in many ways than one  Never felt good enough or pretty enough  I was weak and I was prey
I wanna cherish the new day, I wanna sing with the sunshine. I wanna dance with the wind and The stars in the nighttime. I wanna live. I wanna laugh. I wanna love my God and people everywhere--
Perhaps we fall in love to easy Perhaps it's just a disease maybe Believing what we want to believe Just to be at peace Trapped us in our mentalities
Before I start this, I want to let you know, I don't want no Glory, I just want you to hear my story
(Bare with me it has a good message)A beautiful giantess goes up to a little manTake him in her sexy foot and takes him in her softr hands" I wish to please you and make you very F**ed
We blame the gun for the shoots that fired. In court the person said ''well i  am just sick and tired''. Guns are  not the problem the people behind the gun is the problem 
“What do you believe in the most?” -- The magic That starts When you put together Two broken hearts And find They make a whole
Wind, to me sing Your lullaby, Your comforting tone of peace.  I am not,  Could not be, alone Amongst the presence of the breeze.   Tell me secrets, Fear not, song, 
If I were to die today,  Would you, darling, be okay?  The love I feel For you is real And does not need a breath to stay.    If the heavens were to shake,  The earth beneath my feet to quake,
Let this moment last forever, To die in your arms is to rest in peace. Gently kiss my pulse forever, A shudder of the love you give to me. Every touch you press against me,  I return to you with lust.
It's not a trial to slay a doe Among the forest floor and snow, Enchanted by the final breath Echoing from the chasm breath. A soul escaping from a snout,  A final breath struggles out
You will leave me, we will part, We will bid our last goodbyes.  There will be lonely nights, And days of missing, But not now.  Because right now I am here, And you are here In my arms.
Rest in peace: To the person no one recognizes,  Dying a death, a lonely death. Rest in peace:  To the skinny girl in Africa; The starving didn't get to her as fast as the AIDS. Rest in peace:
  I do not decide who I am, for who I am is decided by another Some may think I strive to harm, but some may see me as their brother.
I loathe you, Thief of waking hours. Good terms can't be renewed, With all the time you've devoured. I want to see, think, and feel; I want to spend my time pondering what is real.
I may be lonely, but I'm not alone I may not be liked, but I'm loved I may not be remembered, but I am not forgotten I may be sad, but I have joy I may not have any friends, but I got Friends
I see red rivers of blood not merely puddles You would think that this is a horror story But this a contiguous continuous struggle   America you are a bully
  Its 65 degrees inside this breezeThe truth is seizedCensoredare all who see Someone said this was the age of AquariusI think notPeople forgot
What worlds lie behind our reflection What variegated beings dance among our fate What truth is there in resurection What love lies amidst delphic hate
A girl writing words A questioning heart Accept it Accept it Open your hands and release Watch it fall  A brief moment of satisfaction  Destination of full acceptance
We live here in the earth, deep in soil, blood red in clay and skin cresting the sky, we inhale. We are young; Face coated in oil and litter, fumes halo our head
Let’s go back to times of peace.  Times when women didn’t have to fear walking alone in the dark just to go home, And children didn’t have to fear their lives while learning how to read and do math, 
Gun control Something that's important  Our world is at stake Brothers Sisters Murdered At what cause? No control
Dark and wet These memories we hold Will forever be apart of us These relations we mold Will become a part of us For we've known each other shortly These, yes these events
Walking through the talking woods, looking at the reflecting water, I see a bag of old goods and empty bottles underwater.  
When meaty fists meet pacafists,they draw what comes to a draw.A brawling boulder that grows ever bolder,Approaching a tide which is tied to it's flaws. Though allowed to be spoken alloud,You prove absent in our hour of need.He on
Dear Future Love,
Dear Anxiety, A, Fuck you. B, I'm so tired of it. I just want to be free of you. The feelings of not doing enough, being enough.
Dear atoms,Connection and explosion is the name of your gameIs that not the same of those you occupy?Molecule after molecule of swe
I pray that everyone will be at peace I pray that hate will decrease and love will increase I pray that there will be peace and that everyone will get a piece I pray that war and crime may cease
Dear Mom, Or Pam, I suppose. Enabling the lowest of my lows. Do you remember me? Is it the memory or the idea? Cheap wonder bread and ham, cool kids who couldn't care less.
Dear God, Hi. It’s been a while. At least, probably longer than it should have been.
Dear ex-bestfriend, Im sorry. I want your forgiveness I think it's the only way for me to forget you.Then again, I don't want to forget you.
It’s just a silly little game; Like chess. We’ll move, then they’ll move. We’ll dance in circles until one of us gets too dizzy to continue. The last pawn will eventually fall.
To the American people,    Why oh why is there so much hate. For those who look a different way. This country needs something to mediate. And stop this racism soon someday.
Dear You,
I often reflect on simpler times in my life. While attending my elite private school on financial aid, my 10-year-old self would buy candy at the CVS and resell it on the playground to my classmates for a profit.
When a child dies,  who is left so wise as those surviving youth? Within souls of stone we all but condone a deeper death of them all. 
You are forgiving Although your strength can rip all things tangible And envelop them, Carry them to your darkest depths And coldest crevices …
Dear Purpose, I am searching for you. Day by day I walk by my mirror. Side glances and momentary looks judge my exterior. Day by day life gets more monotonous.
Face flat -  cold cement Strings that hold - strings that break All the things that you said- Meaningless.   Yet.We defy. Nature. The odds. Authority. We fly. We soar. We breathe. We die.
We are who we are       But we are still all human No matter how vast the world we live in
I was 14 (the first time I was called a dyke) And we laughed Because society Is changing And I love that Just like I love everyone
  Cowled in darkness, standing there, A hooded figure ‘stride his mare, I stand before him silently, While chilling breath shears through the air.   “Your time has come, my mortal child.”
They said you died in the war that wasn't yours. They said you fought a fight you didn't start. They said you fought hard not to fight
Talking. Talking is hard. Breathing, eating, sleeping.  It all seems hard. From the time I was a young girl to now, everything has been hard. Exspressing my feelings is hard but I have a dream.
The air can blow us away, But we can also blow air. We can create air to use on others, Yet air can not create us to use on air.   It is tossed around,
killing sword grasped in killed hand
dear anxious self, when your brain cannot stop thinking and your heart beats in object terror at things only the mind’s eye sees - breathe.  
Dear Person, I thought I knew, The day we met I was at my best, life was full and my heart was beating out of my chest,
My pain is your pain Your pain is mine Differences alike Similarities unique Strength among weakness Truth admist lies Missunderstandings Uniform of life
The wind blows softly, guiding small snowflakes on their dance through the sky.
Dear friends against the people,     I am from the stories of the past Compiled into the present. Chicana they call me.
We got the fire From dusk till dawn Ours is such that Can change the world We have the fire And we burn forever As long as we are together Dilemmas are a thing of the past.
Everyday we play danger with our lives. Smoking, drinking and partying with drugs. Tryna be a Tupac when in reality we just some low down wanna be thugs. We not shooters out here..We just should've, could've, would'ves in the hood. A NBA player to
Dear my old self, I wish you had the commons sense to do better, but in the end you made me better. Your pure heart and your tender ways, All you need was a little backbone and some base.
We live in a world that takes a little bit too much advantage from us We live in a world that expects each and every living individual to be far from perfect
On the day my little brother begins to see race. I'd like to think he will be ready for the talk I'll give him. I'd like to think he will be ready to carry the weight of all the self-love I will place onto his shoulders.
Why are all these things happening? Where Do we go from here?  
Theres a river in me. It's waves slide past each other slowly and smoothly. My blood is a big river, it flows through my veins, heart, bones and my brain too.
Man, her smile is so big, why is she so happy? Why is she always smiling? She sits alone, always looking in her phone But what they didn't know is that there is a battle going on
Much is wrong with our society, Treating people like scum, This causes some to turn to anarchy, But choas without purpose is dumb.   We all have a lesson to learn, Unity is the way to peace,
Jesus Name is so Sweet. He is Immanuel That means God is with us, so all is Well Let me say it again, Happily, I repeat: Jesus Name is so Sweet.
I wish , I could be , With no one but me, Enjoying my company, Besides the rough sea. I rest by the shore, Below the palm shade, Mesmerized by the blue marvel, A beauty that ever would fade.
In a mad world he mad king rules. Carried to the thrown on the shouders of an angry and desparate mob. Wielding pick axes and pitchforks with black lung and black hearts where Black Lives Matter is a thing because..
Tell me about the time Where the moon was the only light that earth needed To guide it’s nocturnal creatures, Where it’s inhabitants did not rely on the exhausts of human devices To color the sky;
If only you could see,My favorite place to be.A place where I can rest Is nature at it’s best. The water ripples near So loud it's all you hear.A secret place to be, A spot made just for me. In shallow waters still,To touch would send a chill.A sh
I close my eyes.  I breathe. I smile and embrace the wind in my hair.  My heart is breaking so I seek peace.  I pray.  I want to cry but I can't. Look at my face- I will always seem okay
        Dear Depression,   Your waves rushed over me The pain was comparable to the sting of your biggest bee Your words
They said she had to be on drugs.  It wasnt because she had a disfunctional family and people filled her head with dark. She wasn't ever depressed for thinking about how the world turned.
You try to take me down, I'll look you in the eyes. Look you up and down, then have you tell me lies. Tell it to your friend we're all gonna die, so take it to the skies.
Because I love you  I became a better me  How can I love you properly  If I don't take care of myself Because I love you  I prayed for you  So your spirit may be strong 
I feel my lungs fill with air It's my own type of prayer Throughout my spiritual journey  I make my body a place to feel worthy
There was once a young kid of Madrid Whose smile they could never get rid. They wanted to throw him To break him, to stone him. But he wasn't- 'twas only forbid. 
We are in need of peace Senseless acts of corruption sadly appear everywhere Lives are sadly lost That my friends is clear Families are in a state of uncertainty As they stand near the gate
  Dreams Of Tomorrow I have a dream, do you? No matter the hardship I still have a dream I have a dream of white and blacks holding hands together, do you?
In the road walked a woman with a bleeding soul her heart was dragged into a ditch  her mind was stuck in a dark pit  walking the long and lonesome roads her eyes stared into the naked woods 
Love is wild, Like a flower.   When you like a flower you just pluck it, When you love a flower you water it daily...  You nourish it, Heal it, Rejuvenate it,
Because I love you…. I will allow you into my heart, I will share my secrets with you, Because I know they are safe with you. I will cry in front of you.. And with you..
  Sprouted, growing, like a tree in her prime. One with this earth. Hand in the dirt. Fingers rooted, absorbing fertility, Becoming the support that keeps sauntering people above.
A clear tapestry sewn together with the tools of Passion, Love, and a firey Obsession Can be bound together with ones true confession Because I Love you I let God take you away, 
I don't believe in "love"     I don't believe in soulmates      The way others do I don't think any relationship is perfect       I think "love" is a tired subject  I think too many people spend too long 
we look inside to dig deeper then ever before a willingness by which to explore so much more love is all around us as if hope springs a new many have bitten off far more then they could ever chew
When sons no longer raise swords against their father. Who can stand? When truth arises out of her well. Who can stand? When the downtrodden are lifted. Who can stand? When the huddled masses embrace.
Love is caring for someone, even if it isn’t reciprocated. Love is helping someone, even when it isn’t needed. Love is blessing someone, even though it isn’t known. Love is being friend with someone,
Love is like a fresh breath of spring,  With love, anyone can do anything. When down, just take a look around,  and make sure your love is seen as profound.    Hug, kiss, talk, miss,
I want to go where the water meets the land. There is a balance there. There is no sound like that which sand and lapping water share.  
I spilled into that frosting grass. Spindly, numb blades lusted for the blank sky above and bent and bedded me into their meadow-berth. The pinching smell of nothing burnt my nose
When the world is sleep, I am awake The energy is pure and the air is clear The frequencies radaite The matrix is nonexistent Anything seems possible I hear it I feel it all
As I sit here, I begin to wonder, "How can this world so easily cast me asunder?" Falling Victim to all of the pressure, and a pain so deep that none could measure.
When they come you may never know for when they speak it will surly show creative minds and beautiful flow, dont underestimate what they bestow   Everyday they pass by one in love while the other cries
What has become of the world a vortex of death and destruction. Is it too much to ask for people to respect others to respect their decisions to respect their religion to respect their views
  A land once so green and fertile, Was reduced to nothing, Nothing but mere rubble. Ashes, Ashes of mansions, Of what was once a village.   Scope so wide,
Because l love youI trust you I care for youEstoy loca para tìTe preocupas por mì? Love.. strong word one syllable Love.. sometimes may not be visible Do crazy thingsThinking insaneLove..
Isn't it crazy how everyone in this lifetime insipres and impacts others Some way or somehow Just saying a little compliment can make the difference between lonliness and appriciation 
Guiding Holy Spirit anxiety? No need to fear it   Blissfully I Breathe What a way to be!   Jesus once again conquered death, & Gave Life to the powerless.
I long for the abyss spirit and love beyond the universe from my family especially my mom and sister I long for I crave for a deep conversation a passionate kiss, adventure with not knowing where I'm, moonlight lit by millions of beautiful bright
All these years later I still dream of you A day in the park Late spring Under that tree Hiding from the sun Half asleep You Tracing secrets In the palm of my hand
Broken Fixers.   This life isn't broken. It was never a working thing. The people didn't know. They cry
A bridge among barricades A bird among bears Love is free, love is peace Trust from a tired heart Energy from an exhausted mind Love connects, love supports
Sanity reaches out her hand  To stop the unstoppable comet, Singed flesh to show For the one she saved.    She was damaged  But she was whole.    Is there only happiness 
Wondering if I'll ever find you And the serenity you're bring. As I close my eyesI shut off my mindAnd go back and time 
What's out there in the world?  Nature.  There's so much beauty to be discovered,  to be preserved.  It must be kept alive. To save the world, to save us-one by one.   
despair causes friction.  yes, hurt causes tension.   these years got me feeling undriven.  make it past these years.  work hard.  
under the darkened layers of silk & lush we can commence in a push filter through soup bowls with moss in the undertow you unleashed the lion in me caged barbaric creatures having little eyes
Buffalo Soldier
we make plans the break plans do we give up ? it all depends upon the creature or the creator there are those drifting in a sea of the make believe lost in the sauce of compromise
There  comes  a  time  when  we  will  be  tried,When our coats are sopping wet,And  our  brains  are  fried,Our shoelaces swishing through a puddle as we fret,
they were merciless, as they shot innocent human beings, for accused of using drugs   they were merciless, as they use make up stories, just to say they were right,
We should be the melting pot mean come together. But I notice an ever increasing hatred toward their fellow man Tolerance for racisim in inexcusable yet many are reluctant to deiiver
this is a dope joint & I'll get to the point in certain circles we always regret the decisions we make making choices with no voices we got heads today that really want to stay in the game but who am I to blame
Unmerited favor from God Perhaps you want another ice cream flavor For by grace are you saved through faith Giving you something you don't eve deserve A love that will not let me go
today I sought a peace between two worlds one distant the other near for I shed a single tear to numb the inner pain not having her in my arms was driving me insane
Check one on the mic I'm about to bite a victim of race spread out your Peyton place let me take you down to the hood this is where you get the real lessons in life Hustlers pimping their rides
The Princess and the Peace By Sophia de Castro   Once upon a time, There was a princess Who dreamt of the day she would sleep peacefully, Unbothered by the peas underneath her mattress.  
Oh the dirt will scream The mountains will cry And their souls won't speak Because they'll be tongue-tied
We can each do our part in society. Maybe fix a flat tire for a neighbor or offer a cup of cool water to a stranger. Go to the widow & orphans in their affliction. I'm keeping it real people.
Come take out your bible Let us start a revival Unification is the plan Grab your bothers hand We shall all live to understand The drunkard in the gutter is still are brother
It is the will of few men,That many must die,Petty feuds to mend,And boys in graves to lie, 
Mind Control
  Although those many years have passed Having every bit of reason to grasp The true message in his songs Seen him twice in Hartford, Ct That brother made a dent in my true memory as a young G
Together Forever
There's a battle for your mind but you say it's just fine pulling a 9 to your head it's the walking dead Not since the day of creation did we stand with ovation A seed was drop from a farmers bag that was bad
Bruh, I know your up but it's getting late I got to make peace with you Hommie I have bitten off more then I could chew I'm sweating from the new day's sun now I know your in for a bit of fun
Your the voice that many of us wish we could your inner simplistic sense you evoke a revolution that is charged with a timeless gift of love. Standing further as a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of creative arts.
Like monasteries of old, you, lie perched on a hillside near the village You are mysterious, somber & silent yet there are no huge carved Wooden doors flung open wide to welcome weary travelers,
I was lying on my back look up at the ceiling Trying to come up with a wheel or dealing See I kept a diary sense I was young I captured my dreams filled up with kings & queens
Stop what you are doing and make believe this thought: Pretend you are alone & safe on a Himalayan mountain Meditate & somehow find yourself sitting there in a warm room.   At peace & willing -
we could dismiss this earthly bliss in a time well spent in thought skull bones with viscous fangs that bite dripping blood off side eyes with spots having holes let's escape to a darkened world below
at first glance it appears harmless to look upon so you take your first sip a numbing sensation comes from within then gradually you build up the tolerance then the second one comes & the third
Calamity spreads his dirty wings Like a vulture, preying on the old and weak The helpless children, shaking and shivering But for a mother's touch
Got to keep it real but sometimes I stare at the four walls that steal I like to keep it all in until it starts to get heavy No toke of a smoke on a blunt to implode
 "She wished to be happy, and fell asleep with an entire sky above her." I just need a break. There's so many people that just don't understand and that don't even try to. I just wanna go back to what it use to be.
The Everlasting Sunshine After The sun is the light of my life Shining so bright and so clear when Even that I'm near. When I'm sad the Sun is right near to say no matter where
Keeping it real from the heart: We need to talk, Why is it that some people get away with things in society & others don't. It's a double standard. Also how come atheists have so much hate in their system ?
We both met at a party so long ago A breath of fresh air was in sight A moon glow at the edge of the end of the night As I looked deep within her eyes
out of the vials of the pit of my soul one may evoke fear or that which hurts you the most I had fallen asleep after a bitter long day hadn't had the time to bow the knee to pray
Magic breathes life in our hearts Destiny resides in our souls Our path now shimmers unshadowed by the night With one embrace partnered by a tender kiss, the bounds
How sweet thy name I speak it and your voice calls I hear wonderful whispers from your lips Followed by the smile bestowed upon your face
I realized, as the world before me was bathed in yellow and orange sunlight, that I have been cold. It is warm and homey and yet, I am cold. In my bones there's a sickening chill,
yesterday we used to pray today you say it ought not be that way I was born in the gutter my mother was a whore she sold her junk in the trunk in back of the liquor store I was raised by my grandma Mable
This world is inhibited with cruelty and vengeance Where they gather today to reside the reminiscence.   We are our own oblivion, shattering ourselves with the knowledge of nothingness. Death awaits-
A solemn choice for Monarchs blend beneath the barren sod I reflect the notion of death in its timely plight forget the night & the day is far spent
Dear feminists.   I'm sorry for your losses, you tried hard. But despite all your efforts to rule the world, you are still a slave. Just like me. Every black man, white man, and woman of every race.
There is a stupidity in this world. It drifts from person to person And it lingers in crowds. It is subtle but so widely stretched It encompasses the whole of humanity.
Loving God,  teach me to be silent,so that I can stay close to youand listen as you speakwithin my heart and through what I see, hear and what men Speak. 
Love's Light through the duration in time we have created a rhyme finding solace amidst the quest of nature now is the expectant hour
To the slaves of freedom.
What if Transparency we make love we give love yet sadness almost always fills our hearts there is a great void that block that imagination a peer of a sullen mast explosion
Thy voice is on the rolling air; I hear thee where the waters run; Thou stand out in the rising sun, And in the setting thou art fair
I have ben in the slums of life, up to my knees in the murkey waters of rejection I have been knocked down, forced onto m knees by life and yet, I still rise   I do not rise for the glorifiction of myself
Atheists Aren't Nuts Just Lost
Where did you go My Soul, my soul? Oh God do answer  For only you know. My soul, my soul To where did you leave? Or are you trapped within pulsating walls Where the darkness does so cleave?
If a raindrop could represent the love in a man's life a rose would grow being much like love itself starting at the bottom with splinters and thorns
What if white were black and black were white, What if night were day and day were night. Would things stay the same Or would they suddenly change? You see, it's all about the meaning, not about the name.
jihadjihadis     what was it?who are they?   Not a bunch of crazywar-fuelledblack-clothedextremists.  
Starlit Resources May brings desert winds giving a warm Spring when least you expect it... Unknown to the letter, unreached like pictures
It's funny howIf I wear a scarf on my neckPeople don't give me a second glance
Doing Time put you rubbers on talk to your john switch to the rhyme we all stand alone look inside we got nothing to hide with random words got my head in a stir
Anger is a virus that takes hold of every fiber in your body It corrupts the interface of your brain and every thought Anger is so intense and sometimes becomes one’s identity
The Face Of Christ as a young boy I was out in my lawn I looked intently up at the sky to my amazement I saw the face of Christ having a vast domain of saints behind him
This war we're fighting is more important than we know, It more than simply being 'rebels' or 'feeling the flow' It's about making a world filled with hope. It's more than words on page, Than going through a phase, I say one 800 on the under cover cop She took off her top I'm in a hurry so don't you worry Get a little bit closer
The Children of Never Light the more I see through open eyes, fools come my way with alibis playing the game of chance with mankind; I touch a shattered sky with a broken heart,
vital, yeah that recital, not at all idle covering alotta ground all relative, selective advocating safe and sound, pound for pound, word for word, sums, if not all I’m glad eye heard or
Coffee Talk you don't have to say you love me... as a bug snuggled in a rug, aroma...basking in the aroma a time well spent in thought
The Beast Unseen
Have you ever stood there? In the morning dew watching the rays of gentle gold  creep their way along the onyx sky. Listening to the murmur of the leaves 
Welcome To The Grand Illusion where are we have we gotten lost ? hands, eyes & face deep inside were all the same a chance to rearrange in the membrane
Hope Again My Friend warm blankets fly away glowing pixie wings shatter the compulsion destroys everything charging in like a wild bull
A Raindrop A raindrop is a tear that falls when angels cry Then it helps the trees and flowers to grow The raindrops are falling all over the place Cleaning the trees and helping the animals find their food
Flowers made for war. A bullet for my sweetheart. I do kind things, These wonderful sweet things, But I want to see you bleed. Arousal from your torment, And a smile for your pain.
when the tales awake
When Darkness Falls When darkness falls there is no day And all of the night's friends come out to play The ghost was bored so he called his friends
Falling Falling in the dust on the ground A way to explain with hip hop beats in my brain Staying up late at night just chilling with a flame This is a roll up so what's the hold up
Love. Thats it. The answer, the way. If only everyone thought that today. If only love was at the frontlines of war, There would be peace, and violence no more. If only love was the greater message.
Song To Nature Today it was bright and the sun shone above The sky was an azure blue And the breeze from the east made a low hallowed sound as it blew all the leaves to their demise on the ground
The Persistent Quest I've been searching and searching for something I had lost And I vowed to keep on looking, regardless of the cost
A Lonely Man's Dream I wish I could write a love song A song that would take away the pain A song about a very lonely man Too many times hurt and used for someone else's gain
Twenty one point three. Twenty one point three million. Twenty one point three million refugees Half of which aren’t even eighteen, Forced from home simply because,
A land of old. Made out of gold. Its sheer uniqueness unshared. Inhabitants dwell in darkness. Light seen but unrealised. Hope dashed upon smartness. Smartness filled with mischief.
Blood Upon The Walls The leaders of light are now all sleeping no more will they stand proud above the dawn And the murderers who left the crowds all weeping Remain alive to cast hate on and on
If Happiness Had A Face How can I say this ? What kind of words would do ? If my happiness had a face It would look just like you
I looked at my hands They whispered old No, I cried My flesh is firm My eyes are bright The years controlled They whispered old I looked at a tree
There's A Feeling Deep Inside There's a feeling deep inside me that just won't go away Sometimes it reaches the surface, and sometimes it's tucked away
Prayer Time..Anybody Need Prayers Come Close...Dear Lord Jesus Christ, help us to discover new insight into your word. We surrender fully to your Lordship.
Peace my child, peace within. I skipped a rock the ripples spin. I seek the truth I threw the stone, but still I ponder Where did it go? Peace within.  Look at the lake
My love is Beautiful My love is Kind. Mantras that I keep in Mind. I am Amazing I am Great I start to feel the ground it shakes. I want to Love To feel my Soul
The Decision When I was young I looked at life differently Through a small lens of scope Now that I'm old let the truth be told... A lie is still a lie and the truth a truth
It's been said before by many and few but among them this quote reigns true it's me against the world and the world is winning, it's become so cold no one has the strength to be bold, it's a world where people are told what not to be and what not
In a world built by the blood, sweat, and tears of people who look like meFrom the fields to front officesFrom the streets to street prophetsThey look at us and still see the whips and chainsThey owned us
I opened a book..Of which had no title..Took a second look.. andAwakened a mind that was idle..
The great I know is the one that tells the thieves' liesPeace and happiness you decide your own lifeBut once lives are taken for reasons of the unknown Concepts such as hatred, as to detest our natural skintoneThey say I might die tonight, I might
Chained Whipped Bleed   Trapped in unwritten rules   Glance Peek
The story begins long ago, A new world they called it, Ready for civilization. Like a diamond in the dark, Its heart began to pump the blood Of freedom.   Freedom from And freedom to,
Another gust of wind arises, awakening the silent world.   The trees talk with their rustling ferns communicating with an unknown code.   They speak of fear and plead and pray.  
History repeats itself like a broken a record. 200,000 years living together as a race, but yet our society is stuck on hate. Stuck on hate. Stuck on hate.
Make America Great Again, America was Great.   America was Great, January, The third friday, The 20th,
We left our hearts  to live in our heads. It was supposed to get easier but compassion is dead. Driven by money and heavy with pain; The blood on the ground runs in each of our veins.
My America is red; Cherry lemonade by the side of a pool In the summer of my childhood Lips stained with sugary popsicles and fresh watermelon.   It is red like Coca Cola; The kind from glass bottles
i stand among the people and cannot help but wonder how the manner in which we think halts our spectacle of justice  
She is a land mass like no other, She is the Nation of Power, She embraced this misfit foreigner, Like a caring Mother She molded me...  molded me to pursue The American Dream.
You are blind.  Do you realize our shape? You are misfitted, who are you, one of a kind? No, I think not.   You do not come together. Instead, we're all the same but yet we are separated;
To live in a society Of Love, Altruism, Harmony; Where all my brothers and sisters not just by blood but by humanity,
“Oh say! can you see By the dawn’s early light.” A land of inequities, And people cowering in fright. Masses of refugees Come home to this sight.
We Us Our Misery Forever stuck in the mistakes of our histor   Together We are Forever We are Mistaken We are Foolish We are  
As I sat in my chair one evening fair,  with my family sitting there without a care. I heard a blare from Satan's layer, to come and snare my right to heir. My family heard it too, what to do? is this a demon come for you?
America, the home of the free Founding Fathers resisting a tyrannical power Oh how we brought them to their knees And now, here we are, at the end of our nation's hour With the violence taking over the world
That soft, kind emotion is what I long for. That thing that is so precious not everyone can have. I yearn for that feeling one day, I desire that feeling. That feeling I know is warm and gentle.
The Divided States Of America
Behind the dark sky of clouds A sun rests, with all its' stars And as I walk, forever proud Of my many universes that are Behind the clouds, behind the sun Behind anything that has not yet begun
Father and daughter Mother and son Torn at the dining room table Food and words flying about sPewed in every direction with no true target The streets are littered with insults and hate  
nothing can bring me peace here in the dark I am dying but the light lives that much is evident seen through shuttered windows
The Star – Spangled BannerA tune of greatnessThough the tune is sweetAnd the message is greatBut the mission is not achieved. The Star – Spangled BannerHas not yet fought with unemploymentOther citizens lack chance for higher educationWith poor ec
BLACK with no Regret    I'm Black With No Regret And maybe my shoulders scream it too Or maybe it's in our stride And strong voice and afros   I'm Black With Some Regret
America? Known as a nation reborn, Through war and tragedy we still uplift our hopes. We take each other by the hand urging them to hold on, There are the men that choose to face each other causing hate and struggle.
In a world where nothing stays the same Either for better or worse America could either lead to fame Or it can lead you to a hurse Aren't they both the same? They seem to be a curse
Close your eyes and submerge into it beck and call, Do not think just fall. Do not wonder just sink, Fill a cup of it and drink. Forget it all and give into it, Sing its song, Find comfort in it,
My brothers, my sisters Why do we judge? Why do we hurt? Why do we fight? My brothers, my sisters Why do we frown? Why do we groan?  Why do we hate? My brothers, My sisters
How do you suvive in a world thats full of evil? Where negativity flow so freely through our own people. Where a person is not free to be who they are.
Question one. How did Nazi Germany rise to power? A) Religion B) Scapegoating C) Nationalism D) All of the above.  
i look around this crowded place  my heart beats a little faster  who's face will be the last i see the end of this final chapter  than i see the black dead tree  i stop thinking there is no after
America flies, but we need to soar. We strive for higher, but pull ourselves down. We look to the left; we look to the right, When the answer is meet in the middle.  
Four and a half years after you came into my life you are gone from it One year of silent staring Seven months of friendship One year and four some odd months of dating And the rest in between, Well...
  Faces facing forward, Focus Fixated on the Flag. God Bless America, Land of the Free and those Good-for-Nothing Mexican Scumbags.   Hand over Heart, Hand over Ears, over Eyes,
Will that new car make you happy? Can the latest and greatest phone  make you feel less alone? Materialistic things we want give us a smile. But they are merely just temporary tattoos that
I simply visualize a place in'harmony...on my way home from work. But these torns have grown over my'path, constantly... stepping into climax!
I stood bare foot up first words whisper, to adapt I must adopt. An image no more a minority to the wide spread hatred we call war.
If every yellow blossom was an echo of your laughter and every star that shines glinted brighter in your eye, there'd be a flower for everyone all seven-point-five billion and the night sky'd be so bright
This pen is a sword  the paper it's victim  though not through words  do you find that its poison  but rather through lines: bent and shaped as they are  they capture your mind 
2016 was the year I learned the definition of an anachronism, someone who doesn’t mold into their own time period, as if they’re some alien from another planet, a time traveler indefinitely stuck in the wrong century.
I live in fear That one day One day We will die No, not just one All of us. I Live in fear Knowing that
Quiet Absence of sound It replaces the noise Emptying my mind and choking it Silence  
 In a vision of hardened hearts and blinded minds;partaking of the precious fruit may seem like a waste of time. I bare the sweetest fruit in all the earth.Nothing can compare. I can satisfy your thirst and hunger for relief from this world.
I am a part of Generation Z and amending society   I wonder what waits for me after this inaguration I hear voices in protest and anger
I want peace Not the kind of peace that is Fabricated, constructed or tainted I want the peace of the meadow and clear skies and a river near by The sort of peace that lets you breathe
can't we scatter our love like seeds in the spring  and watch them grow and hear the birds singing  and as the passer-by smells  newborn fruit  it will give them a reason to follow suit.   can't the love we accept be the love we give?  the hungry
Our skin is not as white as snow Does this make us worthless? A lot of us grew up in single parent homes Does this make us inadequate? We commit the same crimes But why do we only get the life sentences?
If I died, I’d cry But if I didn’t, then I’d never be alive I think I’m sad sometimes But other times I think that I’m just lying I like to sing out loud about death And feeling bad, and never being their yet
I can't stop thinking about you. Completely innocent, we fell asleep together.   Laying next to you under a big blanket our legs brushing against each other, our faces less than a foot away.  
You are on the Road, the Road gets you to where you need to be. It does not matter how many potholes you hit. It does not matter how narrow the Road appears.
Broken to Beautiful This world is Broken Sadness Floats the air like smoke from a cigarette Depression
As the leaves have fallen down So does my heart go Bare trees rooted in the ground Yet I fly away   Twelve months ago where were you Seasons have changed you Twelve months later a new you
Ripples of a Third World Heartbreak My eyes will open And I will see the vibrant yellow paint that has coated the walls of my room
The attack of a great fiend, As everything comes to an end, Black smoke fills the sky, Tears fill swollen eyes, Innocence disappears, Through the walls death peers, Fire burns at all costs,
I've been blind I've been blinded I've been so blind that I can't see the signs  I don't notice the signals  I don't know what you want Hell I don't even know what I want 
We believe in the constitution, even willing to bet our lives on it, yet we aren’t even sure it’s actually complete The equal rights amendment has never been truly ratified
A year ago, I was not me. But who then, have I come to be? A year ago, I had the same name, voice, and face I wore these same clothes and lived in the same place. I have not gone through catastrophe,
In a thousand years when wishes are our currency and death is but a temporary, tactile illusion…   where will love find you? Will you find her by the willow flowers or underneath the daffodil tree
The world anticipates the new year to forget what has gone past but in 2016 we had many firsts and certainly many lasts   Now we came into the year expecting a fresh start
Our thoughts and prayers are with you say the living to the dead  But no one acts to prevent those souls from laying down their head  "I can't live without my precious gun, it brings me too much joy", they say
When I think of home, I do not think of walls and floors. I do not imagine an occupied dome With some windows and doors.   Home is where love is felt. Home is where you learn to smile.
  Sadness reigned over her 3 years of pure sadness Nothing, she was nothing   With one moment with one word She is taken back
Sometimes I feel like the little girl inside of me is screamingScreaming because she’s hurting & doesn’t know how to communicate why or how she’s hurtingScreaming because she wants attentionScreaming just because
The winds of change have blown They enveloped my restless heart They gently whispered in my ears "It's time for a brand new start."   Reluctantly, I tried to listen But in my comfort zone, I stayed
I felt like it was happiness that swelled and swirled in my soul But as I dug deeper there was an impediment much worse, myself That's when the battle began The battle I struggled to avoid for so long
What has become of this wretched world? Spiteful jealously, countless wars, Muderous hate killing innocent love Many crimes taken out by two-faced criminals The world, driven to destruction and chaos
So much has transpired in under 365 days.    My life seemed to change every 24 hours.    On the third month, I grew in age by 1 year.  
Live in your bubble for a day Not for a lifetime   Look up and see the world The world outside your own   That is the world you live in Not the one you've created  
You’re making me new Giving me a new groove. Wiping clear the past, Correcting us with Your divine chast. While the rod de God hurts
This is it, we have won. But in reality, the battle has just begun. My brothers and sisters, together we stood tall. But as the fight continues, we must promise to never fall. We camp in glory, we camp at peace.
How the flower sits so brightly lit How perfectly it fits how perfectly it sits wading in the sun always having fun it goes along with the breeze and so do the trees and so do the leaves
The wet soil crunches with every drop of water that pellets the ground. Leaves bend to make way for the pouring force from the sky.   Thundering above the ground,- Booming with loud claps of sound and light,-
One day, the veil was blown away. And I saw Him, like the flowers in May.   His eyes were bright, deep,
War and Peace…  A dynamic dichotomy  Though Peacemaker and Warrior  Require equal audacity  God bless the Peacemaker  Whose enlightened vision  For the preservation of Humanity 
An unplanned gathering,  Turned into a landmark event.  Ocean waves become steady heartbeats. 
Steam rises from underneath the sidewalks. 
Welcoming warmth after months of harsh ice all things once dead feeling alive again regrowth, nourished by the sunglight everything in greens, yellows, and bright blues.  
Where there is peace there is inspiration stillness imagination Where there is peace there is love like in a mother's womb a natural state quiet warmth  
Looking through my window, seeing the clashes of tropical view As the heat hugged my clothing tighter, my memory of the eclipse smile all together   Waking up like a restraining order, as the clouds walk past my house
What would you change? A blind society blessed with vision through knowledge While screens worldwide buzz and ink splashes on paper Spreading gossiping, Hateful,
  GOLDEN OpportUNITY KEY TO CommUNITY Unlocks hearts and minds To the beauty of UNITY Where hate is dead Love lives for eternity And the cloud's silver lining Beholds a GOLDEN OpportUNITY...
Almighty! Almighty! Grant us each others love Grant us Unity Almighty! Almighty! We are you, you are we One commUNITY Almighty! Make me an instrument Of your will
The past twenty four hours I have been in a state of disbelief. I missed a day of writting poetry and there is no source of relief. A constant state of grief. Now, this day that has been granted is now a day of redemption.
  If the only thing to fear is fear itself I find it funny that I'm so scared to be Courageous. I am most scared when no one expects me to stand up.
I dream one long, dark night a dream where darkness has overcome the light.   It's a nightmare In a funnel where I cannot seem to get out of
Why are we people subservient to the self-servient nature in us? We need to set our minds on each other and fill our hearts with trust So that we can maintain our grassy plains, Cultivate creativity, 
Exhaustion seeps into my bones, The crisp morning chill sends daggers through my veins  But I fight it, urging myself to leave my bed of cotton and clouds
Society has become a warzone in itself. The enemies are your deepest, darkest secrets and the negative opinions of those in the surrounding atomosphere.
“Namaste, I say”   Tension in my shoulder,                 Strain upon my spine. Worries trapped in my brain, No time for cloud nine. So my skin gets colder…
There is nothing quite like getting in the car while it rains. I turn onto the interstate, and set my pace at about 70 mph. I love the sound of each and every rain drop falling onto my car.
When I feel despair rise in the back of my lungs And the grip of it strangling me from within Then I feel the call of my siren Beckoning me for a midnight meet  
Worlds away thats where I've gone Worlds away thats where I belong Stress comes in and the happiness goes out Happiness comes back when I put in headphones and really jam out
Family makes me complete In a world full of disgrace Their love can't be beat
roastingwinter mealsjust beforethe snow hits,the dry chilling airencircles us twolittle penguinsin our black overcoatsas we smellsweet sugars formupon the darkening skin
My hair dances in the wind, While the sunshine warms my cold skin. The apple red leaves, Crunch softly beneath my boots. The birds singing their songs, Make my spirit float up,
Going outside makes me feel good I would spend all my time walking around if I could strolling and observing is what I do and breathing in the fresh air too, Minutes and hours pass by How fast they go, oh my!
The low sounds of the blowing wind seeping through my slightly cracked window. The scratching of my dog’s nails outside of my door so I can let him in.
Emerald and aqua, then scarlet hues A streak of pink or pastel blue Colors swirl together with beauty and grace  Pencils meet paper with the sweetest embrace Everyone warns "Stay inside the lines"
The Sweetness of Summer is a distinct flavor.
We are shot when we are compliant  We are shot when we are defiant  There are mothers crying There are children dying They want to keep us institutionalized I know what the Germans done 
Lost in the land of backpacks, bullying, and excuses I just can't take it any more, I'm a complex thinker in a simple, close-minded land The bland robots walk around with the same daily routine
People have one best thing in the world; usually a noun of some sort, person/place/thing. It could be a book, or a animal, or the library. I'm not that much different, I have a noun like everyone else.
When I have grown old, And my time has come to an end, I will leave this place.   When my job is done, I will spread my wings and fly, Fly far, far away.
I said, "How long will it take?" I mean, we've seen the same mistakes Ain't it crazy after all this We're still waiting for change And the faces are the same The pain, it still remains
The cold breeze caresses my faces as blades of grass gently prick my back. The little voice in my head instructs to inhale and exhale, to relinquish any worry, frustration, or hate. 
Sneakers laced up tight, Water bottle filled to fullest height. It may take a drive short or long but Always, I long to take a hike.   Nature beckons me to explore;
"Our thoughts and prayers are with you," say the living to the dead  But no one acts to prevent those souls from laying down their head "I can't live without my precious gun! It brings me too much joy!"
 it’s paper mache and rhymelaughing with people with no sense of timeart is the lives of you and methe people that color history  
Imitation is suicide Why walk when you can fly What wakes me up early to greet the day Is turning on the news and hoping to see a change But all I see is children in chains And sand covered in brains
Fallen Shoulders Once Raised High Gardens Growing Up like Vines Flower fields place their Roots Deep within the Spine they Loop Beneath Between Around About The Cord that Dances Up to the Crown.
Leaves of gold, leaves like fire They hit my face and the taste was bitter But I laughed. And the sunlight poured down Though the stained-glass canopy of leaves   The brown ones, they crunched
Poetry is inclusive like an outstretched hand Its words pull you near and into Its foreign land Escape, escape, escape again... You dont need to fear, to tremble or roam without a cause
 Get in the car. Drive for a little while. Among the dusty plains. It's a place I call home. Don't know anything else. Purple ringed skies. In the air carries no lies. I can breathe easy tonight. The radio is real loud. But it soothes the soul.  A
What do I do when life gets rough,  when stress makes me feel like I've had enough? What I like to do is sit down and breathe, especially when I've found a good book to read. 
The rain hits the window screen. Pages rustle with soft grace. Dark ink messages Whisper sounds of peace.   The lightbulb gently glowing. Music fills the cold heart. Body heats up slowly.
“Why don’t people know about this.” I think As my body soars away from my seat I feel as thought I’m filling the space   like water once shaped to the pipes
Growing up in a world where we see many different faces. They come from all around the globe, all types of places. But what's the difference between you and I?
As I sleep... Life continues to happen My chest rises and falls to the rhythm of me breathing Although I sleep... my heart is awake
A sun gleaming red and green A time that disappoints the people who have been mean A time of anticipation from young to old, even the teens A time that reality has overshadowed by a dream  
Does time heal everything?  Because I, still feel the same. Will you please take me away? Oh please just take me away. I used to be so strong, well not really just was numb to it all.
Raising sons full of ire, Restraint is no longer their friend. With news, IT builds a fire. In only destruction it will end.   You did this, you did that, Three hundred years of accusation.
to test limits and defy explanation  to tread murky waters and not look back  to sour higher and higher and be able to look down  to concure fear with a flick of the wrist  to try 
The flames die out. Ghostly traces of red and orange and purple haunt the sky. The last moments of light cling to the clouds as the weight of the sun is dragged down. Resting place. Somberness rises with the moon.
It's more than just tissues and bone. It's more than just a pretty face or nice clothes. It's more than knowing right from wrong. It's more than your name or your favorite song.
I think of how the universe is made of theories—                assumptions and mathematical calculations attempting to shut down the human paradox and close Pandora’s Box,
In my dream, My friend knew his time was coming. This 26 year old young man He had just visited the hospital for a checkup And the doctor had diagnosed him with a disease
Thoughts- Thoughts race around my mind,  Racing and whirling,  A hurricane, living inside   Sometimes it is comforting, For I am not alone with these thoughts inside,  I have voices, 
I say a prayer for the departing warrior, Departing for lands whose soil is littered with landmines, To fight a war he doesn’t understand, To possibly die in a country he couldn’t care less about
Peace is a goal we all seem to strive for, yet we are yet to even come close on a global scale. Peace is a goal men and women die for, yet as hard as we try it seems that we fail. 
The day we go and find the moon is down,Shall be a day of justice for the earth.We all must burn to find the fired crown.'Cause we're inclined to fight and show our worth.
Wow this poem is old, I was 12.... (2009)    Who asked for peace At 12:00 in the chi? Or in harlem New York by their mouth? Who asked for peace When the Klu Klux Klan cries?
She painted the world In shades of blue, Violet, and green.
I was raised to be proud, confident, to embrace full.  To ignore the mugs of the brighter skin, Living Melanin. To wear my curly fro & deny any hands to touch for it was my crown.
Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!While I’m on my pilgrim journey,I need You, Jesus, to walk with me. Say it loud Im black and I’m proud 
I am not a poet, And when I do I try, I put myself down, And give up every time.   I am not a poet, Though I would like to be. I find I can never express My feelings accurately.  
PAY ATTENTION Get ready for this intervention People are dying Children are crying Men are lying
Surround me with peace Take me away to a new home Remember that I am a person too Remember that I am love Surround me with peace
A small, meek girl with brown eyes and braids Expressing her creativity through words on a page Teachers commented, "quite ambitious for the second grade" She simply released frustations with writing rather than rage
I became a poet when I was born I became an artist when I died Putting ink to the paper helped me feel what was inside   As a babe I saw everything around me I'd lose sleep so as not to miss a thing
 If I could pause lifeJust for a simple momentHappiness--I'd have.
I close my eyes and think about all of the things that have happened, I close my eyes and I think about anything I came imagine, I close my eyes and wish there were better days sometimes,
I'm tiered of waking up to see the news. How many died? Who bombed who? When I see the headlines I sigh, They outnumber those that show any hope, Faith in humanity so hard to restore.  
I close my eyes And call out your name “Jesus!” And there I am Lost in blur A dark abyss of nothingness Everything around me is oblivious It’s just you and me Face-to-face
I know that there’s a clearing’s reprieve for weary travelers: ones with honey thoughts, those like geodes, us like patient coal.   I’ve never ever seen that lake but I hear
When it rains it pours they say, So go and find your zen; Even if for a moments time, Peace will reign again.
Rainbows or Solids Experience or Knowledge Christian or Atheist No matter what, here he is.   This is a child. This is someone's worthwhile. He is loved by someone, 
Breaths puff out In the cold chilly air Frost dies underneath And you don't care You try to breathe You lift your feet To take a step On that very long Staircase And you're gone
Lay with me and drift, drift away, high into a cloud. Just laying here with a soft song coming out a old stereo. Saying sweet nothing under the influence only makes me smile.
Noise, noise, all of the noise Yelling, screaming, yelling, screaming It gets louder as it enters my head Headaches, not only headaches, Bruises, cuts, and scrapes too,
It's hard to be finding myself when the answers are blinding.  And the darkest thing in my life is the light.  I can no longer continue when I cannot be with you. The Fire is fuel of each failing fight, 
This feeling Is foreign But welcome All the same It's strange  To feel it Bubbling up To the surface Coloring your soul With its cheerful hue Splashing my mind
She with the lion's mane- She with her head in the clouds had always been one to suppress her thoughts in hopes to just fade in the crowds.   As she grew, as she learned
I just want to take a few minutes of your day,To tell you about how we can truly change society's ways,There's contamination everywhere,from our televisions, our music,our food and things that we drink,
Sitting in a sunlit room, I ponder how to begin   Words seem to distance themselves From me after So long a space I filled with nothing more than Wounded doubts  
Relief only comes during the late hours of sunset, When the cool wind finally arrives Just to curl around your legs, Sighing with content, just feeling this moment of peace
Spend some time with me and watch the dawn break. Linger a while longer,and to me cling. Let it all collide and watch the world wake.  
When the raging battle seeks to steal my joy, My tears trickle down my face. That's when I like to employ, My unbeatable fighting Ace.   I lay down the Truth, Let the lies flee.
Today as I went about my Saturday ritual of housekeeping, I found my lost love for the laundry and the orange peel therein And again at midday for the sanitized scent of the dishwasher
Risen up gracefully A halo on her head Aunt Sharen earns her golden wings Slowly fading into an eternal slumber in her bed Proud, Brave, Determined, I go on That's what she would've wanted
A river of cool blue calm It reaches my ears in this early dawn The shades go down  Color dances around This is the greatest and most soothing sound The element of free It is the best place to be
Pastel pieces of paper littering the floor Notes, lists, worries, and more It’s called OCD and I couldn’t find rest In therapy, workshops, books, or meds Poetry provided the outlet I need
A breeze arousing the white sheet A pale mist blowing through the trees Shifting through the withered Lilacs.
I sit upon the story book. (The walls they shudder, the house it shook.) The pages are yellow, the cover is aged. (The window’s emblazoned-the storm is enraged.) The story is familiar, my memories wake.
Tell them I’m kind Tell them that my intentions weren’t blind The fact that one characteristic could change one’s mind My hearts racing but the beat slows I’m losing time
The stars shone brightly in your eyes;A beautiful display.How I wish right here and now,You were here today.
Bloodshed and horror, Syria is a disaster Peace and aid, nothing could come faster Mothers and fathers can only cope Brothers and sisters can only hope
In the shadows  in the shade when the hope of past things fade forget the past forget the pain  when all is lost, it's not you, you try to save  it's brothers,friends, sisters,family 
the words just flowed  out of me around me so real I could actually see the words that came from inside me  not good, not great, not even okay  but still a part of me that demands to be seen
I’ll take you on this journey; across warm bars of sand, over regal mountains resting in the verdant pastures. Embrace the treasures of soil beneath your naked feet.   As your soul tremors
If there's one thing I need, it'll be my inner creativity.  No deserted island can beat what's within me.  I have the ability to turn the sound of waves to rhythmic beats,
Black or White, Half or Whole, Flee or Fight, Its from the soul, Experiences created, Have never faded, Some is dated, Some is hated, But all loved by all, It is there so use it,
My eyes they weep But tears can't grow grass. Or roots for that matter... My heart it beats and throbs on the street. The movement was meant for us...
What would this life be without you? Without your sweet melodies And your soft symphonies?   What would I turn to When I can’t focus Or when I am feeling discouraged?  
I show up at the farm, my home in Morocco for the next 3 weeks.   Terrified.   In the moment that I met her,
Alone on an island, on its beach where I lay, where the ocean moves slowly, and the palm trees sway. I look in the distance, where I see just the tip,  Of the bow that remains of my now-sinking ship.
Love is all I need, For my life to be complete, For eternity.
Sometimes the birds will sing on Sunday Sometimes the birds won't sing Sometimes the flowers bloom early Sometimes it snows in Spring   Sometimes the sun sleeps at twilight Leaving a painted sky
I will be, and I will let my heart flood To the softest hum of Every Summer night   You will be, and You, I pray, will see peace The same peace I see Everytime I look at you  
Simple fickle peaceful minded With fire and angst motivation for days That's what it takes most days Days without her loving touch.  So the ground's been leveled in the orientation arena
Jesus He's not a secret to hide  Some will shame me for following him Even some who will read this poem I will shout out my faith  Not quietly but boldly  I will not let others influence my decision 
Moonset is the sunrise The juxtaposition  Of darkness and mellow light Vast blackness That enveloped every corner of the Hemisphere Consumed by dissipating orange, mauves and chartreuses 
That girl, in the back of the class...  The one looking lost, Daydreaming,  of things only she can understand. Things such as peace.  Not just in the world but in people.  In our selves.
All I need is us. For us to love each other, care for each other.
The little things You do for me Go a very long way The soft silent simple things When everything feels grey  
She walked alone  Not even one my her side He asked for help No one cared or even tried We all have days When we're just not ourselves We lose all faith
You I love so dear Come with me to an Island And Peace we shall find
Why is it, that living beings are hypocritical that they want to rule the world, but not be ruled by themselves? Is ignorance more common than being analytical? Look at your sorroundings, look closely. What do you see?
He wakes up the sun to shine on the morning He raises up the moon  to shine through the night He keeps me safe and he holds me close and with his love all things are right
I struggle through that crowd That marches through the day; It’s rambunctious and loud— A chaotic parade.  
Everyone has a name. Everyone has a story or background that they wish to share. Everyone has a dream or future that they ache for. Everyone has fears and habits they may never get over.
it may be cliche, even ridiculous for today. i yearn, i hunger, i ache for Peace. such a thing is hidden behind all the terror, such  a word has become a fleeting dream. but i see it behind the curtains of war.
Haikus for Peace #1 Will there be peace soon? All I see is war and hate. In time things will change. #2
"Times like the wind, ever-changing.Do we stand still, or do we glide?Do we purposely forget to set our alarms, or do we make an effort?I'll hit the snooze for you, but only once.
In the distant, there is a broken mirror, I can’t see myself clearly, Yet the promises that it upholds bring me peace… Peace.  
  Valuable in my Eyes   The artistic sky Paints a picture of freedom For lone gulls to fly.   On this island, “Perfect” can’t even describe the happiness that These warm currents bring.
find me lost in the middle of oblivion  tied to a pole in my thoughts of just givin in    like I'm trying to fight the very waves of the ocean  cause I can't find a vent for all this emotion 
Who can live without something that is in us all? Something beautiful, and wonderful Something big that starts off small.
Your teeth will always be there, even when you're not smiling. When the tears break and fall down your face, sitting on the front porch swing,
Crying out for one of life's many inconsistent qualms which arise without fail. Screaming pleading for  justice, joy, a sense of reason. Little whispers silenced pleas
Many misty mornings I CAST into the deep sea my net,   Thinking...perhaps, that ALL my efforts might pay my debt.
As the world lay in ruin, I asked myself,"Did it Pass?" Did the horrible war that forced us to conform,Did the preachers whom to God they're sworn,Did the witches,Died of execution form? Is it past,The reign of terror?The fog through which is uncl
The Origami Crane-                                                                                                                Folded by gentle fingers Of a child- Wishes for peace.   The Origami Crane-
Standing, sitting, kneeling, laying, Resting, sleeping, dreaming, praying. Waking, stretching, rising,  up now to join the world as it breathes.   Momentum growing, paces rising,
When a prick calls me a kike and a kid mistakes a rocket for a kite I need Israel.
All I need is a stick of graphite.  Dark and black as the night sky itself, when no stars shine and the moon hides from the horrors besieging the world.
She is the first place I felt love. She is like an ocean soft and peaceful yet strong enough to destroy. She is powerful. She is wise. She is brilliant. She is my muse.
I feel like I've beenSitting on a swingWaiting for someone to push meBut sunset comes
Stranded for hours on this lonely island Nothing to comfort or guide me. Not a bite to eat or book to read, Not a soul to sit beside me.   But my hope floats out on the water.  
The key to thee is that of three Know this mastory of three and truely shed thy body and be free Live that of three
My home is the sky where I fly freely. Where Mother pulls the aba off my back and Father leads the way while we soar. Where Sister’s wings are soft and vibrant and we chitter and chatter and twitter
If I was stranded on an island, I would need nothing materialistic. I would not need my cell phone, computer, wifi, or hell even my clothes for that matter. 
Tall oaks rise out of the soil. Abundant in the golden fall, they oversee the many all.   They creak and sway yet never turn away from another being.   Humbly they stand
Prancing around Lillies marked the destination of a new place. Inside of a cave I dropped my bag on concrete steps and sat ontop of a hill from the wooden old house. Washed away by the wind were roses, sunflowers, and rabbits.
The world is just a mirror of the soul Growing from roots, but barely bold For the life we live, for time that's sold For what we seek, for price and gold What is different between you and I?
I slip, the ghost of the unheard girl no one knows I climb the stairs, ascending my personal heaven I sit, reclining against my personal deity’s throne
He has decisions from his past that he regrets. A time machine. Maybe if he makes a time machine, then he can change what he has done.
All seeing fights Fighting and violence Careless beings Wars spreading everywhere Can their be peace Spread the calms Flash on the TV Looking up how dangerous this planet has become
"Find yourself         Your not from here  Your fatal flaw                Your fatal fear  Find you friend             Keep them near  Into the depths  Over the edge you peer 
In my hands hold the delica lights of the world. Within my grasp slips the sands of time. My eys seek the peace of the loud sounds of my chaotic mind.. For it is peace I hold so deeply inside the cracks of what makes me.
Run Boy Run Run for joyRun for happinessRun to spreadcheerfulness around you. Run Boy Run Run for healthRun for pleasureRun to spreadfreshness around you. Run Boy Run
"The darkness of a shadow The trickle of a stream The sweet grass in a meadow] As light cuts through the trees The little barn owl swoops low As a mouse rustles the leaves
Little ego for self-esteemPatience when you go off beamStubbornness when you think you are just
"The soldier  Wounded in the fight The lawyer Finding out whats right The paster Showing others light The family Holding on so tight The author Giving courage when he writes
" Contradicting  Try predicting  Always working Know your earning  But never learning All are hurting But the tables are turning Some are yearning For the fire burning 
"Falling up No longer stuck It's more than luck I know because You lift me up When life was tough You showed me love More than enough From heaven above It's you i'm proud of
"Take me to the river  Where i feel free Take me to the river So forever I can see Take me to the river  Where tides wash thee clean Take me to the river Where alone I can be
Peace is waking up to the smell of fresh waffles. Peace is getting all of my homework completed. Peace is when a friend hugs me from behind. Peace is when my Dad tells me he is proud of me.
The one thing that I can never live without is the peace that I strive for so that everything can turn out well for everyone and the calm that will keep
The peace of the world is not always dead Just forgotten by the hunger of war Slowly sucking all living with its roar And captivating innocents with dread.
I'm being so selfish, I'm not the only one with problems not the only one going thru it, not the only one whose depressed, &' they tell me not to drink but somehow I still just want to do it, some people I knew died last year, and even though
"It brings me joy to see the sun rise As it warms over the world It touches my heart to see a stranger  Bring a stray in from the cold Because small acts of kindness Will be big someday
there are more important things   then you and me then me and you   there are more important things then your posessions then being possesive  
Today, I will enjoy it.I will enjoy my coffee.I won't think about everything that bothers me,Or troubles me.I will enjoy sitting on my bed,Waiting for the flood of light to enter the room.
If I were stranded. Alone On an island with nothing but myself Nothing but my feet in the sand And the sounds of the ocean
I stand there peering, fearing and desiring. Wondering who would be the one like never before, i bare no ideal and i bare no hold, alas my gaze submits far beyond the earthly shore.
Most might say joy, love, hope, and sleep, However, I prefer the beauty of silence, With its daunting tones, And comfort it brings when I weep, The dramatic scene fostered by the cut of sirens.
The night sky fills with darkness and stars   The moon does rise with hands on hearts scars   Mourning and Morning, so filled with pain,  
A million cities burning in my mind Send thick black smoke in pillars to the sky. The earth lets out a deep and mournful sigh, Its children turned so violent, so unkind.
Where are you when the remembering brings me to my knees? The firework of your kiss reignites over and over, sizzling in my chest and sounding in my recesses. Your touches on my temples swirl in my brain,
pleading, begging you ask me to take you backto discard all the heartache, all the heartbreak to replace my scorn with words of love and once again by your side I’d lie
Awakened Spirits Hoping to leave this Earth to Sleep at last
In a state of serenity So peaceful and calm Sailing on the sea with a clear mind Thoughts are generous and kind We deal with life one step at a time Souls are at ease With a joyous nature
It floats in on the breeze, to try to gain it is to chase the wind. you cannot work towards peace, you have to be willing to surrender.
No white or black Just a well laid track And often a concerning lack Of humanity is seen Forgetting the in between Just fallowing a track To human demise A world were one another
i was the nobody in the hall, the loaner on the wall, i’ve walked in those same off brand running shoes that’s why this new poem  that i wrote right here is dedicated to you.
I like the feeling of not doing what I'm supposed to do I like the thrill of running from what is good for me   Coincidence is beauty But when we make it it's just fate And when we think it's random,
There will be world peace but only when Jesus Christ returns.We will be resurrected whether we are buried in the ground or are ashes in urns.Everybody will be friendly to each other, racism will be a thing of the past.
To be scared is to be alive. It is the thing that stops us, Prevents us from harming ourselves. It’s why we don’t jump out of windows, Why we don’t stab our eyes, Why we leave spiders alone.
Dear Buddhist girl,     You are so perfect.        You are kind, and you are wise.     Others may not understand you like I do,        But i will always be here to pick you up when you need me.
In China, hospitals skip the fourth and the fourteenth floor because four in Mandarin Chinese iss hi, the same pronunciation as the word for death.  
When people do us wrong, Jesus doesn't want us to retaliate.He is the son of God so his words are something we should contemplate.
Snow Pure white snow Tainted with scarlet petals Flowers of blood Blossoming   Broken Bent, broken and breathless
Steps she steps Thoughts forgotten Movements driven Purely Buy the sound The smell The taste Natures tears
There's a place where the middle meets the east.   Some of it is made of sand, it's bland and you could get lost - in the smoke, the ashes, and in the tears of children and parents
My soul is unknown to the world My soul is darker than the blackest sea My soul is colder than the iciest place imaginable WHY you may sigh is this the way life goes round
Person 1: In a land of peace Why does the hate increase When the “Christians” see A woman in the street Cloth on her head
She recuperates, Deserts fly,   Away cries the vast ceiling bat, Shatter my climbing dark vision,   "Don't forget!" Says the graveman, I'm never always alone, Always alone,  
Like unturned gardens, My familiar voyage pretends, Courage if you dare,   She falls asleep, My life is in steps, And I blow through the seething cold, I am unto you,
I am free.
 I am… The Lady I am the lady who likes muscle, not malls. I like the feeling of how the power and strength that surges through my mind and body and soul creates harmony amongst my demons
Blooming flowers red and white Petals dancing in the morning light Beautiful ballet in the wind Twirl about till they land   Sitting down to rest In the shade, for a picnic is best
I fantasize about silence, in order to have less.  
Life is a gift we should not take,Love from the heart we should not break.Memories, there are so many,And people we know, well, I know plenty.Our purpose here, I do believe,Is to give our gifts, not to recieve.
I watched the darkness; dissolving, morphing, quickly receding from the fruity light, as if rejected medicine.   Left behind for an identical,
At that very moment I wanted nothing else, I just wanted all of him to myself.
Sleep consume me  into a comatose state of mind
Power and shame, blood and Death Pumping heart, lungs gasping for breath Pray, should I do it? Oh, no. Never! Nay! Please, God help me with this dragon I ever long to slay  
Oh how i love this this feeling of falling apart breaking down its peacful knowing and its merciful not knowing the innocence of not having a wall of being completely and utterly vulnerable
We are on a constant balance between good and bad, light and dark, life and death. These things make us who we are, but the balance must stay or we may end up on the wrong side.
I am the idea of everyone, but accomplished by no one. I am in everyones head, the most important thing anyone has said. I am what countries strive for, what soliders die for. I am what leaders seek,
Looking at the ground,
Without me you are lost With me you are found Without me you cannot touch With me you hear sound   You are nothing But closed eyes And dry lips I am something  
I am... the one who hopes you will be okay in the morning when your boyfriend moves away. I am.... the love that you had and wish you could have back. I am the one that willingly gives it to you.
I am only human  I can only do so much 
They say you do it and everything just starts to fade, you open up your eyes and your problems just seem to go away, like how can you be high & still feel low, & if getting high makes my problems go away I dont have enough to make problem
I am me in many ways I am different than everyone I know. I am a person with own desicions with own talents and aspirations. I am like a nomad who roams freely without rules only
Dear whoever it may concern, I truely believe I am in love with you, the way your eyes light up when you smile, like the sunset has decided to visit me every single day.   You say that I'm insane,
  Life is like a weather-man's parade,
I was put on this earth to be somebody  not to please anything
I am redeemed 
I am an only daughter 
Up above in the emptiness of space
The older generatio
Everyone knows the saying, "life isn't fair. Although the obstacles we face in life may make us more strong, dominant, and capable to conquer what challenge we will face
I cannot say why we wonder I can only dream my dreams Imagination leads to creation Inventions become a need   Wonder allows the mind to wander While the body is set to work
I will always choose the simple life. The path that winds around the fragrant lilac bushes, that meanders across  the hillside, and flows down  through the river valley.  
What is awesome Is it a sarcastic device we say
It did not feel like it should be snowing, but it was. The air was almost warm, my jacket was open. Walking along the dark dirt path I saw
She opens her eyes slowly, feeling a warm, gentle, soft breeze brush against her face.
Peace of mind is Lying sandwiched between my parents. I am half a man with an ego bigger than he is, And half a woman with a temper shorter than she'd like it to be considered. I am half afraid, half fearless.
I am awoken, not by sounds. The sun egging me on with its rays to arise.   Birds conversing, cheerful small talk. Inviting me to join the world outside.   The breeze, a mornings greeting.
Jingle. Jangle. Is the sounds his pockets made, With each quick stride the music he shaped. Jingle. Jangle.
Hush.  Don't.  Quiet, Little One. No One wants to know.  I am shushed,  I am pushed into the corner  because of my smile,  and my smiling words. 
I'm tired of all this hate and disgust we need to separate its not them its "U.S." We blame everything as a country on a color instead of just solving the problem before it snow balls
I live in an earthly purgatory But tonight I smelled rain amongst the brimstone I inhaled the scent of a coming cleansing Of liquid purity flooding down upon the fire   I reside in the depths of perdition
    So this is battle, this is war. Take up your weapons, and kill some more. Here we march to the field to fight. We'll make widows and orphans upon this night.     The enemy pours in like a flood,
That aged gentleman Walking aimlessly Down the street, Jagged, broken, empty, He fits.   That weary mother Holding her crying baby At the bus stop, Pure, beautiful, blessed,
When I hold your hand My fingers are always tighter Than yours I'm starting to wonder If this leaks into other Parts of us like Rainwater into the ocean Like how I always hug you Longer
    ...Listen    It is when immersed in a moment of silence    that all the universe breaks forth in song    and I a recipient    simply sit in awe    of the wondrous symphonic orchestrations
    Gathered together from greatest to poorest    thickets and meadows, a lush mighty forest.    Peace and great solace amidst the strong trees    broad leaf and fine needle they sway in the breeze.
    The rustic life, pastoral scenes,    the basis of idyllic dreams    the simple ways of nature come,    its harmony in total sum.    These country settings, warm and real,
Come with me and watch the sunset fade. Let’s get away from this fake masquerade. Can you feel the cool, fresh air? We can be ourselves here and have not a care. The scenery here is very vivid and vast.
It started with shakes and the violent pounding. The floor boards matching the beat inside my ribcage. Japan was beautiful. And it was the shaking that stirred such a thought.
The world goes 'round Round for days Humans make sound With no delays. No colors are alike Just blended lights I'm color blind to endless fights. We live, We breath,
Dear villainPeace be unto your restless soulFilled with terror and insanityWhich does't care to knowWhat it sows to shake-up realityWhy lurk do you behind the veilFrom which you throw
Fellow white people!
They whistled from the backyard until us little ones Came trouncing through the woods Covered in sap and ticks, scrapes and red cheeks. We rolled down the big hill at top speeds Just to feel our ears pop,
These things have become artifacts since the last time you've touch them.I model my daydreams around the crinkle of linen sheets, hoping that one day I'll escape and find a place to meet you.
I am in an empty casing. My soul is hitting walls and edges.
LYKALA Sissel South  
I don’t want to let go
It causes fights it starts jealousy it tears up friends it cuts down dreams it makes you sad it makes you mad it makes you embarrassed   If ego were no more we'd start to build each other up.
Pink, Fluffy, Swirled world.   What shall we call this, This creation? A sunset.   It's wonderful, Some could say, Perfect.   Far from it dear,
These ups and downs don't mean a thing
What would be in my world?
  if evil is a flame then sometimes the world is on fire burning with all the cruelty of man, the passion of  lusts, greeds, and desires.   If evil is a song, 
I am happy as a cloudas loud as a rainbowas soft as a breeze
The Lord is my Sheperd, that means I'm the sheep, i have nowhere to go unless my Lord speaks, My Lord is my Provider, If He provides, I eat,
With my, life on bypass, I drive by my life's past,
Patience is a virtue I always hear the saying But patience proves to not be fire proof Burnt from the pain of my past lives 
I am a human before I am American.  I am a human
*/ /*-->*/ Where I once was never to be the trees do fall the night never to call  
Little did you know when our world "Leaders" meet to talk, they talk not about how to create peace but strategies for war.
My eyes keep burning from what seems like one hundred hours of staring into a dry wind. That wind seems determined to send my retinas into a drought. It hurts to close them.
One day the night’s shadow will creep upon the vast skies,
At times we want to cry
Yellow is using her for a pillow. Yellow is when she runs her hands though your hair. Yellow is the color of the flowers that surround the two of you. Yellow is the sound of the wind whistling through the empty field you find yourself in.
If you know me by my presence, You know me by my appearance. If you know me by appearance, You probably don't know about my absence. If you know me by my absence, You don't know my reason.
City Lights, Valley low Watching through all the snow From this highway where I stand Twinching fingers, aprehensive hand   City Lights, how you glow Twinkling dots put on a show
And maybe I don't write real.  I write abstract.    And maybe that's okay.    That my vision of reality is more fluid and indefinite than what has been found on this fine ground. 
Sincerity    Can be found, you know.    Commitment    Is alive, you know.    Joy and excitement come in unity,
To love, would be an awfully
A man he lay in a pool of blood his dreams and goals all shattered just because of his color, skin color his life was taken by six shots.   His family mourned for days and months
What is my mission? How can I inspire? I want to make a difference, but I’m just so tired.
I am the product of my Father’s hand, a creation of God, knit carefully into a man. I am the effect of love and nurture, a home that cares and builds and corrects. I am the aftermath of disaster, of learning
The day setting into a vast rice-bowl horizon Lifeblood of the sun Painted across ashen skies A sailor’s delight The wind forming a cocoon of tranquility
It doesn't matter to show your gratitude  If you always have a bad attitude And yet you might wonder why people are mad at you Because it all comes down to the way of being with others
There's too much discrimination, too many uncaring hearts, Some people only laugh when others are torn apart. Whether its racism or sexuality, no one seems to care,
Copper anvils ring like darkness.
washington d.c. is a monument city looking pretty a city with white monuments every where throughout the whole city, monuments for you to see, which show the american history in our life monuments that don't cause any strife.
I put my feet to the street I've never felt a heat,like this,my souls(soles) melt with each step I take,I wanna make a break, and run for it,like Run Forest!but
Stuck in the same routine, change only when I come clean,mean what I say everyday, it's the only path to a brighter way,light comes throught from within, grin with relief from forgiven sin,
My hands shake, my knees tremble The words I say barely come out as a whipser The people look at me like im insane And maybe I am Maybe I am because the words I speak are not normal
Little blue eyes, looking up at me You gaze and I wonder what you'll be You're hand wrapped around my finger tight I promise to hold you through the darkest nights   Little blue eyes, so full of dreams
Woken up by morning light,
 WAR.... "War does not determine who is right... just... who is left."
i have a friend who flew with the times and plummeted to the ground as his pocketful of rhymes sunk and spat and became one with the earth-- the ground upon which we dream still engraved with his words
Before you even noticed him I saw you You liked him But, I crave you What am I gonna do? He’s just a masquerader That’ll never get it Only asking you can I hit it? Can I hit it?
The evil body shaped serpent shows His red demonized eyes glow Ranting and Raving In realization I’m the one that’s paying God’s what I need in my life is what I ‘am saying Keep me in your prayers
Our playpens are coliseums
The life we live in is the life we sin in
An old and wise book full of stories that stretch miles wide, the old oak tree calmly rests without a soul by his side.   Years of experience the old oak has, listens to the wind and gently swaying grass.  
We awake to a hopeful sunrise. We play, We laugh, We love, We live. Always expecting bright and sunny days only to be dissappointed by the alternating shift of mother nature. Belabored by life; we dwell in weight. 
Bombs everywhere, missiles left and right, clenching my gun in my hand so tight. Side versus side, so scared but I will never show it, America the Brave, proud and heroic.
I am the solver to problems I am quiet and un-costly
Blue-light skies, patched with pieces  Of cotton; sutured within the glare Of the blazing sphere.   Pigeons, bluejays, and squirrels- As if playing hide-and-seek under
People walking the streets with their gold, as if life to them will never feel cold That's what we want to see, is the life that was meant to be, for me.
If I Lose Myself... Gabriel Reyes   I am no ideal person But I am exemplary. If I lose Myself... I have lost everything.  
live through me who lives to be
It's hard for me to say That some people can't accept diversity Even in the world today. People can't marry who they love Simply because they're gay.
   The water is tepid, the sea cool bliss;
This beautiful world,
On darkened hill a soldier stands, Letter in his hands. Never to see,
People, people; listen to this world.   You hear the anger, and you hear the war.   Our family is hurt, and our friends are gone.  
I was made like this; created by a higher power, who took much of her or his time to make sure she or he got all of this right.
 Her Salted Kiss Scars, scrapes, bruises. inevitable remarks that tell a story her salted ocean breeze whispers in my ear
Sun shine bright on me. Sun shine all over me. Sprouse all of me, lift me from my feet.  As my whole body covers with an everlasting glow. I want to feel the warmth, feel the shimmer.
Violence does not beget violence  And yet we continue to treat it as if it is the answer to all of our problems.
I wait for him in the dark.  
It's 12 o'clock, Midnight, And the world is sound asleep. Little girls dream of princesses and baby dolls While little boys dream about video games and basketball. Babies close their eyes to play with angels,
I’m not one who has an alter ego,a lie people create when they’re feeling shallow,an ideal to covet and try to uphold,when in reality they are much less bold.  
First we need open minds that could in brace new things, second peace with our inter self and with everything in the cosmos and finally a love for everyone 
I'm a name and a face, who feels out of place I'm insane in the brain, "Maybe it should be replaced" Is what they say, when they're are jealous. When they see whats inside, the fun adventures I have in my mind.
Now the days of sufering have gone away The feeling of depression is still with me  When I try to live my life day by day It gets ruined by a bully   When he calls me names I play no games
We've be lied to Duped Always the same Never more of a motive than personal gain Have you seen the look in a mother's eyes When she finds out that her child is no longer alive
Earlier this morning, I awoke to yellow. It was a soft yellow; Yellow cherry blossoms. . Now, Blue's blankets are gone. He stretches - endlessly. And white planes' ribbon-trails
One day I will never forget Was one calm, fall night. Among the leafless trees and the unfathomably dark sky
What if smiles were traded like currency? Service with a smile is a requisite Not a nicety Government bailouts Would nevermore distribute unevenly Vibes are consistent Zeal is flourishing
The Way Of The World
i heard a child scream once, only once, and it was the sound of Algebra, the Cold War, global warming,   but also a mango seed scraping wood to etch grammar rules.  
i am a mere inhabitantin a constellation of chaosand often timesi have a habitual inclintationto escape from these wallsthat harbor looming memories
Dashing o’er a thousand hills, Gliding through the forests, Dancing o’er a million fields, Soaring o’er the jungles.   I sing a delightful melody, I sing the tune of love,
I think I'm tired of taking a stand It seems like it doesn't matter Everyone's up in arms  But no one will ever change It's time we all take a seat Maybe watch what we eat Maybe we get off the street
  Dear MOM, I know I never said this,
A gentle hand is far more fair Than a fist raised in violence A understanding reaps more rewards Than ignorance and intolerance Our skin is different shades of brown Why argue over the same color
People have been insulting people forever, and I must say "Stop!" If you don't stop today, then I will call a cop. I want the number of racial slurs to decrease, because, my friend of mine, we need some peace.
How I am flawless? What a bore, These weak and fragile ideals, We hold them close, To build ourselves up, But the world in its flawless heart, Strikes us into chaos   How am I flawless?
We want change. We want a revolution. We want to make a difference. We want peace. We want to stop seeing young people dying in the streets. We want equal love for everyone. We want to mean something.
I had a dream, Then I open my eyes  And I realized. I live in a damage world. Where man made fact is fiction. And man made fiction is "common truths" usually diction.
I am from cells, built together to make my mother’s uterus, If I wasn’t supposed to come out, then how did I,
I am from cells, built together to make my mother’s uterus, If I wasn’t supposed to come out, then how did I,
What did we do? Why is it always us? Everytime we turn around It's another balck person down on the ground. Why do people hate us so bad? At first we were beaten, tortured, and onder appreciated.
Ethnicity, an identifier to some, a misfortune to others... to her.   She hides, her true identity under a body she feels isn't her own, Mocked behind closed doors
Fantasy Surreal, Whimsical Frollicing, Flying, Dreaming Fun all day and all play, No fun and all work
Human kind, which I am a part of, is an organism able to create and solve its own crisis,
What do I see?
Melted, swooned, sighed: With every kiss I died.   Baby, brother, tried: With every song I cried.   Alcohol, tobacco, fried: With every pressure I defied.  
"Wifie" You make me sick Saying it cutesy As if it lessens the bounded meaning   I'll hide behind a smile Pretending I understand When in al honesty, I just want to push you away
don't tell me things about myself that i know are lies   don't say that i am not good enough when i know the truth   don't say that i am ugly when i can see clearly  
As I looked into his eyes  I was just a child, his child  He was JUST my daddy.  My daddy that was in glossy pictures clothed in Camoflauge. 
I turn on the news and all I see is ISIS this murder that immigration this
When I was young I was teased and called burned
Peace is a nonviolent war
The rain is pouring down
My reflection is  a mirage purely an image  Based on deception hidden with lies buried in secret It whispers happiness  to me But all I can see in
RLRR LRLL   In a hall of thousands
A place where most people fear,
When I have my headphones on I no longer hear the everyday noise. Just get high off of music.
You can't see it but insults are weapons, actual weapons. Everydaycitizens use these weapons we were born with to harm other people.Wake up, words hurt. We, the people, we have been trained, and, we
This rage does not subside it only ignites me kept on a tight leash i'll find a way try to oppress what what I feel I know what i feel everyday try to work me like a dog
Baby, you make me smile. You make me want to run a mile. Maybe even let my responisibilities pile. Baby, I wanna stick around for awhile. Just for you, I will exile all those who try to be hostile.
Let me straddle your mind Let me lay on top of your thoughts Rubbing & caressing each care away Interrupting them with each touch & feel I can open you up, to love, lifting you up Giving you a high
Soccer balls in the field and goalie free to wield he jumps for a view which appears to be new a goal appears as i run to my pears the satisfaction of a goal is screamed into my ear
These words cant even express my love for you they can only entertain ones mind We had many things in common but was not common was our time.  when i heard that you were gone  i couldnt help but to cry.
The stars shines and wonders at the Earth When will they die or no longer wish to breathe Second by second the stars wait Each shines is a sign the Earth will die It's us We humans did this all
What's positivity  It's a feeling in our hearts, it's a star, it's energy  That can drive us far so instantly  It's medicine, progression for all the entities  It's a remedy 
Singing the melody of a song
Blind me
I own my daysWeekdays? I got this. I succeed.But it's on Saturday and Sunday that I feedMy soul.I do what makes me happy.I live my life the right way, but my wayWhen I do chores, it's still play
Today I saw a homeless man, so I decided to buy him lunch. He said with tears in his eyes that he had not eaten in days and said thank you so much.
The world is so weird now, I always ask myself the obvious things. Why is this difficult? Or how could you be so sane?
The Sea is a Bliss,                As the Sun Offers a Kiss.                              The Blowing of a Strong Gale,                                                                Fills My Sail.
Nothing in the air silence, peace, tranqility nature is caling
  Waiting for time to pass Staring at a half empty glass Who is right Who is wrong No one has the answer
I go into the night just outside, within the gates to the deep dark pool of black jade   The moon dances on the water The water is cool like stone I wade in untill knees deep and then, dive in...
There is a land of radiance that shines
When the sun rises its bright, its early. its peacful. 5:45 is the time. What do i see, I see an advantage. I see a chance to get a head start, I see birds soaring, I see oppruntites. I believe there is more to accomplish.
On the edge of the milky way I stand
The Earth is like a beautiful cloud, Just to be on it makes me feel proud. If only I could just release The world from War and Hell into Peace.
Once upon a time... Goes those damned nursery rhymes.
(Situation in Ferguson, inspired by who wrote C.O.P,Criminals of Permission)   
Love is the essence of pure thought
With a great, burning passion I fly high into the sky Far above the clouds Heading towards the stars Following the wind without question Knowing up here I'm safe And am blessed with new freedom
We humans, we stomp across the delicate grass, As if it were not there. But if the grass were human, it would call you an ass, Lift you up and throw you into the air.   We humans, we rise up into the sky,
three-thousand miles away on a barren planet where kaleidoscope skies paint murals of the aliens. a town where all your friends’ families are also yours, unchained doors down every street.
Dear God,
What can I saywhen they sky is greyPeace will never be shown in a form of loveinstead we will always see it as war and bloodWhat much can we doto be involved and keep everything cool
Who would ever understand The person that I am He says he loves, he seems so sure But he doesn't have a plan I try and try and try But only seem to fail If I try one more time
I am an ocean wave, grasping for the rocks. There’s no need for time, nor for any clocks. God has a future planned, planned for you and me,
A craving so dire It is a need To break up a large fire To destroy a relentless weed   All things that must be Done to achieve A goal so key Are hard for some to perceive   
It's the metallic taste of blood after the final loss in a furious struggle with your inner man.
Have you ever had a secret in which you've held awhile; You see in the eyes of others that you're perceived odd or even vile; For you being different does not make you gross;
What are limits without timeWhat is distance without a prizeWhat do you win once you have won what you have wanted all alongWhat is a fight without a warWhat is speech with no encore
What would I change? Oh how vast that question is. There is no limit to the problems in our world.
A lust for Blood, a lust for love. A need for peace; for all wars to end. The human blood, of such sweet scent. Why, oh why must the scent linger in the air?
Didn't think I'd feel pain like this again. And I know it's happening 'Cause everyone's congratulating  the pain that I can put to song.   Was it worth it?  I don't know,  Wanted so hard
There's an owl outside my window.The last place to
White people think navajoes are a discrimination to "their" land. "Thier" land where these monsters assume they can control our navajo pride. Our culture is what syntheisize us as navajoes and what makes us who we are.
Be strong   And if I witness a close death. Be strong, for It will strengthen my belief that it was their time and the works of god are never wrong.   And if I am ever befriended, 
Whispers in the WindWritten by Adam M. SnowEntrance me with your tune,that gentle voice of yours.
Two young boys In a world ravaged By seemingly endless war Find friendship At the bank of a clear, serene river, Where they come for respite, Brief moments of escape
You enlisted into the military It was your choice A good choice indeed You go to basic training to learn everything, and everything in between After that you are not done You have a career A job
I'm addressing with the sunkissed slightly greenish hazel eyes and cherry blossom blushed with the dark berry skin tone and pure almond colored eyes... you with the corner store and liquor spots for teachers...
When I'm in scared I go to You When I'm in pain I go to You
A blowing wind, 
"Speak up!" They say, "You're too quiet."
Away from the students Away from the teachers Away from the stress Away from the homework Away from the tests Away from the school   Away from everything Is my spot
You say your fighting for freedom, your fighting for America,
Summer 06' Circled around the screen is my family Grandpa in his recliner sitting stern and proud My little brothers cheering loud My mother and father clasping their hands
This is oblivion  Such is a state of limbo May one hope to leave
I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't know where life or God plan to take me. I don't know what this world will bring.
What makes my mind tick?
My dear reader,  I strived to be God's helper.    I engaged myself in the conflict against evil, Yet, I could not conquer my own vice. I strived to be the light of the people,
I often dream of myself floating from space, looking down upon the planet and watching its peacefulness.  And from up above, if my voice could somehow reach every human being, I would say, "Stop trying to dominate nature."  
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
  His skin color does not mean to violence he is keen Skin color can't tell what lies within a person, be it cruel or kind
Where you supposed to go when your home aint even home happiness is in the gutters have to close up all those shutters see these people here dont love us  so all we got is each other 
 There I stood. Tragically transfixed in cowardice, trembling in fear, no voice of my own, so afraid to speak out I took to writing this poem
HOOK: Obama wants a change. To have to world rearranged. Let's do this right. We can change during the day or night. We can change a person's life. VERSE: We can do this.
"The horror, the horror!" They cry; yet what does it matter? They hide their faces even as the world Did THEN.
I am always a depressed dreamerI am always depressed by the powersBenefits always equip huntersSafety always promotes slaughters
Hey, my name is T-Rek Ya I ain't a reject, it's all about respect Arab, don't hate, reflect   
sometimes I wonder exactly where I'm going or what I'm doing or even will I be here tomorrow there's no promise and that scares me so bad and that one time I fell in front of all of my friends and they laughed and why am I so stupid they were ter
7 billion people in the world as of today Asians, Africans, Europeans, we got it each and every way What makes us different? The color of our skin or how we look?
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Far from home they fight, In a land that’s not their own. Their enemy has no face, Yet they fight on. In a time of terror Not knowing who is friend or who is foe,
  Ive grown out of my dispair Nothing can withstand me now Even though lifes not so fair I play my part and then I bow   People doubt me everyday
Anarchy is mistaken for freedom. Decisions no longer involve wisdom. Two sides are pitted against each other. No one will agree with one another. Understanding is known as old-fashioned.
A monkey is in a tree by the ocean by the sea In a tree all on its own Free to roam And inhale the ocean breeze
How much for that pup in the window?How much turmoil has he been through?Why must you breed again and again?This is where I come in.Saving and rescuingThat is my destinyPeople say they're cute for a whileThat pup lives to see you smile.How will yo
Sunset settles on the east As the sky darkens Stars twinkle While tine slows downs Owls awaken Yet, birds fly south Heart beats And I stay still waiting waiting waiting
Through beams of wood, light reaches for silver souls afloat. A single breeze, a reverberation from the other layer of time, Air dancing to the melody of ghosts across skin, Just brushing the nerves, barely greeting,
The beauty of nature puts me at peace, and as I observe it, my sadness will cease.  I look at the sky, watching cardinals whiz by, and the bulk of my stress is released.  From worry to wonder, my anxiety plunders, when I close my eyes and just br
The flow of the human race is nothing more than a flow We seem more and more content in our ways we forget to grow The Individualistic idea has inspired oneself to lead a life of independence
Listen now, youngest of us. On the edge of ruin, I am wiser And perhaps, you shall be as well.   A crimson silk carpet runs beneath The house, unmoving and unwavering.
In the darkest night under the full moon My heart aches for the news that will come soon As it cries out for the resolution That news that had two conclusions The news that determine my destiny in life
As I watch their energy burst in the mornings, my energy surely but slowly surfaces             Something about that gives me hope As I teach them something and they grasp the concept, peacefulness overwhelms us both
The language without words yet everyone understands it.
nobody left, and nobody died, but the family count went from six to five. a daughter abandoned, shunned, alone, because another girl's heart was the place she called home.
Sometimes, I find myself at a loss for words. My family and friends always jokingly feign surprise, That the one who always has to have the last word, The one with the vocabulary of a thesaurus,
Just breathe in and out and again.This smog that clouds our mind-placing us in the realm of Negativity-will pass.
Guns are firing. Kids are dying. Parents cry. All the police do is sigh. Another one dead and gone. That's another bed empty and alone at home. This shit is like a cycle.
Hear em' shots from da Trumps n' Saxes?How bout' the drops of the Basses' beats?
Are we not all searching for a reason to live? Searching for our origin and our destiny?
From the ashes, we rise like Kings. From our fallen blood, we learn to grow limbs. WIth each broken brick we build a home. Our fate is made in our blood and stone. You may take our bodies,
This is a message to the world To each and every boy and girl No matter your age there’s nothing to fear Young or old, you have to be bold   I ain’t saying its fine to play mind games
Fingers tingle over keys, Sounds resound across the house, Dead silence. Notes tinkle and drop in my ears like rain. Delicious ties and cresendos awaken longing and stirs adventure. Trance-like singing,
Fingers tingle over keys, Sounds resound across the house, Dead silence. Notes tinkle and drop in my ears like rain. Delicious ties and cresendos awaken longing and stirs adventure. Trance-like singing,
The Logic Of Todays Youth    Many Young People Today are in great disposition Simply because we refuse to defer from sin  You see its not that we don't know any better 
To be or not to be...What is it meant to be in the land of the free?Whilst many grieve in pain and agony,Searching for joy, but constantly struck with misery,Told you can be, whatever you set your mind to be,
Silence You wanna be heard? Don't make a sound. It's profound.
Blind, Oblivious, Bastards     I see you all, I hear you all, I know you all You do not see me, you do not hear me, you do not know me     You speak loud words of nothing
A girl born with different parts than boys,
Verse 1: Dear God, how you been? how you doing? Can you intervene? We need some help and some improvement Girls are getting pregnant by the age of thirteen  And boys will stick it anywhere, even if it ain't clean
Oh my brother, where are you today?
Worthless Numbers
You claim your ambitions, yet you sit back and wade How can someone be so ignorant, is this why you're paid? Our brothers have fallen, our sisters held hostage, We didn't agree to this, I didn't sign a single roster.
Blue benches, concrete walls, and empty streets Empty skies, no stars....
 We worked, long ,hard nights... diligently.
Cradle my heart. Wrap it in swaddling cloth And gently hold it close. Sing to my soul. Let your voice caress me And your words heal my aches. Give me your hand. Lead me through the night
Maybe in death, when we are no longer casket sharp, our skeletons will expose themselves.
  A river, cheery and merry, Is a picture of perfect happiness. It laughs as it trips and falls, Crashing into obstacles in its way. Never angry nor upset,
  The river flows by Ripples dance along its surface A willow tree weeps.
  I sit on a crooked tree branch Leaning against it As I stare out into the distance Mountains tower above Darkened shadows with white tips Shrouded in pale mystery Meadows crowd the land below
Brown, Black or White What makes us different?
  Quiet in the night
Sometimes you get so caught up. Spun so far around, that they're winding you up. Coiling you into a speedball before they send you splitting the air, Hitting the air before you're batted away.
Those poor girls, this poor me trying to navigate womanhood not knowing which way to look,
The child of a construction worker and a factory worker sat by and watched TV
the motherland is crying we are longing for salvation we are yearning for the peace of God our security is broken the serenity is nowhere to be found what have we succumbed to?
 Xxasperated Irritated Feeling the need to be Elated Want to be liberated  Trying to fascilate it 
Utterly alone she cries Dying Piece by piece In the  War Against the lies   Everything is wrong How  Can she Keep  On Being strong  
We need peace. Loving our neighbors. Understanding our neighbors. We are all the same in every form. We are the human race. One in need of unity.
Through high and low Through chaos and darkness Through the depths below and when you've tried your hardest   Be still and know   All the days seem long And the hurt runs deep
November 30, 2013   Autumn Leaves   These autumn leaves ride the golden breeze So warm and inviting This city hasn’t felt a night like this in lifetimes
There is a strange peace in loneliness,
words buzz and spin in clouds of confused formation wheeling and turning, penetrating all corners and crannies with all of their information
The end Of our days
Dear young Dear reckless
If a stranger was the face reflected back You wouldn't break his jaw would you? Threaten to murder him for being black Or beat him for loving his fellow man Too often I see the withered dreams
Why do I have to suffer? I’ve done no wrong Why can’t things get better? This is not where I belong   Every day I have to deal with this I’m tired of being trapped When will life be bliss?
Why do I have to suffer? I’ve done no wrong Why can’t things get better? This is not where I belong   Every day I have to deal with this I’m tired of being trapped When will life be bliss?
I sometimes ponder whether our souls simply conjure the vices that mold our souls into monsters, or if heavy hearts simply sink like lead when life's violent seas bring disease and death.
Merging onto streets. We flood as an aid to those in need. We see the pain, cries, and pleas. Freedom is so everlasting.
The key falls into my hand. The door opens. Piercing noises around me Subside. I have to hide, before they take me back.  I run Into a never ending hall of doors Leading to infinite worlds.
The night air caresses me,
The grass holds the history of days past The sky paints an ever changing picture of life  The sea brings life of all kinds into view    Nature teaches me about myself.  
Money never makes a man My motive is make a movement My goal is accomplished when everyone's influenced My mind is diverse I need to make difference Let's improve education! Teach a generation!
Death is not a beautiful thing.           It's terrifying.           Just the though of it makes my heart quicken.            What lies beyond, deep into the abyss.
Seldom do I think your not powerfulA servant of JoyA peace initiation for the Indians of SenecaA LoveA FireA beautiful path in the light of foreverA reminder of effortless serenityPush me down
I lived in StarlandWith all the fellow saviors and saintschoosing patiently to divide the grate and canisterbarren fellows without knowledge or understandingI was flying intrinsically away from the cauldron of desire
Come and walk with meBeside the ocean blue
City girl With a country heart Walks outside To her back yard,                   Looks up And sees jet streaks Left in the sky At night. Too fast. Looking up
Beyond the oceans, Past the stars.. Through the moon.. And way beyond.. To the shores, Past the sunset.. At the sands, Is where we met.. Through the jungles... Through the trees..
My eyes, crystal clear. I'm opned, anew... Inspired too. None other than the word love can explain it- It's bubbling over, unable to contain it. Not wishing to do so, I wish I had none.
Give me hope Let me be a beautiful flower that blooms from the ashes of an un-privileged past Give me hope Let me feed from the opportune victals of a chance for higher education Give me hope
When the world finds peace, the world will stop As far as hiearchy goes there will be nothing at the top Level playing ground with nothing obstructing the goal We will actually find time to stop and let the ball role
When the world finds peace, the world will stop As far as hiearchy goes there will be nothing at the top Level playing ground with nothing obstructing the goal We will actually find time to stop and let the ball role
Huff and puff the good stuff Inhale the good  Peace 
Drugs and Rock n' Roll Live the counterculture life  Be the flower child
My Mind; My only mind; The one I hold dear; So dear; Without such; My opinions would be non-existent; My thoughts would be nothing; Nothing for I; Nothing for anyone;
at the end of every today that passes i lay able to rest because i know that it means i am yet another day closer another day closer to my tomorrow
The rush of the wind is like the blood of the earth, And the chime from afar is calming. The crickets are crying, Serenading the sky, As the trees oblige to the wind's calling.
My struggle? What Struggle? It's been nailed to the cross by giving my life I gained from the loss   My shame? What shame? I'm washed by the blood I'll never be the same  
I dream of a world where there's peace.
At night when I bow my knees And come to You in prayer, A gentle calm surrounds me As I leave my burdens there.
You use the word "Queer" you hope the picture is painted clear you judge off of looks  instead of the books homophobia is real they make such a big deal they are people too
seconds fly hours dissolve into each other impossibly dense with have tos and maybe laters and not enoughs souls weary from vacuum-sealing meaning into each moment
I look at life as balanced, like there is no right or wrong But bringing up one's identity just plays a different song. Am I the hero, or am I the villain? Does anyone know for sure?
In those few peaceful seconds, it was just me and the world.
I don’t want to be anywhere, anywhere but here
“What could we change if I offered to help?”Take note of this thought. Tape it to walls.Stick this to billboards and light postsand maybe the back of your head of you're bald!
The things that I'd change would be minds and heartsWhen the clock strikes the miracle hourThe peace that's been lostAt innumerable costsWould return with unity once ours  
A world once of simplicity Has fallen into a mystery From chaos and destruction Humanity could only blossom
Lights, Camera, Action Light, How do you see it? Can you even see it? Or is it felt on the fine arms that brush up when air is left of mist.
there's so much hate and pain pouring into our lungs 
A Photograph of The Past   I’m laying here, the ceiling’s caving in. I’m staring up in a gaze waiting for the fallout. I’m still, I will not move. I will lose myself in this crumble.
Explain to me the difference between a house and a home, I've tried all alone but only to find it's not in my bones, I'm deep, Deeply lost,  Deeply sorry, Sorry for what I am, Sorry for what I do,
As i convert my self over onto the mellow side,
  What a Blessed Friend        My friend in relation             My loving sister in bond             I look to you with amazement
  Grand Haven             Trusting, loving, funny             Leave me smiling             Day after day             Turned from gray  
Please take me to the motherland I heard love can manifest Yin and Yan they coexist Please take me to the motherland Where alchemist don't trade souls For the chemical make up of gold
It's not as if I ever meant for this to happen. It just kind of did. It's nothing bad,  I swear it. It's just odd. And frightening to consider. Love me once, shame on you.
They waddle onto war - a walk to the park? -With bodies blown and souls sent to the dark?   I say “Young lads, throw down your guns, And reach up for peace that rests in the sun.”  
  In love Your heart gains a sharp feeling, Like a dull pencil. Your eyes sparkle, Like tinker bells light as it dies out. Love, It stops your heart
The guns ring one last shot
I think sometimes the sky should be a chalkboard that I can scribble on That way everyone can see my thoughts And maybe be entertained They would see ornate designs and oriental shades
Not many know me Nor do they know my past Naive describes those who know only my top layer But when one comes truely When one comes with respect They will come to love me as I will to them
She lived in Kenya, Only knew her ABC's, Moved to America at eleven years old, Taught herself English, No one helped her, She fell behind, And yet her heart never failed,
The power to work and the power to try,The power to tell the truth and the power to lie,This power is within us all.But look around see how we’ve fallenShort of what we could be.
never did i think i could be one of those people the people who love... differently. never before did i think id experience feelings  for that of the same sex though now i find it somewhat rediculous.
If I could change the world, I'd know exactly where to start I would start with the people who could'nt find their hearts The people who turn their heads away when someone needs help
Imagine a world of no conflictNo anger, no murder, no war   A world of respect   Where the color of your skin doesn’t matterWhere which side of the tracks you grew upon makes no change  
  Just picture life without limits.
All of us have our moments when we see others feeling down It is our job to reach out , grab them and pull them up from the ground Looking around this room, I hope most of you will understand  
If I drop one tear it’s for my brother Living alone with no mother Thought that life couldn’t get any worse When guns putted my brother in a hearse
Sometimes we have great dreams,
"Resist" she screams running from ash Broken and torn but not turning back
What Would You Change You have just been given the power to change anything in the world What would you change?
What did you say when the ink was etched into the skin of many, pale, fragile, souls locked away for a difference in belief? What did you feel when the two mechanical beasts in the sky light,
The United States of AmericaThe New WorldAn escape for a new lifeA new beginning
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Flags are nothing but color. Caucasian, Indian, Islander, African Skin is not the issue in particular. Trans, Gay, Straight, Bi We are all the same.
Change. Such a broad word, for such a monumental feat. The key to change is tolerance.
The world is not a nice placeBut not always at equal paceThe world likes to fight and raceBut it also likes to segregateThe World wants a change
I walked with my shadow, side by side.
Life is a struggle filled with like minds befuddled.All trying to find reasons to exist.Many are stuck smoking spliffs and drinking fifths,But they say happiness awaits to those who persist.Many have perspired.
If you could ask for one thing, what would it be? That was the question asked. Well, I'd pull out my magic lamp and call upon my genie,
Peace is never going to happen, it's an idea made up from stupidity. Each mind thinks differently, everyone is not the same. Saying such a thing breaks the cortex, the cortex of humanity.
A dream is far from a physical state, a goal remains beyond our reach for so long. Through creativity and complexity great things come. People live for eachother, weak or strong.
I look out at the still black water 
Lately I've been dreaming of you. They were peaceful, happy dreams: Dreams full of smiles and laughter, Innocent dreams of love. I love you more than you know. And the times we share mean the world to me.
certainly you've felt life tug you, hug you, and even push you away.. and I'm certain you've seen life assert it's opinion to your dismay.. & by all means necessary, life has lead you to this point..
To flee, or not to flee--that is the question:
Why are there still people out there that just love to hate? Based upon the color of their skin and their race Every individual possesses different traits Is it even possible to change these people's ways?  
Timeless Stone             An ageless face             Carved under sunlight,             Ripened by moonlight.             A tasteless taste  
I want to run away to some place beautiful Where the birds are singing And the trees are dancing. I want to run away to some place quiet Where the savage thoughts of my mind run silent
Place me in a world of peace and I will know bliss. Throw a grenade of love into the city and they, too, will know this. Take out your tazer and shock me with kindness.
What would I change? Wouldn't you like to know? I'd feed the hungry To make people grow.   I work at McDonalds, it's fine and all, And we throw away burgers that go out and come back
We live in a world where the American dream is a thing that is yearned, Where liberty is free and opportunity awaits around every turn. We live in a world where we are given every right to speak what is our hearts,
Stop. Take a deep breath. Is this where you want to be? Is this where you thought your life would lead? Stop. Give it a chance. Follow your dream to no end. Never keep pushing just to pretend.
I live in a land where the flag speaks red A red that gives pride and shelter until my end Yet to my Friends  red Bends to displaying the Bloodshed Of their countries Living through the darkness of the dead
How I love to sing It's how I use my voice The way I get my words out It brings me great joy   Music is my everything It's there when life just isn't enough When I have a bad day
What would we be if god made it so we couldn't see?
Sean realized at a young age Other boys were not quite the same He wasn’t on the same page   No one was to blame He was so estranged He felt naught but shame  
I turn on the news Rape, murder, missing Those words have become boring to me A black boy has been shot The white man who killed him goes home free Bullshit What has this world come to?
Star-spangled eyes,  Firework filled skies, I grew up with the government And all of it's lies.   I grew up with family, Leaving for war, What is there to learn from war?
Like a bird needs a feather, we all need eachother. In the darkest of times , we search in others for a light that shines. but the light that we seek, is within ourselves,
In history class I watched the Indians, Assimilate, Their culture was destroyed by,
A generation pressured by society A society driven by expectations and decisions Decisions that restrain us like animals to a cage A cage that strips what little freedom we were given
Pride gets in the way Envy lies in hearts  Gluttony overflows our nation While lust tears relations apart Anger boils within our veins  Greed prevents us from our potential
At the sound of an alarm, We wake! At the smell of a brew, We wake! At the turn of a key We move! On our path to fortune, We dream, Yet, at the sight of the homeless child,
People walk around as they laugh as the others stand in alone as if a polygraph test that the "others" takes blinks and beeps, people not knowing how the "others" weeps behind weak doors that hold back
If asked to change a thing or say
People walk to work like they are alonethe youth shrug their shoulders, take a drag, and it passessleep in a city of millions, never knowing anyone.outside, every thing you hear you have already heard,
To "Pax" is to "Have Peace" According to my book, But your book is not the same as mine, And thus, you have no "Pax!"
I have a good Friend A Friend that knows me
A mountain of fear A valley of guilt A river of shame And a world of sin   Do not bow your head in defeat There are things we must not accept
Race. What is it? Who needs it? Does it really make a difference? Or does it only impose limits? On the soul.
Giving the world a better place to live, Imagining the people living in peace, Viewing the world through each other's eyes, Enemies no longer exist have hate to give.  
During life you should be guile
A lost soul in a pit of despair,
  They asked me to measure my life in a glass Determine the worth and state it in halves To cut up the moments and bind every scrap Together in leather and draw up a map
Everyday more disappointment
Imagine, A world without hate, A world without oppression, A world with peace,
The world we live in is a mess but we can fix it. We need everyone to try and no one to quit.   Some people are fat, some people are gay some people have blue hair and some people have tattoos.
What good would Earth be,
Why do we all hate These wars we start From bombing innocent towns To a gunfight in the street next to KMart
Many enemies and strangers
Empty souls press grounds unknown. Vacant hearts indulge in wonders yet to be discovered. Mournful beings beg for salvation while the glitters of a great land gleam in unsatisfied eyes.
With power, comes control. With power, comes anger. With power, comes lack of integrity.
With power, comes control. With power, comes anger. With power, comes lack of integrity.
Disguises for hypocrisy. Blinded by democracy. Honestly, do We know why We go to war and children die? Contradicting insanity - Thou shalt not kill, all of humanity. 
Listen to the Water Listen to the Sun Listen to the Sand They're all so grand The swishing whish of Water The beating heart of Sun The whispering shh of Sand as one
Humans in Disguise                                         We seek on this ground                                  this ground called Earth
 The Seeing Man, A chaste man displaced, Saunters through life Without a single expression On his pallor white face.   The Seeing Man Never utters a cross word He feeds the hungry
If I could change One thing About the world today In all its hurt, in all its pain In everything not going our way Is a smile On every face One that would never change
I lie here, here alone In silence, sweet silence. My thoughts go Ever on, ever on
Then my life started to fall apart...BoyfriendGood friendsPopularGood lookingIt was all in my handsBut it was falling out of His grasp.
Then my life started to fall apart...BoyfriendGood friendsPopularGood lookingIt was all in my handsBut it was falling out of His grasp.
I dabbed my brush into the endless ink.It went on smooth, painted all money pink.Pink for delight.
Blank stares are given, Long live the smacks of hands that raised pains that slave the masses Yet ignored through the constant acknowledgements   Embelished though it seems the hate is real...
What if we were lovers? From the derm to the core? What if we were the shutters to Hatred’s Lore? Would we dance with the rays? Smile at the budding moon? And hate decay and ruin?
Paint the grey we live in;That’s my decree.Our world is more than the cradle of sin-No more Greed or Sloth we should see.Instead mix the weeping Blue with passion RedOr add White for a pure Pink.
  Not Over You 
Th light of day gives to dark of night, How can one overlook this tribune? For even apathy has insight,
The confederation had beliefs quite skewed They wanted all policies to be renewed But the union wishes to unite ones thoughts
Alexander  K  Opicho(Eldoret, Kenya;,sisters and brethren in the African womenfolk
"You're stupid. You're annoying. You're ugly. We don't want you here." These are words my brother hears daily at school. Cruel is the words to describes the children of today.
Peace on earth No matter how much we search for it, It is no where We grow weary   Our world is surrounded by evil and emptiness Lies and suicides Murders and disasters
Spying Death, He moves forward. Wating for his time, With welcoming arms.   He continues. With every step, A louder breath. Earth's details grow clearer,
Love can either hurt you or make you happy... or even both Love can be affectionate, beautiful, & romantic
Across from the ocean, I sit on the beach, I'm lost in tranquility, As my soul tries to breathe.   White clouds moving slowly, The breeze calm and still, I'm caught in the moment,
In the forest I hear no sound Branches falling down Leaves upon the ground Life dwindling down Leaning against a fallen tree
Free from it all. No more tip toeing around.
Oh the Comfort The peace The joy And the love That flows From you to me Dear Mother You give me attention That delivers affection Direction And understanding to me
Love is forever Love is fleeting Love is kind Love is harsh Love is ease Love is hard Love takes time Love makes time fly Love is fragile Love is enduring
All of me Clawing at blemishes
​A small girl with braids in her hair  She did what she loved and she didn't care 
What is more beautiful? Being skeptical or gullible? People see what they want to see, Even though the danger lurks around thee But nevermind that, this world remains deceitful. Earth is like a baby,
Sometimes i wish to go in the woods and walk alone, Where serenity and peace are seen and shown
The blood of what fills "Art" Sustains me, Controls me, And tames me for another day in this world Another day to survive the lies, the heartache, the pain The blood filled with the history of a world
  Cool, ocean water nudges my crinkled toes  A gentle breeze sifts through the giant, leaves of the palm trees Swaying them like the exotic dancers of a waltz.  Looking up, I watch fluffy white figures slowly dance
The bombardment of booms that echoed the groundsSt
Empty, solitary, realxed, and let go. The inner floosy of my heart is free to close her eyes and rest. I usually see one other joining my personal solitary confine. Not today though;
We preach peace, yet declare war. We want to end world hunger, yet we toss food on the daily. We want to attain the best education, yet we are charged more than we can afford. 
The ship is sinking. There is a hole in the bottom of the stern. The women scream and clutch their children with fright While the men run around, struggling to maintain control.
Five letters  Three syllables One meaning Peace That you disrupt when you put an r after the a  Or r instead of n Or e or I instead of a I mean how hard can it be No I am not my twin
This poem does contain footnotes on the bottom that may be used for clarification since there are many obscure references. 
A conversation about politics gets most people uptight
I am Broken
The power to change. The possibilities to achieve. How many lives can be touched?
man, who are you? beast, what are you? woman, why are you? peace, WHERE are you?
There is a sadness that grows inside of me somtimes.  Almost like water. Almost like him. It crashes through the shore and breaks through the sand.  At times It can take down cities; its destroyed many lands. 
Have you ever stopped to see How all of our lives might be Without those who died for the red, white, and blue Sacrificing their lives for me and you Do you even give one thought
The wall of the wave comes powering forward from a small distance My heart races with beat of my stroke as I paddle into a good position
I wish for world peace, For there to be no war, 
  What wilt thou give me for ashes?
One- It seems so small, tiny, miniscule But one can mean tremendous things One person can do so much.    One person can become the voice of a generation
Look in me. Now tell me what do you see. You don't see much. But let me tell you what I see a child force to be grown.
Falling into pieces She lies there on the ground Not knowing where her life has gone She only wears a frown Death stands beside her to take her soul away She begs for one more chance only one more day
The flag stands where you were. On the home front. Defending what you love. The flag stands where you were.
Her skinny arm wrapped around half of his basketball player frame and her petite body lay barely covering his, Her chin tilted upward facing his her eyes fixed He never notices.
Love is our energy Passion our vitality Understanding and compassion the vein of our existence Every time we laugh When our smiles mirror our hearts It seems that we will never face resistance
A small lake lies calm. Looking like a glass window Clear as a crystal A boat breaks the silent peace
You can take your cities Your cars Your bars Your asphalt roads And tall billboards, And starless, Smog-filled skies. I’ll stick with my small town My backwoods roads
You are never too far gone Though life is never easy or fair Hope appears much like the dawn Bringing with it something rare   The light shines brightest in the dark
Clear your mind. Open your heart. Let your soul loose.  Breathe in, breathe out. You are here. You are present. You've never been more alive than now. You are here. You are present.
This world is bitter cruelAnd I was a foolA fool to think I could change a world of coldThat I could change it into something bold
It's true to say, Every girl has flaws, And it's true that its displayed Every guy has been clawed. But ones for sure, For me it's a personal tour.   I can say that I've loved
The Soldier
Missiles of mistrust and combating reality, 
We wait in thick silenceWhile a genocide sleepsClaim to see all,When they know the leastThe mighty get mighterAnd the weak, they bendWhile we're made to sufferFor the ignorance of old men
It doesn’t matter to me Where you want me to be I want to be free and fly And I don’t even have to be high As I fly from here through the sky On my way to the ocean Where the steady motion
Peace is not easy.
    First there was silence Footsteps near my room Soft whispers through the walls Slowly the door opened The coldness grasped my arms It took me to that place  
What is difference? Why does society dislike the different? Who is to say what is differrent? No one is the same Yet, we all want to be like someone else No one is equal yet everyone is equal.
I feel as if I'm stuck in a cage, knowing my potential I bring myself to burst out in rage, this stage of trials is rough, as I lay under the rubble it is tough to see light, in spurts I try to raise with all my might but through the dust it's
  Twirling beacons glow warm in winter’s night   Bright white souls swiftly growing old   Sunlit sidewalks fill with chalk   Rain, feather dust and flies   A sloping sleeping heat
An unanswered question Haunts us for generations But no one knows why   We start to question But find no precise answer If we think too long   Hoped for its' exit
Why stress over them, instead why not god bless 'em earning minimum wage probably is a struggle, but giving students Fails so quickly on the double
Dear God,
The sleep of winter roams deep unpunished, Calm, subtle, just. A generous wind, carries Autumn's rubbish; Leaves, weathered to crust. Rain's kiss is as cold as ice. A warning of what's yet to come
Oh there is a bliss in solitude There is beauty in peace And content in silence No more wanting,  not needing but having  and loving
Everything feel like a blur.
Disregard color, race, sexual orientation, or creed.
Rings stretching from East to West formed in the crimson skies, Glowing pink, orange, and yellow above the setting sun,
Sitting in silence turning this daymomments sweep by, memories stray. the beauty of change is that in the mind,even the sweetest momments go bye. So dont hold on to memories they arnt stillthey are simply important if you give them the will.let th
Lets fly away to a paradise of peace. Lets go there and escape our reality. Forget about those who hate to see us together. We are in love. We are one. You are my other half. The stronger one. Lets go somewhere full of sunshine.
It fills the air, Without a care. It sings a song, All day long. It dances around, It pulses the ground. It envelops ears, It's everything we hear. It breathes, It weaves.
blistered skin, that whispers flayed. my life, a cage, to which I'm chained. Haunting voices, following close, the creeping utterances, my subtle foe. feet trimmed by velvet,
Growing. That's a scary thing to do. We don't realize that every day we change, little nuances in the way we move or speak. The way we cross the street. 
Belladonna     A beauty that illuminates such carnation hue   You defiled me with your sinful pleasure  
I open up my mind, and see the possibilities. Fantasy I always find. Space and time just reality. Peace signs around the world I always hoped, but every time I look around the world
Education will cure the cause of hate. Everyone should try to inform the rest. We can try to erase ignorance from the worlds full slate. Then we can really address the real cause of this mess.  
Oh sun, Oh sun How he does rise To watch the cheerful play, See him illuminate the skies, And hide before each day, Oh sun, oh sun What warmth he brings, To ever leaf and flower,
"Is that a rape whistle?" "No? It's A symbol of protest, A tool to elevate conversation, A vote for peace in Congo." Little boys are sent into war only defended with a whistle.
A sea away, Endlessly long days, No sleep at night, A few fights, Plenty of giggles New food that jiggles, Chance of a lifetime, Cost way more than a dime, Want to go back,
See I am, the creator, I write the lives, and the lies, that I tell, to keep me alive, and well, a dream, could this really be not reality, but pain, creates our world in reality, the rain, resemble tears that we shed, and I see, why god, won't
No matter how much I express myself and people sympathize to understand, there's still that part of me that's never really known. All alone. It craves to have light shed upon it,
The moon is my Goddess, for she creates the waves, and the songs that lull me to sleep. The Goddess is my moon, the Goddess is my earth, the Goddess grants me her boon, the Goddess guides me to her hearth,
In this world, there is much hate. Is it a coincidence? Or is it fate? Years of bullying, discrimination, war, and rape How much more can we take? Peace is there, I just know it.
  Riding for miles, Your perfect smiles,   Silent conversations, Innocent flirtations,   The hot, sunny days, They passed me in a daze,   Mindless texts, Not knowing what comes next,  
Sometimes we disagree, But that’s okay. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re always there, You’ve helped me grow, And you always know what to say,
Find yourself a simple peace, Calm your raging inner sea. Rain still falls deep in your heart, Let the drops wash away the lingering hurt. Let it all go before the rain turns to flood,
  7.046 billion people in the world 1,200 students at the average high school So many faces in the world So many people that are passed by   What would happen if there was a chain reaction?
I want to scream, scream, scream at the top of my lungs in anguish because I need to know that everything's okay. I'm afraid. I'm so afraid of something. I can't craft words around it. I just need your approval.
Most of us believe that we are free, But in reality, we are nothing more than a working bee. Most of us believe that the system is fair, But in reality, its only causing us pain.
Earth! what a small word for a bulbous creation,so much diversity, from cultures to racesfrom continent to countries, from places to nationswhat a gift God gave us for ages and ages
Poetry fills these pages music to some- a lament to others, a desire to be freed,  a desire to be heard,  a want,  a need to lose themselves in words express their pain, suffering
So we have rights We have the right to life and liberty, to the pursuit of happiness The right to worship however we like to freedom of speech and expression Sure we have some rights, and they make us who we are
If only we could put the lonely girl with the lonely boy Fix the hurt Make the used feel less like a toy …………………………………………………………………..
I write what's on my mind, I write as if I was blind, I write what's in my heart. There's no formal training, Or guidelines I follow. Emotions are my direction, Feelings are my guide.
I wish I was the person I was, I wish I was the person I was. Wait a minute, The person I was, is the person I am. Forever changed by events called life. The person I was is hard to find,
Would you rather be in love OR would you rather be alone and heartbroken forever?   Would you rather learn and make your future successful OR would you rather have no future?
  I know all you have is me And that I will never be enough But I will bind our love together With such a force  I will shoot fireworks from the tip of my tongue every time I speak of you
Time ran outI stood stillFelt full of doubtLooked out of the windowsill And as I thoughtA little moreI heard a knockingAt my door
  My resolve is to live and to live a life like God. To live from the 5th dimension It’s weightless, timeless, limitless, boundary-less, and ageless My favorite from that is timeless.
Feet on ground Head in the sky Making plans for the future When I am barely getting by Just happy to be smiling So lucky to be alive Whether money grows on trees Or I am begging on my knees
   Remember when the world was happy? Neither do I.   
She wants it within herself....peace Because she can't get it from nobody else looking in the mirror seeing someone big and fat but she purges and binge so how come she see that
  Time rewind my past tracks,  As I hurtle towards the future.   I feel the need to fix the beat, When I cannot refuse it.   Limitations are a key confliction, Being quiet restricting,
three hearts beating out loud it speaks it listens  in the silent crowd hands interlock and we all meet in a circle where we quietly greet each other's rhythms beating as one
Feather Light Flakes Feather light flakes drift down from the sky, Dusting the flowers that only just died, Soaking through leaves that only just dried.   You wake up to silence
I walk into the class, Room nine and all I see are boys behinds I wish they would take school more serious cause what they're doing is delerious
The world is as ugly as it is beautiful, as evil as it is good, as cruel as it is kind, as cold as it is warm, as dark as it is bright— but you will always have a choice on which side to take.
Standing on the balcony square, I watched the August moon, Its gleaming light so fair, And I knew I would be leaving             Soon…soon.
  WORLD VIEW    analytical debates shows what a person hate its sad to see what we don't appreciate  I just hope eyes open before its too late all we need is love
Society has this picture, a picture thats perfect. Some are blessed with it, even though they dont deserve it. Sometimes I wonder how did I miss the drawing, its probably because im too busy in the background ooo-ing & aww-ing.
  You whisper nonsense in my ear so soft, so gentle I listen closely to the cadence of your voice lulling me to contentment. You laugh. My heart soars. It vibrates through my flesh.  
The sun was shining bright The morning he was alive The sun suddenly set At the time the soldier died The grass all around Is crimson with blood The child walks through With a crooked smile
Life could be serene and peaceful Like the waves of the ocean. Everyday activities could be graceful Like the waterfalls. People could be one family
Thoughts Within my head They Battle Attack Go for the throat What’s that you say? I question whether there will be a day A day where it all will pay Where all my skill and all my pain
As a little child I played in an open field of dreams Not having a care in the worldBut as time went by a fence started to build a barrier around me
If you don’t feel very happy, or if you just feel sad at this moment, I want you to go outside and stand there for a very long while and try to comprehend the fact that you are rare enough to be
this place you call home, well it’s burning you down find a place for change, take a chance, invent hope you’re more than what you do and where you are you’re beautiful.
“Anything war can do, peace can do better.” Then why have we been stuck in this war forever? A war against each other, a war against ourselves.
Bags under her eyes, but ever alert Sleep was a luxury she can't afford. Always moving and never staying long Trying to look to the future, but the darkness of the past blocks her way.
Soft, fluffy, white. / I cannot reach. / One day I might. / Anything, everything, all. / They're what you wish. / They let you fall into the soft blankets of peace. / Breathe, smile, let go. / Dare to imagine. / They'll put on a show.
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It is vital to understand compassion as well as compassion for understanding. But this day in age is all about demanding. Join in for a revolution. Join in for this landing.
  If I wanted to die I would have swam the depths of your touch And if I wanted to hurt I would have broken to the sound of my own cry But with you there and I’m so far away, There is nothing left for me to deny.
  As the rain comes pouring I realize what has been left behind A picture of me with a sparkle in my eye Dreams come and go But this nightmare stays alive
Wait Blue Beloved, I want to tell you, let’s snuggle forever, and stay with me in bed sweetheartTimes will seem too hard to bear and I will feel like life is giving up on me
The cool summer rain Falls in soft sheets Enough for umbrellas, but not for raincoats; Enough for me, enough for peace.
We flew over glistening mountain snow inside of a lost warWar with ourselvesWar with our mindsIn a worldWith a night skyAs black as coal
Theology twisted, robbing the poor Sick religions have the saints misunderstood U.S. economy in it for self Rich stiff necked scholars still seeking knowledge But graduated from a top Ivy League college
Another war in the name of peace The rehearsed lie that you speak Your deceptive words are at a peak If you try to steal Liberty, she will make a creak   You are selected, not elected
I am a leader I am in control of own destiny I will not be discouraged I will not be dismayed For this journey that we call life Is just a game waiting to be played
Concrete wasn’t always made so harsh and solid In fact it was mostly straw When I walk without my shoes on It rubs my poor feet raw
Beaten is the pathBeneath the wandering feetOf those all lost in wayWho find themselves at peace  
Fear has returned in her eyes. Her eyes filled with indignant thoughtsTrying to call out for helpBut seems to have no effect
Liberation is like a ringing in your ear. Silence is like the golden sun. My friendship lasts like tree trunks. My pain is exhausted wildfire. Understanding is my unlocking key, and compassion is my