I Would Not Stop For Freedom

I would not Stop For Freedom.

But it proudly fought for me. 

Through the fields of foreign lands,

And across the raging seas.

In the valley of uncharted territory. 

Or the land just beneath our feet.

Searching far and wide to deliver happines, to each,and every street.

In the oceans with allied forces. 

Charging  strong into battle like a herd of wild horses.

On military bases, just minutes from home,

Counting each second like a living metronome.

With no thank you from our neighbors, nor from me,

While scouting the coastline for our unseen enemies. 

Shooting down threats from a far, 

As we admire the midnight stars.

Or during a warm June afternoon,

As you and I watch the flowers bloom, 

Never once saying a prayer for those who are at fight.

For those who can't take a minute to enjoy that sight.

Some, familiar faces that we pass everyday, 

Knowing that they fought fo this great country. 

Those who are perfectly content with the ungratefulness that surges within me.

Thank you for standing tall in my moments of weakness, 

And allowing me a portion of your well earned happiness.

Thank you for persevering through the pressure, 

And putting your life on the line, so that I may be content with mine.

Thank you for keeping us free,

Thank you for fighting for this country, 

And thank, you for fighting for me.


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My community
Our world
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