Change the hate


Blank stares are given,

Long live the smacks of hands that raised

pains that slave the masses

Yet ignored through the constant acknowledgements


Embelished though it seems

the hate is real...

Hurtful play on words spell trouble

and its double entendres become double edged


Though why not pledge to hate the hate

close the gaping jaws that spit poison in our food supply

discard the mad cow that excites the herd

There's more to it within the spoken word


Deeper meanings does Nigger and Craker share

both comes in pairs and full of despair

For each come with cold eyes that glare into the depths of souls

Leaves most asking "aren't our nation too old"


The childish bicker

the sicker we become

one nation becomes plenty

while US become SOME...


The power to change the hate

would not just be important

won't just be a good thing to do for the future

Wouldn't just be great.


Queen Aisha

I love the last stanza and agree completely with your rant.


Thank you! I appreciate the support :)

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