We Need Some Peace


People have been insulting people forever, and I must say "Stop!"

If you don't stop today, then I will call a cop.

I want the number of racial slurs to decrease,

because, my friend of mine, we need some peace.

Aren't you tired of being hurt over and over again?

How about seeing kids dying at the age of ten?

Stop the war today, and get that peace to stay.

Don't give us the fleece! We need some peace!

Stop! Stop! Stop! I've had enough of all of the fights!

You kids are abusing all of your rights.

If you don't stop today, then your lives will go away.

I'm telling you that these fights need to cease.

Come on, now! Let the number of those fights decrease!

No, No, No, I don't need grease!

Baby, Baby, we need some peace!

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