The Perfect Day


Woken up by morning light,

I listen to ocean waves,

Sweet dreams I dreamt last night,

It feels like the perfect day.


I walk outside,the cool sand swallows my feet,

my dress, my hair blow in the wind,

I shield the sun from my eyes,

A beautiful morning begins.


The comfort of peace that I have always longed for,

No one around for miles,

A cliff by the sea is where I live, 

My house has a view of the clouds.


I live with my four legged, furry friend,

We go on walks down by the sea.

As we lay in the sun’s warmth,

we hear a whistle quite unpleasant.


With each passing second it grows louder,

The teapot is my wake up call,

To the life I have right here, right now.

Reality is bittersweet.


One day I will listen to the ocean waves,

One day I will have peace and quiet,

One day, but today I have to study and learn,

So one day I can have my perfect day.

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Great poem.

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