Can't Stop The Flow

this is a dope joint & I'll get to the point
in certain circles we always regret the decisions we make
making choices with no voices
we got heads today that really want to stay in the game
but who am I to blame
your all down to the last cigarette in the box
boogy down to the socks like the famed Scott Lerock
just sit back & let me spin
living in the land of mean with sin
it's in the everday decisions that we make call it fate
surfing the net for your favorite porn you get blocked
like a high tech car without the top
long ago was Jenny on the block
but she hasn't done anything lately
Can't stop the flow
from my head down to my toe
bust out the tempo on the way you should go
obedience helps us all grow
we got streets filled with liars blown up with strange desires
the earth isn't my home not a place to ever roam
flirting faces spreading spaces look at the lines leaving them traces
we are getting lazy nothing shady
got beats to the rhyme the rhyme for a reason
all my best friends are now in prison
is it any wonder I got too much time on my hand
you all understand you can keep sticking it to the man
doing something over & over with no results
better put that book right back on the shelf
not since the Keebler Elf have we taken others higher
blown up in its fullest of desire
a hot wire burning for pleasure no matter what the weather
old school new school that's how i rule
stay in school & obey the golden rule
tick tock & bang bang on the floor
we want to give you more
but of what you make me want to throw up
face fell down in the gutter
from your over weight lover from another mother type of brother
smooth tips to keep me wired keep it in the zone
just like your watching Home alone
got a bitter taste & that's just fine
this is the end of my rhyme

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