Quest of Resolution


United States
28° 40' 4.35" N, 81° 18' 44.7624" W

Eyes removed from their original place,
where shall they be placed or,
which road shall they take?
Taking over where the last left off,
offering a healing dose to the slight cough.
However, when sight has never been obtained,
how does one understand what has been gained?
Pained from years of blindness,
thinking of what can be found,
then realizing one can’t see what one is finding, 
due to intense blindness
As if all of the missing pixels are replaced,
clarity appears from all corners and all around.
Possibly understanding why the ups, and maybe even the downs, once occured.
And the outrageous cure, that seemingly removed what pushed the coal deeper into the fire.
But when the product is removed, 
a glistening product is produced.
Whispers of judgement pass through the filters and drip onto the restored work.
Tainted it is not, though many would plead the difference,
As if in the courtroom of destruction.
A journey that the multitude feared to research,
however, a lost soul ventured out to fly all alone,
Even willing the risk of being shot down by the bullets of envy.
The bird’s wings now kiss the horizon that the fingertips of the negative energy dream of.
Finding the nest that suits the mind, body, and soul.
Finding the,
True Destination.


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