Social Elevator




In a desolate hall she stood staring solemnly as she thought to herself.Ding!The doors opened. As she walked in the doors closed behind her. A different world.She's now confined in a space where words dance to the rhythm of the tango. Abrupt pauses and rhythmic. Welcome to the social elevator where your emotions will reach many levels.Poetry is a social elevator.Set your platform anywhere and stand firm. Upon command, your brain will will send signals throughout your body that will activate your voice box and out of your mouth words will flow. You have the ability to transport words wherever you want them to go.Emotional roller-coaster ride of highs and lows.I write to free words from the captivity of my mind. A casual conversation can go a long way, but poetry can change lives.Words can be given human characteristics like gentle and kind, but they don't seem to have a sense of time.Repeat, press play, fast foreword, and unwind the events of the past and present time. I write to free my mindPoetry is my social elevator. I write to elevate people's spirits when they need a lift. I write to escape reality when I need a shift. I write because there are no limits on where my words can go, so whenever I choose to speak, I let my words flow. Poetry is my social elevator, whenever I step in it takes me where I need to go. In the world of poetry there are no limits to where you can go.     


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