Take my pain away .... #WhatWouldYouChange


If I drop one tear it’s for my brother

Living alone with no mother

Thought that life couldn’t get any worse

When guns putted my brother in a hearse

Never saw 25, had to put him in the dirt.

Why can’t violence ever stop?

These other tears are for my pops

I was young when he sold rocks

Tried to get back on our feet but we always struggle

Always wonder why are we so poor, but my friends not?

Just jealous of what my friends got

If I can change one thing it would be violence,

No more R.I.P & moment of silence

You are more than just my brother; we grew up like best friends

I know that nothing lasts forever, but I don't want this to end

Sometimes you gotta walk through the darkness to get to the light

No matter how hard life gets, you still gotta fight


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