For Him

Now I know what it’s like

To fear the loss of someone-

It’s terrible,


But what accompanies it is a tender notion,

A soothing feeling you can’t replace.

Search the earth, the skies, the space,

But you’ll only ever find it in your heart.

It coexists with the desire,

Of wanting to make one content.

Wanting to look them in the eyes,

And dreaming with them,

 Of them.


All the words I could never directly say,

All the thorns and petals on the bloom of my thoughts,

I’ll put out for you,

Through my escape, and the best thing I do;



I give you the best of me,

And in return,

I want you to accept it,

And see the emotions swarming around the lines,

That simply can’t be captured into words.


When I look at myself, I remember you.

I see you on everything,


But then again,

How can you remember something you’ve never forgotten?


You are a reminder,

That there is still some goodness in this world.

On the bed, on the floor, on the track,

Despite being alone,

Without you,

I can still feel the aura you radiate-

And it shakes me from my core.

Your entity is enough to make me forget about the world.


I’ve given up on sleeping,

Because thinking of you is better.

I’ve given up on reading,

Because your words are the only ones I want to hear.

I’ve given up, over and over,

On everything,

But you.


If I were a flower, you’d be the sun.

If I were drunk, you’d be my wine.

If this were my last night, you’d be the moon,

And I’ll assure you,

That would be the last thing I’d look at as a final sight,

To cognize the shiver that runs down my spine,

Every time I see your name.

To save the image of you in my head,

And take it with me to the afterlife,

Engraved on my tombstone,

Embedded within the mass of my soul.

Etched into my heart,


Always you.

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