Stuck in the same routine, change only when I come clean,

mean what I say everyday, it's the only path to a brighter way,

light comes throught from within, grin with relief from forgiven sin,

dance until I can't stand, we are the living language trust me woman and man,

I won't lead you astray, this is the result of all work and no play, all pleasure and no pain,

is the goal of my soul, all treasure the lesser for now eventually the better will reign,

forever and that's the ultimate gain


Nothing can stay the same repetition will teach you but leave you

none the wiser, bred to be a miser, money is the root of all evil,

the bankers are deceitful leeches, draining the blood of the people,

check your pulse, if you have one, that means you I suggest a test,

tomorrow everyone who hears this, withdraw all you assets,

until there's nothing left but interest, that doesn't even exist,

hear these words and understand that the plan is plain, because they're all the same,

financial institution, mental institution, government system; education the true solution,

no time for restitution, develop my mind that's revolution,


so we'll never have to see, the guts of a penitentiary, that's not for you or me,

war can never bring, peace others will always seek retaliation,

that's the attitude of this nation, and here's another suggestion,

make, your voice known read the constitution,

it's time for a new age, let's clean up this political pollution,

because silence is violent, when we become reliant, on corporate giants,

whose ears have been raided, for years they have dated, and felt obligated,

to the illuminated, who feel elimination isn't devastation,

colorists pretend they're racist and won't defend unification,

because there is only one race and that's human,

we weren't made for propaganda consumin,


these words are alive, because they're inside, and they'll never die,

on the streets I cry, from the classroom I shout

behind a desk I'm in doubt, behind bars I'm in a draught,

but I have opened my internal eye, I'm eternal and through language I'm immortalized,

the lies cannot live if you don't give them life, the truth will set us free, communication is the key,

and I'm confident confidentiality, has ruined this reality, secrecy creates heresy,

then truth sayers, are persecuted like sooth sayers,

we've got to peel past the layers, don't hate the players, and reform the slayers,

uproot betrayers and in their place plant peacemakers,


I am the result of genocide, I am the embodiment of a culture slain,

I am the words you can never say, I am the movement everyday,

I am molecules held together by forces we can't see, I am belief in peace,

I am a warrior my weapon is the pen, innocents should never be sacrificed again,

I look like sound waves at a high frequency, electromagnetic radioactivity,

I sound like ohm, like love, and joy at peace; at war I sound like being deployed,

Unemployed I sound like a growling gut, at work my sounds will drive you nuts,

Because I sound like constant typing, pages flipping in the dicitonary,

Archaic writing will always be vary neccesary.



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Our world


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