Sleep consume me

Fri, 10/23/2015 - 21:40 -- Terra17

Sleep consume me 

into a comatose state of mind

Let the peaceful darkest settle around me

like a soothing lullaby 

Let me rest so it will feel like a life time

Only to be woken in a couple of hours

Let my sweet dreams take me to the moon pass the stars

To the unknown abyss of lovely things

Let my blanket rap around my comatose body as 

a cocoon of safe things 

Let my snoring be a beautiful melody 

of me still breathing

Let  my toss and turns in my sleep

be a motion of beautiful dancing in my dreams

Let my roaring yawn be a long message for  

'to tired to speak'

Let my eyes be a door shutting out my day 

Which helps me go into a faze

Where sleeps consumes me

Takes me on a ride 

To a peaceful place 

I cannot deny ...



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