Way too many questions

The world is so weird now, I always ask myself the obvious things.

Why is this difficult? Or how could you be so sane?

It is all apart of how we all show that mental being and calmness around others.

But when we can't progress further and don't know what to do, we break off and become antisocial, distant from one another.

"Why are you close to me? Can you back away?"

An common curtesy to let someone can they politely move but those words fall on deaf ears.

"May you lend me some money? I am poor with no money. Please? Oh Pretty please?"

There another cry out for help but for the right or wrong reason?

We all go through a trial in life that always questions our mental mind-state and our jurisdiction on where we all stand in the world.

It is not about what we ask or how someone ask you, it is about how are you going to respond.

So when you think of what someone ask you next you have to ask yourself...

What are you going to do?

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