We are all Connected


To love, would be an awfully

great adventure.

I fall in love everyday

with actions, words, people, movies.

I feel my heart swell,

skip a beat,

tears trickle down.

There is beauty all around,

there is life in everything,

silently moving and emanating.

Inanimate objects are really

truly animated.

Should they not feel most of all?

They were created by man

Molded, infused with blood

sweat and tears.

They have atoms, DNA, memories.

They are simply the silent

observers, poised to wait

and watch the fretfully

dynamic lives of humans.

Who’s to say they

do not relish in the show?

I love life.

The mountains and the valleys,

the rivers and the lakes,

the sun and the moon.

For we are all connected,


This poem is about: 
Our world


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