America, the Beautiful?


United States
41° 42' 47.3148" N, 111° 41' 23.7156" W

A battle scene,
A terrible war.
Does this seem familiar?
Has it happened before?
In the midst of the battle,
Both sides losing ground;
At the same time, on each side,
A man is hit down.
One from America, the other Pakistan,
Each one of them drafted to fight for their land.
The age of them both?
Roughly 19.
And to think they just wanted
To keep themselves clean.
In this 3rd World War,
All alliances are gone.
It’s become free-for-all battle
Every soldier a pawn.
Night falls,
And the battle postpones for a while.
But all of the soldiers are lost in their bile
From memories of partners, of real good pals,
Who used to be there, but they aren’t there now.
The coughing and wheezing, it comes from all sides
Where down in this wasteland, most everyone dies.
Now during this evening, both boys are in pain,
But each faintly hears each other as the night wanes.
By morning both of them sit back-to-back,
Helping each other try to get back on track.
They pretend to be dead when the battle begins,
Knowing the fate that awaits them if seen.
Night falls again, yet neither side wins,
The boys, best friends now, each other’s wound they clean.
But the next morning a General spots them lying there,
Before their remedy to escape this despair.
”Up boys, fight boys, over is the night!”
But they can’t even stand, let alone join the fight.
As the General examines each boy closer,
He sees each a traitor, and no act is grosser.
Night falls once more, this battle wears thin,
But neither of the boys hears news of this win.
Both of them lie on a great carcass pile,
Brutally beaten and scarred, no trials.
Because of the kindness they showed today,
Both were accused as traitors, and lie dead in the fray.
War does strange things to men,
Sends them against brothers and friends.
In this God-given country, please let us say,
“This is America. Can we have peace today?”


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