Midnight Thoughts


It's 12 o'clock,
And the world is sound asleep.
Little girls dream of princesses and baby dolls
While little boys dream about video games and basketball.
Babies close their eyes to play with angels,
And then,
There's me.
Wide awake
And tired
Longing for tears I just can't seem to shed
Practicing a 6-letter sin
I tried to get away
I wanted to rest
But my temple met the pillow and I was slapped to attention
I look up at the face of my fallen angel
Of painful memories
Bad decisions that were good at the time
And love
And with unshed tears I ask
"Why won't you leave me alone?
"Why won't you go away?"
But he doesn't answer
He never answers
Because that would mean peace
And with midnight thoughts
There is no peace.


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