The Power Of Colors


What is it?

Who needs it?

Does it really make a difference?

Or does it only impose limits?

On the soul.

On the mind.

On the race most infested by crime.

What is race?

Am I human?

Or am I other?

Is one better than another?

Are we different?

Should we admit that we are the same?

Or that we are unalike?

Does it really make a difference? 

Cause I'm black and you're white?

Is it ignorance?

To fight race.

With an indifference.

Toward our difference.

Or is there none at all?

What does race say to the child?

Does it tell them their worthless?

Or that they're worthwhile?

Who's responsibility is it?

To make every color seem bright.

Every wrong is wrong and every right is right.

Would things have been the same?

If Trayvon was white and Zimmerman was black.

Does race make a difference?

Or are the facts just facts?

I come from a generation.

Damaged by pigmentation.

Longing for generalization.

Fighting mental fears of inferiority.

What does color see?

Does it see an inocent child?

Or only its ethnicity?

What does race say to the youth?

It told me I was weak, broken, mediocre, and inadequate.

But I am powerful beyond measure.

And I am measured beyond it.



In America, race is given a substantial amount of significance to our youth and what they mean. Our youth has been convinced that they are inferior and cannot or will not ever make a difference to our society because it is not their place. Teenage pregnancy, high school dropout rates, and the increased use of illegal drugs seems to be our youth crying out for help but only getting ignored. It is easy to highlight the fact that minorities are much more like to be subjected to these bad habits, but it is hard to fix this problem. 


Jan Wienen

The measure of a man ... he does not see color ...

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