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I' ma lover, not a fighter,

I said it all the time,

Keep smiling, push through, ignore it,

I didn't even realize,

That wading through life like this was the fight,

Checked in the mirror, but I looked fine

 I sat in bed and felt all the pain inside

I bought curtains, I needed my room dark

It went well with my mind

I cried all day, I cried all night


Wake in the morning and can't tell anyone why

I said look at me, I thought I looked fine

"What's the look matter, how do you feel?"

You asked me, and I stood there still

Cause it's been a long time since you've said something real

"What are you afraid of, you were born you

You keep being told you're beautiful, the only one who doesn't see it is you"

I felt like you're supposed to say that, and it wasn't what I wanted to hear

"Fear, get rid of it, you don't need that energy near"


Now Self, tell me, where do I go from here?

"You go back to the old you, the you you've needed all along

You're so strong, and you're still here so that proves me right"

Touche, I agree, it does,

But Self, I'ma lover, how can I win this fight?

You said I've suppressed you for so long, and you're ready to soar in spite,

of the pain I've felt because happiness isn't something I should be taking light,

"In this kind of fight, you don't even need gloves,

You do what lovers do, and you fight with love"

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