the call to humanity

Love joy peace to these we wish to comply
The morals of which our ancestors applied
We try to reach humanity with our peace talks and love speeches
but the thought of reconciliation to one another is pushes aside like seaweed on beaches
Hypocrites we see the hurt of others and do nothing yet we say we need,nothing we are rich
we sit in our offices and say who needs love if we have wealth
What is money if you dont have love
What is it to prosper if you don't give
We say survival of the fittest
Yet if that was true who helped us get to where we fitted
Let's go back to the morals we had
Love one another
Have joy in giving
And take pride in peaceful living
Humanity find the right way
To have the peace we crave stay



This poem if about how I feel that humanity needs to get back to the morals of putting others before money.

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