Human connections


In the eyes of God we are all the same. Human. One life. One name. 

So why cant people realize that we are all the same?

I dont care what color your skin shines and soaks  in.

I dont care if your gay, straight or lesbian.

I admire your courage and respect all religions.

So why cant those who tear and bite at the walls of suffering realise this ?

Why are you blinded by warm sizzling blood of hatred? 

It is beause your heart is full of tainted ignorance!

So learn how to be a real human !

If one limb aces and breaks than we all feel its cries of pain!

Those without empathy must wake up and see

that one day when they are in need 

no one! No one ! No one ! Will be there for them when they are in desperate need

as long as their heart is full of malice and tar

they will always be stuck on their knees. 


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