Strong Roses Bloom by AM King Hillsborough Co

At War or At Peace Strong Roses Bloom

Through Love and Through Hate By AM  King

At war or at peace strong hedge roses bloom.

They spill their brambles over the rock wall.

They climb to frame the open entrance hall.

In spring white thrillers explode, boom and zoom.


And when there’s no war, is there always peace?

Day to day in toil the hedge we tend.

Feelings, love and hate, we receive then send.

The brambles of the climbers are at ease.


I spend more time at heart, removing weeds.

When pulling from my soul weeds that indwell.

Than pulling the small weeds that in soil dwell.

My soul is oft replenished with new seed.


The resilient bramble rose teaches.

Strength yet flex in a reed covered in thorn,

Yet never offers bitter boughs of scorn,

As its simple beauty climbs and reaches.


A bramble welcomes with full arms of boughs,

To bring a smile to the downtrodden brow,

Both to the Lord and one behind the plow,

And with a promise, more love blooms it vows.

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