Chain Reaction



7.046 billion people in the world

1,200 students at the average high school

So many faces in the world

So many people that are passed by


What would happen if there was a chain reaction?

A chain reaction of love at schools?

What if it went past walls and into the world?

What if lives were changed-saved by a smile?


Walking down the hallways at a school

There are new floors, new water fountains, new passing periods

How has more attention been given to such meaningless objects

When there are humans just arm reach away who feel meaningless?


What if everyone knew how valuable they were?

What if more attention was given to people

Not building improvements, politics, drama- things that will not last long?

What if schools looked at the students not their grades?


Could lives be saved if there was a focus on the person

Not the deed, not the background?

What would happen if I loved without being afraid

Afraid of what might happen if I go against the current-

The expectation of acting like a teenager



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