Thoughts of A Prisoner and A Freeman


Time ran out
I stood still
Felt full of doubt
Looked out of the windowsill

And as I thought
A little more
I heard a knocking
At my door

I opened up
As if to say
What do you want
Oh let me stay

In my own cold misery
Away from all of mine family
I sit here ever all alone
This filthy prison I call home.....

Gates are opened
And I looked on
Upon the field
And at the dawn

And the sun that shone so bright
Brighter than the moon at night
Shone above all other things
Rounder than the roundest ring

How it lit the path for me
Clearer for my eyes to see
Joy coursed through me
For I am free

I am a freeman
And I walk the land
Far and wide I go
To places no other man does know

I am free
And I can see
The deeds of mine iniquity
Are changed into liberty


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