Without love I am Nothing


My bible tells me Love is kind, patient, unselfish, and hopeful

That it keeps no records of wrongs, never gives up and never loses faith

It is not just a feeling, an outburst or an emotion

It is portrayed in our actions and not just in our words

It is sacred, it is special, it is divine.


Without the Father’s Love we are like empty vessels

That make noises but have no substance within

That look beautiful on the outside but are void on the inside

It could embellish itself with jewels and diamonds

Yet the space and emptiness within is never filled until Love comes in


How we do the Father’s will without having Love for his people?

How can you serve the least of society; the homeless, poor, and helpless without Love?

Our hearts need to be overflowing with love so as to have enough to pour out to all

For that is what we are all called to do

As showing Love is a Command, NOT a Choice


Love is a priceless gift

It can’t be bought or purchased whether on full price, credit or layaway

Making it worth so much more than everything here on earth

No amount of money, riches, property, silver or gold can take its place

No amount of titles, degrees, promotions and intellect can be compared to Love

None of the afore mentioned can ever take the place of Love in our hearts.

Love is all we need

It is the glue in every relationship, beginning with our relationship with Christ

With the God’s Love we can accomplish anything we put our minds to

We can do all that we are called to do with joy

We can reach the multitudes, changes lives with a single act of Love

So beware that without Love, we are NOTHING For even if we do all sorts of good deeds,

They are worthless if done without Love


We might say, we don’t know where to start or how

No one to pattern ourselves to, no true example of Love

But that is no truth, for we have Jesus

The sacrifice he made for us on the cross of Calvary is a

True representation of God’s Love for US.


So Love wherever you are

Wherever you go, each day

In your actions, and in your words

In your thoughts and in your ways

Let everyone around you feel the love pouring out of your heart.




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