I am a Man

I am a man 

A simple, 2 bells and one whistle man.

I do not fear my existence. I just am.

My saying this should not offend you.

I certainly mean no harm.

Can’t you see the peace signs in the scars along my arm? 

I am a man of honor and a man that’s of my word. 

So when I say I love you I hope that you have heard. 

You really shouldn’t fear me though I sometimes fear myself

it’s just because I’ve lost my way and I don’t think that you can help.

I love my dark skinned brothers and my brothers who are white.

I care for all my sisters regardless of their size.

I do not define a person by the color of their eyes

nor do I judge a man by the roundness of his thighs.

No, my eyes can look much farther through the windows to the soul 

and search for life and goodness that can thrive in young or old.

I believe there is a kindness in every person’s heart

though some still can not find it, until their world comes to a halt.

Like a glow stick in the summer, some must break to see their light

and one day when they reach it they’ll be blinded by the sight.

So I say I am a man, and I hope you’ll realize

that nothing in my chromosomes puts hatred in my eyes.

So I offer up my hand to you as a sign of lasting peace

for we must stand together if we want to slay the beast.

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