What would you change?

A blind society blessed with vision through knowledge

While screens worldwide buzz and ink splashes on paper

Spreading gossiping,


Questionable truths that only a few actually question

Words fill our ears like bitter honey

And we let the honey swim around in there

But it’s not real;

Find the truth


What would you change?

Lips upturned, furrowed brows and sad eyes

I get sad, too;

It’s a waste of time

But the nagging sad is there in all of us and it swells, sometimes

And we will it to go away, far away from us

And sometimes it does

But sometimes it lingers

And when it lingers it hurts

And when it hurts us it hurts others, too

It’s contagious  

Make it go away


What would you change?

A tiny green and blue orb spins in a collection of dust and stars

And it’s warming and parts of it are melting

And the trees and animals on it are dropping

But they don’t need to be,

Breathe a breath of cool air on it

Wipe away thick flakes of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere with the sleeve of your shirt

Couldn’t it be that easy?

Fix our mistakes


What would you change?

Feet hit the ground running

Away from each other

At each other

It’s impossible to tell

With bullets or blades heavy in the hand and fear or anger heavy in the heart

From the beginning of history why do we do this to each other

Our teachers tell us to remember our mistakes so we don’t relive them

But our countries relive their mistakes over and over again

It seems simple, just two little words

But they’re difficult to follow when morality is strewed:

Find peace


What would you change?

Slips of crisp green bills keep me up at night

And I know I’m not the only one

How much do I have? Well, I need more

Always seem to need more

What happens if I run out?

No food, or home, or education

“Work hard to find money and to find happiness”

But I work hard and still I wait

And my mom has worked hard and has seen little reward

And my dad has worked hard and the struggle persists

Sometimes there is a feeling of pride but it’s lacking and dull when those you love and care for sometimes skip dinner in order to pay for a bus ticket to work

Make it easier, easier to live


What would you change?

Lies to truth

Frowns to smiles

A dying planet to a thriving one

Throw illusions of poverty as a result of laziness out the window

Shattering the glass

And still the list goes on

And on

It’s a lot to ask for, I know

It’s a lot to do

Maybe with time and people and hope

We will check off one by one by one

It’ll happen one day; a better world for your children and my grandchildren

They will see it

And they will live it

And maybe they will smile.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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