Red, White, and Blue

red, white, and blue

what does this mean to you?

parades and pride,

a country you take in stride.

that's what the colors should do for you.


but what for the man

whose skin is a bit too tan?

whose hair has naps and kinks,

who talks before he thinks,

does the meaning still stand?


the skin is ebony black

and prone to an attack.

from the man so fair and pink,

who'll snap at you in blink

against him, red white and blue doesn't have your back.


this makes you feel unsafe;

that your back or heart might break.

the car that follows the boy around,

the siren through the town,

gives the boy heartache.


so the colors, red, white, and blue

are meant only for fools.

whose minds create the law

and those whose judgement fall

on the men and women as dark as me and you.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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