The key falls into my hand.

The door opens.

Piercing noises around me


I have to hide, before they take me back.

 I run

Into a never ending hall of doors

Leading to infinite worlds.


One door is painted black.

Splinters slice at the touch.

I begin to sob.

Don’t go in. I know what happened.

The door will be opened

When the time is right.


One door is familiar.

I smile.

This door leads to escape.


In fantastic fantasies of love and sunflowers.

I hide from them here.


One door shimmers,


When opened

The beautiful door melts

Into disappointment and illusion.

I smile and try another door.


 One door holds the unknown.


But the cool metal nob

Sends chills up my spine.

I take a deep breath

And run into the bright light.


Christina Bailey

After a long battle with suicide and depression, I have come to understand how our mind works. I think it is a beautiful process of how we create doors to lock out memories or things that frighten us, and how those doors can be opened. 

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