Who We Are And What Really Matters

We humans, we stomp across the delicate grass,

As if it were not there.

But if the grass were human, it would call you an ass,

Lift you up and throw you into the air.


We humans, we rise up into the sky,

With out airplanes and such,

But if the sky were human, it would squash you like a fly,

Or say you’ve been drinking too much.


We humans, where do we belong? Where is our place?

Is it in between?

Why is it that we acknowledge nothing without our same face?

 What is hidden in this world that needs to be seen?


We humans, must learn to love with sacrifice, and give others our best.

We must have courage to make a beautiful new start.

Happiness and livelihood is our reward if we invest.

Revealing perseverance through challenging lessons can change a heart.


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