107th Floor


United States
28° 22' 32.3292" N, 81° 21' 42.984" W

I’ve got a noose around my neck,
And a fire outside my door.
I’m about to dangle in my distress
I’m on the 107th floor.
They say:
Stay there, we’re coming.
We’ll be there soon and,
We have battalions everywhere!
I can hear the sirens swoon.
But a plane has crashed,
And trapped me here
On this 107th floor.
And my feeling is that
This is it
And I don’t want to go.
They say they’re
And they’ll
Be here soon,
But all I see are flames.
I have a choice
I can take my chances
Hope for the best
Trust that my saviors will not rest,
I can take my life into my hands
I can end it my way.
End the panic.
End the choking questions.
The smoke is curling in
Choking out my air.
I wonder how many others
Rely on
A hope and a prayer.
They could use my time
To save someone else.
Someone more deserving.
And I could
Go on my own terms.
So I step up on my chair,
And secure a steady rope.
I place the noose around my neck
I can only dare to hope.
Please, someone remember
Those on the 107th floor.
Kicked out the chair
And dangled from the beam,
It only took a second
Quickly I was free.
I didn’t die for nothing
They saved three others
For one of me,
But still too many died
All for some self-righteous dream.
On the 107th floor,
And 8th,
The whole world heard them scream.
The place I died
Is now a hole,
A ditch,
A pit of rubble.
Once so many
Now it’s nothing,
It’s called ground 0 now.
Despite the sadness,
Despite the pain,
We must continue on.
And continue to remember
Why the floors are gone.

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