Love Like The Moon

The night sky fills with darkness and stars


The moon does rise with hands on hearts scars


Mourning and Morning, so filled with pain,


love in her heart she cannot contain.


Watching the girl, guiding her tides


She waits for the moment her love will arise


For each night she waits, tears in her eyes


to die once again, leaving the skies


She leaves the earth in the hands of the man


whose love she desires but she never can


hold hands with the Sun, whose light is her sheathe

for he dies each night to let his love breathe.



To love like the moon is to love without cease,


Unconditionally with little peace.

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This poem is about each person wanting to feel uncinditionally loved. Sometimes the people we want to love us, love others. But it is possible that they love you in a way you just cannot see.  

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