A Dream to Escape

I am in an empty casing.

My soul is hitting walls and edges.

I am in my life of which I've been told.

I beg to differ.

I see birds fly,

the wind blow,

the clouds drift,

the moon ellipse.

I'd like to soar, to take my holder 

and run forever.

To feel no limit and to hear no discouragement.

To see nothing  but what's next.

They say what I have and what I look like and what I can do.

In my shell that confines,

I wonder why?

Can't I zoom and fly and escape and try to do more.

Let my spirit be alive.

Hidden among the the things they say I need.

All the physicallity my soul can not comprehend.

Free my of these bars they call my skin,

Throw away these chains that are my life.

My money, my health, my responsiblities.

Let me be an invisible force, seeing the world 

in my purest form.
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