Dear God


Verse 1:

Dear God, how you been? how you doing?

Can you intervene? We need some help and some improvement

Girls are getting pregnant by the age of thirteen 

And boys will stick it anywhere, even if it ain't clean

Deadbeat daddy's, all these crazy baby momma's

Got the government paying for their kids, using the tax dollars

All my friends, either parents or been on drugs

It's getting harder to find, even define love

Going downhill I'm scared of what we will become

Something's got to change with the way that it's being run

Cuz, bombing for peace is like, fucking for virginity

The world is being run by our ignorance and stupidity

Where is the love in this world, no on can find it

Cuz we're conceited and our greed has got us blinded

Time is moving forward and ignornace is no longer bliss

So instead of a prayer, I wrote you this.


Verse 2:

So rumor has it that I'm not allowed to go to heaven

That if I kiss another girl, your love for me will lessen

But I can't help it, I've been yearning for a girl's affection

But that's because my mother ain't give me the right attention

So I was pushing it away, wanted to be accepting

And I was trying so hard to be what they expected

But then I realize no one really gives a fuck about you

See they don't care, they're just curious and they try to doubt you

I'm sick of living in this world, we're just a bunch of critics

Pointing fingers at each other, trying to test our limits

I wanna be judged for who I am, not what I appear to be

Don't need to be reminded how I look, it's very clear to me

Not a bad person, I've just made some bad decisions

I'm confident to change the world if people see my vision

I hope to be remembered, when I'm gone, I wanna be missed

So, instead of a prayer, I wrote you this



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