let's highlight your love

certainly you've felt life tug you, hug you, and even push you away..

and I'm certain you've seen life assert it's opinion to your dismay..

& by all means necessary, life has lead you to this point..

where you doubt who you are & where you will end up..


Life is her own woman.

She could never be a man..

because with those hands.. that slap you with whatever she wants to

and those hips that just sway where she pleases..

and those eyes that roll for no apparent reason..

She is a woman.

& when we highlight her flaws she canon-balls with fury..

what can we do?

but treat her as a woman 

and let her figure out her own issues..

and with those issues she issues several pain-frustrated words..

she swears and bears several weapons, too.

but, "Let's highlight your love".. That's what she says..

When life gets tough & you think you've had enough..

Life.. She says to you," Let's highlight my love"

Keep those shades on those battered dismays..

& take those flourescent colors and decode the hate..

transform her to love..

"Highlight that", she says

--- Love, that is. 

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