Ever On


I lie here, here alone

In silence, sweet silence.

My thoughts go

Ever on, ever on

While everyone else is inside

Inside with the laughter, 

joyous laughter.

Here, here in the snow

with the stars

and the empty streets

My thoughts go

ever on, ever on

To dangerous places,

gloomy places

sprinkled with peace

Lovely peace

And gorgeous endings-

My ending-

And the options, bloody options.

My wrists inhale 

the air, the chilly air

the delicious air

And my blood swirls

swirls and dances beautiful dances.

My heart flutters and whines,

And here I lie

In the loneliness of the end

and the silence of eternity

Awaiting death to descend 

Upon me.

Still my thoughts go spiraling

Ever on, ever on.

My spirit goes flying

Ever on, ever on.


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