God Bless America, Sweet Land of Liberty


Faces facing forward,

Focus Fixated on the Flag.

God Bless America,

Land of the Free and those Good-for-Nothing Mexican Scumbags.


Hand over Heart,

Hand over Ears,

over Eyes,

over Mouths that Refuse to adhere,

Blocking Out every Yell, every Scream, every Tear, every Fear


Fear of the home,

of what closed doors hide.

The child bride who died is denied,

blindside applied,

anything to keep our civic pride ratified.

Wake UP America,

homicide hiding outside of our countryside is still

unjustified Homicide.


And I still Pledge Allegiance

to the country that Murders Their Own.

To little black boys,

Shot before they're fully grown,

just for

taking out a phone.

land where my Father Died,

where my Mother kissed my Tears as I Cried,

all because of the



with the allied Jekyll and Hyde.


When did all terrorists become Muslim;

When did all gangsters turn black?

Why blame the Arabs?

when looking back

We're the ones with the air attacks,

war barracks,

bomb racks,

Prozac for the flashbacks,

Anything to fight the thwack, the whack, the  c r a c k,

the anxiety attacks.


From Sea to Shining Sea,

you see the sequence of our seizing,

search the seemingly-sweet sermons and

spot the selfish sellout senators



snooping and sifting for more

sway, for more

Supremacy, for more

Superiority to snatch,

to steal;

Screw The Sucker, and

Sacrifice The Scapegoat, all for our

Sweet Land of Liberty.


Liberty and Justice for all,

or at least the Straight Rich White Men,

born with Straight Rich White daddies

and grand-daddies.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

they shout as they

Hide the Liberty

and Give the Death.


the One Nation Under God

ignores His mourning for the mistreated and

forgets His requiem for the refugee.

His distress is disregarded as they

hurt the same deserted souls that He defended.


And I'm Proud to be an American,

where at least I know I'm free.

Free to let my dictator great president

Take my Rights away from me.


We the People

never asked for much.

My American Dream, I confess, is

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness;

I didn't think that was too big of a request,

yet perhaps I should reassess,

jurisdiction says it's too excess.


Life for all the black men wearing hoodies,

walking home thinking of their duties,

like getting cookies and goodies for their kids and their sweeties.

Life for all the addicts,

who've never known anything more.

Give them the Help that they Ask for,

don't just call them an eye-sore,

be their mentor,

they've become the prisoner of their own Hundred Years War.


Liberty for all non-English speakers

labeled as cheaters, cleaners, dealers, creepers.

For every time we ended up in the slammer

for not knowing the grammar,

s-s-stammering, clamoring to prove your innocence,

in suspense,

no sense as to why you have to confess,

or to what you're saying yes.

As a country of immigrants

You'd Think we'd have the diligence

to realize it's Ridiculous to expect Everyone to speak English.


Happiness for those with mental illness.

For dealing with the Constant Pain,

the grimness, the cynics, the clinics,

We Salute You.

Happiness for the gays,

No, it's not Just A Phase,

We Salute You.

Happiness for Everyone,

regardless of gender or race;

though we may disagree on the safety of guns,

you deserve happiness when the day is done.

We Salute You.


All gave some,

some gave All,

United We Stand,

Divided We fall.

It's hightime we took care of All.

Let America be all that we claim it is,

if not for us, then for the Kids.

We Fought for Freedom,

let's make our Own Eden,

It's Time To Be Free.


And so, my fellow Americans,

Ask Not what your country can Do For You,

Ask what You can Do For Your Country.

Forget about the money,

we  d e s p e r a t e  l y  need a sentry.

America Thanks Thee.


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