My Generation


My generation will not be known as great
We will be known as trading our umbilical chords for Ethernet cables 
For tweeting to start a revolution
Finding ourselves not in our jobs but in our relationships with people
What greatness lies in there?
We will have no homes with white picket fences and a family.
Working in a city of filing cabinets so some human less company might find us valuable
Those were someone else's dreams.
We are not great because they say we are not great.
But here we stand, convinced that
Our generation holds no power
That our emotions are less valid, that our ideas less valuable
Because we're not like those who came before
We're connected. We can't escape It so lets use it. 
Lets break down those walls that divide us
Lay down our weapons and stretch out our hands
And accept our brothers and sisters
We won't buy happiness,
We will find it in the words we speak
In the places we've been,
In the people we love, in the art we adore
We're going to fix these broken homes
Build up the people of this planet
Because as of today we no longer have borders between people
We only have the illusion of borders
Today my generation stands
Ready to take on the world
To right the wrongs that have plagued man for generations
All we need to do is realize we can.


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