What would I change?

What would I change?

Wouldn't you like to know?

I'd feed the hungry

To make people grow.


I work at McDonalds, it's fine and all,

And we throw away burgers that go out and come back

We should save food like that

And give it to those that lack.


Some people need hugs and food,

Some people need love and rest.

 I volunteer at church and wouldn't you know?

Soup kitchens are what I do best!


I do Boston's Walk for Hunger nearly every year

To raise money for the food people need.

Every mile is worth it, I'm sure,

And I feel confident you'll agree. 


I'd grow enough food to help people live,

I wouldn't raise prices too high.

I'd give refuge to those who need their basic needs met,

I'd give enough food for each person to get by.


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