With Clearest Intent

I write,
and who for, but for you?
I write for the twilights to come,
I write for peace among men, peace in their hearts and souls,
The wild nights, the worldly sights,
I write for you and your brothers and sisters,
That they may know something better inside and out,
I write to the children who think they are not beautiful,
I write for the souls that have not enough to eat,
The elephants, and seeds, and trees...
I fight for the twilights to come, the brave roses growing in the cracks between city sidewalks and,
city streets-
I write to the unborn Bards, and Martin Luthers, and Luther Kings, and the Lincoln's and lovers,
to bring them peace 'fore they surpass me;
I write to ease and put peace in our hearts,
I write with Clearest Intent,
of the places I would like to see-
the faces I would like to know,
and say to them we have defeated the darkness and fear within,
and put words through golden mouths-
we have conquered the world!
With Clearest Intent may we uplift humanity-
This is our tolling of the bell,
Each breath you take
Every line our poem put...
I write for you,
but you write more me.


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