Demoralizing Succinct Creatures

This world is inhibited with cruelty and vengeance

Where they gather today to reside the reminiscence.


We are our own oblivion, shattering ourselves with the knowledge of nothingness.

Death awaits-

All we can do is to have a glimpse of taste, preparing our deathbed in the shed of darkness.

Mourning for acceptance and light, but can never return the favor.

The fervor of war is blossoming in the air

Children and adults are in the moribund of Earth, protecting their children from the cynical insight of this world.


The rupturing of pain within

The underpinnings akin.


Time is an endearing detestation

The sedentary lives of human beings are surging, unwilling to create a potential modification.

The loathe of hate to those who squander because...

one cannot receive such honor.


Those with no shelter are pondering in the cracks of roads-

They are not given a choice, but splintered heels and toes.

Grimy liquid,

mildewed substance consumed, and repugnant clothing.


'Tis midnight and a young soul has flourished-

Born in this world to become a promising leader,

Raised to become a warrior,

To upraise peace is not to be a creator of bloodshed,

To attenuate conflict is not to uplift harm.


Every aspect of creatures have a heart.

Why should you be an insular to yourself?

Why should you be a demoralizing creature?





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Our world
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This is a wonderful poem! Bravo! I loved the vocabulary you chose to explain the depravity that the world is in now. Usually, I do not like most poems because there isn't much imagination nor much vocabulary to enthrall me but this one really touched my heart and my mind as one. Keep writing! You did beautifully. 


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