peace; earn it

to test limits and defy explanation 

to tread murky waters and not look back 

to sour higher and higher and be able to look down 

to concure fear with a flick of the wrist 

to try 

because this is what that is. 

it's simply just trying 

to push harder and harder and grow stronger and stronger

until, ......there, up ahead 

you made it to the top of the mountain 

and you see the sun rise 

this is what that was all for 

to simply understand that peace has to be earned 

it cannot be handed to you 

it cannot be inheirited 

it Must be earned 

so earn it 

go climb your mountins

soar your skies 

tread new waters 

explore untouched pieces of the world 

fight your demons 

don't let them win

simply realize 

the first step is the one you make,

without blinds

without privladges 

without chaos 

and than, only than will you know peace 

so go earn it

This poem is about: 
Our world


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