Brunette locks frame her face like barber shop swirls.

The bright ball of fury loyally looking down from high above kisses the apples of her cheeks.

Trees sway like dancers to the beat of the wind.

Triumphant leaves glide down slides of air gently and slowly guiding them

towards the ground.

Cherry blossom petals, fragile and bold, escape the grasp of limbs and waltz.

Her white dress balloons from the ground up as she runs.

Silhouettes of freedom reflect in the eyes of the envy as her gaze followed the mockingbird’s flight.

Her thought, “If only” was loud and full of hope.

Hilltops faded into infinity as they fit perfectly, like the last few pieces of a puzzle,

against the baby blue sky; the color of innocence, of all that is pure.

Clouds reunite becoming one and begin to cry.

Pitter patters of raindrops rhythmically touch her cream saver skin as the taste of nature warms her tongue.



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