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A breeze arousing the white sheet

A pale mist blowing through the trees

Shifting through the withered Lilacs.

The bare creaking oaks drifting in the wind

As nest, lay empty and silent.

A dark silhouette of the lifeless brush

That slowly grows larger,

Creating an endless barrier,

A barrier that shields the crimson touch

And hides its stunning blaze.


As it fades behind the dark woven wall,

A farewell is written in the clouds:

Lavender rose, marigold and sky blue

A goodbye painted in enchanting shades

Forming a its final words in a mural.


I stand and watch as it slowly sinks,

Its rays reach out and warm my heart.

Worries drain from my chest,

Aches fade and are forgotten

As the beams carry them away.


A wave of light crashes down

I cherish its soothing comfort.

Such a feeling of peace

A peace that is sought by all

A serenity that lies in the sky.


The radiant disk slips beneath the ground

And darkness bleeds into the emptiness  

Leaving an ebony sky with grey puffs

And color sinks away into the twilight

Lost in the shadows of the night.


I stand in a trance

Remembering the warmth

An unknown comfort

Peace that is searched by all

A tranquility only found in the heavens.

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Our world


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